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Over 50 local creators represented by our summer pop up shop!

Know-it-all passport® is hosting its third pop-up shop from 30 July through 31 August 2019.

Know-it-all Marketplace is located in the Pâquis neighborhood, just behind the Hotels Kempinski and Beau Rivage, a stone's throw from the lake, and near the Place des Alpes and the Brunswick Monument. Participants are keen to show their creations to tourists and residents alike in this new location. The front of the shop (shown above) is quite misleading... as behind these doors is nearly 200m of shop space. It is also one block from the Library in English in case you need a good read!

With unusual products ranging from log lamps, mosaics, beauty products, accessories, local designer clothing, handmade soaps, jewelry that you won't find anywhere else, chic clothing for kids, silk scarves, works of art, ceramics, posters, and delicious edibles, you will need to leave enough time to browse and take advantage of our private courtyard where a cool beverage will be waiting for you (see photo below)!


Our private indoor courtyard... We'll put out some complementary cool beverages for you!

Over 50 local creators

Each of the 54 creators has had to go through a selection process to avoid imported products with no local creative input. Some amazing new talent has risen to the surface with Thierry #89 who saws logs in slices and then reconstitutes them into lamps, Gabriela #76 who recently became a grandmother and is sewing baby clothes, Christian #71 who became a chocolatier last year and is keen to get a name for himself, to name just a few! Of course, there are some of your favorite vendors from last year too including Oh La Vache #42 with her Swiss cow ceramics and dish cloths, Spice Angel #48 with her chilli jams, CreaDC #5 with her popular jewelry, Sue #11 with a summer selection of her scrapbooked greeting cards, and Lanxel #16 with her amazing locally-named soy candles. Impossible to name them all so please check them out online or just make your rounds.

strswberryStrawberries are in season right now so take advantage of picking your own! Here are a few farms that have a u-pick strawberry system. Make sure to bring your own containers to some of the places.







** La Fraisière Feuillasse
10, rte H.-C. Forestière
1217 Meyrin (GE)
022 782 90 58

Strawberries available since 23 May 2019. 

** Les Petits Fruits de Bussy

Stéphane Kläfiger
31, rue des Marchands
1170 Aubonne
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Strawberries: from Tuesday to Saturday from 8h-19h
Raspberries (not yet): from Tuesday to Saturday from 7h30-11h and from 16h-19h. 

** Famille Borboën
Route du Lac 15
1026 Denges (VD)

021 801 15 81
079 754 40 23
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The shop is open on Saturday 9h-12h30. Check with them for times to pick strawberries. 

** Famille Wyss
Ch. Gogandé 1
1272 Genolier (VD)
022 366 04 04

Strawberries from 3 June 2019. Open weekdays 8h30-11h and 13h-18h, Wednesday and Saturday 8h30-18h.


** La Ferme du Taulard

Denis et Samuel Pache
Ch. du Boulard 1
1032 Romanel-sur-Lausanne (VD)
021 647 81 22
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Monday and Thursday 8h-11h30 and 14h-18h, Tuesday and Friday 14h-18h, Wednesday 8h-11h30, Saturday 8h-13h.
To get to the farm, follow the directions: Marché à la Ferme then FRAISES. Park your car at the indicated location. Then go to the reception, your containers (which they advise you take with you) will be taxed, then they will show you where to pick, then return to the reception to weigh and pay. Good picking!
— less than 2 kg: Fr. 6.30 kg
— more than 2 kg: Fr. 5.80 kg


If you know of any others, please send info to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can add to this article.


Know-it-all passport® is happy to announce another great opportunity for our creative community! We are currently seeking vendors for our 3rd edition of Know-it-all Marketplace that will showcase local creative people who have a passion and love to share this passion.

This summer version pop-up shop (temporary shop) will be held just behind the lakeside hotels in the Pâquis district of Geneva for 5 weeks from 30 July through 31 August 2019, very close to The Library in English. The space is divided up into rooms all with beautiful natural light.

If you dabble in any of the following areas, or one that is not listed (even better) then please ask for an application form:

  • fabric items
  • mosaic
  • stained glass
  • painted furniture
  • paper items
  • metal items
  • handmade candles
  • ceramic
  • porcelain
  • perfume
  • jams
  • cookie mixes
  • jewelry
  • serving plates
  • soap
  • decorations
  • quilts
  • cards
  • local authors
  • leather items
  • items for men
  • upcycled items
  • etc.

MaRen back2

Necessity is the mother of invention... or is it: Mother is the necessity to invention? In this case, both are correct! Local mother of two young daughters saw a need for comfortable, chic undergarments in the way of bras, camisoles, and underwear... as there was none to be found! Alisia Grenville thought about it and then acted upon it. Something not too babyish nor too adult. Something just right, something soft and pretty and pastel.

bazar vue copy

The International Women Club of Nyon (IWCN) was founded in 1987 as a non-profit organisation for English-speaking women residing in Nyon and the surrounding region. Its purpose is to promote friendly contacts among women of all nationalities through multiple activities and to help facilitate the integration of newcomers. The IWCN consists of approximately 550 members taking part in more than 50 interests groups, ranging from cookery and culture to sports and languages. Most of these take place during the working day.

The Club is managed by volunteers, and all members are encouraged to give their support by offering some of their time, talents and skills to the functioning of the Club activities. A weekly mail Newsletter, The Digest, gives information on local events, items for sale/rent and includes advertisements from non-members. A monthly publication, The Grapevine, keeps members informed of Club activity, coffee mornings, local excursions, trips abroad and special events.

A big part of the Club is to get funding for the donations to organisations that relate to women and children in need at the local -and international level. The Charity Committee select with organisations that will be funded. Every year the Charity Committee is organising a book sale in October at the new coming event to fund money. In December every year, the Charity Committee provide with refreshment for the December Christmas Carol Concert and donation given at the concert goes to an organisation. In 2018 the donation went to the One-Dollar-Glasses.

A Swiss-born Max Steiner decided in the year 2000 to move to Bolivia, the home country of his wife, and founded Hostelling Bolivia. What started with the installation of youth hostels and adventure travelling is today a well-known charity organization. Max Steiner’s latest project is called One-Dollar-Glasses, and it aims to cover the entire country. A German maths teacher in Erlangen started the project. He wanted to create glasses for one dollar to support people in developing countries. It took two years to create a box to produce glasses in the simplest way possible. His first field test succeeded in 2012 in Uganda and later spread to several other African countries. It has now reached Bolivia. Max Steiner goes to rural areas, organizes eye tests and is able, with his team of helpers to manufacture glasses right away for those in need. At a later stage, people in rural areas will be trained to continue this work.

As a result, besides the amazing possibility to bring eyesight correction to people who have never seen an optician or had any glasses, this project also creates work. A 10 $ donation will give a person a pair of glasses.