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Claudia Von Boch is a ceramist who recently stopped giving courses to adults and children in the Pully area and works on her sculptures full time in Italy. We were impressed at how creative the quarantine has made her. After initially cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning, followed by doing jigsaw puzzles and then yoga, she got a brilliant idea! She designed and created a 3D ceramic jigsaw puzzle Mandala for her wall of 300 separate porcelain individually-crafted pieces! She kept a photo journal and shared it with her readers.

Here are just a few of the stages for your pleasure... more at the bottom of this article.

claudia pieces

Tell us of your history
I have been doing ceramics since the age of 10, in Argentina where I lived for 23 years. I worked on and off with clay in different studios until I moved to Switzerland. I then decided to do an art school specializing in ceramics. While exhibiting my work, I also taught ceramics for 25 years in my studio in Pully. But last year I stopped teaching to concentrate just on my sculpture (see below for 2 examples). Now I work from my atelier in Italy where I spend a good part of the year.

Lanxel Candle Display

If you were one of our charming customers at Know-it-all Marketplace these past years, then you will certainly be a big fan of Lanxel Candles! Our candle lady — and we call her— Lotte is currently moving out of her shop premises and sent knowitall.ch a message to let our readers know about her moving sale 50% discount. We took the opportunity to ask Lotte Lanxe a few questions.

Why did you start?
I have always loved candles. It’s in my DNA. I grow up in Denmark and candles are part of our lifestyle, with winter setting in from Mid-September and barely no daylight from December to Mid-March we have candles and light in abundance.

What has been the inspiration?
I really struggled to find true natural candles. There’s many so-called natural candles on the market but if you look at the small print there’s often too many cheap fillers added. I wanted to burn candles that I knew were safe for me and my family. I’ve made candles for the last 20 years; just for me to enjoy. I was not aware that other people wanted natural scented candles made from super food oils as well! All my candles are made from rapeseed and coconut oils.

Have you been working on this idea forever, or was it something that came to you recently?
When I first realised that other people were looking for the same type of candles as myself, the business start-up was very simple. I signed up for a local artisan market and the rest is history.

Cirieco Strawberry


Local farms are heaving with fresh produce. Opening dates for self-pick farms vary according to the availability of ripe fruits. Please check with individual sites before going. We will update this article as we get new information.

Strawberries are in season right now so take advantage of picking your own! Here are a few farms that have a u-pick strawberry system. Make sure to bring your own containers to some of the places. Some carry other seasonal items such as aparagus, tomotoes, and lettuce. 

** La Fraisière Feuillasse
10, rte H.-C. Forestière
1217 Meyrin (GE)
022 782 90 58
Strawberries available since 8 May 2020. Open daily 8h-18h30. Their FaceBook page is more up to date on daily produce.

** Self-Fruits Perroud
Rte de Rombuet 148,
1616 Attalens
079 660 33 65
END MAY: Basic schedule for strawberries: 8h30-11h30 and 15h-17h weather-permitting and what fruit is still available or ripe. During the days and hours when the strawberries are open, someone from the farm will welcome you at the car park or at the cash desk. Thank you for respecting the instructions. Go to the checkout to weigh (tare) the empty containers.
The guide will show you where to pick.

** Les Petits Fruits de Bussy
Stéphane Kläfiger
31, rue des Marchands
1170 Aubonne
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Strawberries: NOTE - from 20 May - Tuesday to Saturday from 8h-19h
Raspberries: NOTE - early July - Tuesday to Saturday from 7h30-12h30.

** Famille Borboën
Route du Lac 15
1026 Denges (VD)
021 801 15 81
079 754 40 23
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The shop is open on Saturday 9h-12h30. No information yet on strawberries. Check with them for times to pick strawberries.

** Famille Wyss
Domaine du Priez
Ch. Gogandé 1
1272 Genolier (VD)
022 366 04 04
NOTE: Strawberries available from 16 May 2020. Open weekdays 8h30-11h and 13h-17h. However, before jumping in your car, please check their website to make sure they have enough ripe fruit and are open. The weather also plays a big part in their opening times.

** La Ferme du Taulard
Denis et Samuel Pache
Ch. du Boulard 1
1032 Romanel-sur-Lausanne (VD)
021 647 81 22
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
NOTE: End-May for strawberry picking.
Monday and Thursday 8h-11h30 and 14h-18h, Tuesday and Friday 14h-18h, Wednesday 8h-11h30, Saturday 8h-13h.
To get to the farm, follow the directions: Marché à la Ferme then FRAISES. Park your car at the indicated location. Then go to the reception, your containers (which they advise you take with you) will be taxed, then they will show you where to pick, then return to the reception to weigh and pay. Good picking!
— less than 2 kg: Fr. 6.30 kg
— more than 2 kg: Fr. 5.80 kg

If you know of any others, please send info to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can add to this article.


We finally caught up with Laurie Theurer, author of Swisstory, to find out more and host a competition to win a copy! This new book is an entertaining illustrated history of Switzerland for all ages 9 to 99.

What prompted you to do this book?
I first approached Richard Harvell at Bergli Books with the idea for a game about Switzerland. We met to discuss the possibilities and it became fairly quickly apparent that my talents did not lie in game design, but rather in researching and writing about history. After a few tries and invaluable input from Richard, we found the heart of this book together.

What is Swisstory about?
When most people think of Switzerland, images of chocolates, cheese, Heidi, William Tell, banks, and yodelers come to mind. There are volumes and volumes of books that detail the horrors of European history in general, but Switzerland – even though it’s in the center of Europe – is not typically included in those horrific tales. In truth, Swiss history is just as bloody as the rest of Europe… and in some cases even bloodier. Swisstory: The Untold, Bloody, and Absolutely Real History of Switzerland is about just that. History is brutal… and Swiss history is no exception.

What was the biggest obstacle you came across when choosing or writing the book?
I think the biggest obstacle was in finding out what exactly this book wanted to be. Richard Harvell and I discussed multiple ideas that I could pursue, as well as a myriad of voices that could tell the story we wanted to tell. I sent many, many, many drafts to Richard and reviewed his notes until we finally found the right formula. Only then could I set about producing the twenty chapters that make up the book


When some people have been complaining about how they will get their groceries and products, one of our readers has been very active in compiling a very useful list to share! Thanks to Josana Mendes for putting this together and forwarding on to knowitall.ch. Josana wrote, "I'm gathering delivery websites around Switzerland mainly from small producers to try to help business that might suffer in the near future. There are way more options beyond Coop and Migros. Please check the updated list so far and don't hesitate to copy to share with others."

Farmy.ch (delivery all over Switzerland of local producers) and I have a Fr. 20 voucher for anyone doing their first shopping

Ugly Fruits, also delivery all over Switzerland of local producers

Organic food delivery in Switzerland

Vaud: culti-shop.ch

Vevey: Delicatessen that is offering delivery

Valais: Fraîcheur de votre jardin

Neuchâtel: Label Bleu

Jura-Nord Vaudois