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One more box = one more happy child

Over the past 23 years, schools, companies, and individuals have donated gifts to thousands of needy children in orphanages, schools, hospitals, and to the many children who have just been abandoned or are living in appalling conditions.

Your Gift Boxes will go to help children in Moldavia, Belarus, Romania and Ukraine. So far this organization has made over 46,000 children happy, and last year 3,476 children alone!

For most, it was the first gift they had ever received; a very special unexpected present, bringing a sparkle to their eyes and unimaginable joy.

AWP MD Jicu 2008 12 2018 GD 25


Super prize to be won! Read on.

On a recent smartphone photography workshop held at the Château de Vullierens, given by Elisabeth Fransdonk from EMO-Photo, we met up with a new entrepreneur, Maxime Eymin. We are very enthusiastic about his high-quality lenses for portable phones, branded SMART EVASION, that we wanted to share it with our readers. As a thank you for this article, Maxime has kindly offered a super prize: a phone case and lens pack - a Fr. 108.- to Fr. 128.- value!

Maxime, what is your photographic specialty?

I specialize in landscape photography. I love nature. This is also why I love so much Switzerland. I travelled quite a lot and saw so many other amazing places.

Our planet is just amazing! But it unfortunately suffers a lot because of human kind. Our goal is also to positively impact our environment. This is the reason why we want to offer quality and durable products. We don’t want products people won’t use or that they will throw away each time they change mobile phone. We are also careful to our footprint when importing our products. We limit the usage of plastic to the maximum. We haven’t chosen yet the association we will be supporting but it is important for us to give back some of our benefits to associations who are working at protecting our planet. Our products destinated to EU countries are shipped from Ensovo warehouse, based in north of France. We decided to be working with them because they help young entrepreneurs to start their own business, and they also employ people in reinsertion into the workforce. Their company has a positive social impact. We are happy to contribute to their vision and mission by choosing them as our partner.


At Know-it-all passport®, we only write about companies and individuals we can recommend. Royal Bloom florist in Lausanne, run by Lois Vitry-Trapman, was an easy recommendation. We decided an article would interest our readers and Lois has kindly offered a bouquet to one of our lucky readers! Read on to find out how to enter the competition. Lois answered a few of our questions here.

When and why did you decide to open a florist/gift shop?
The idea first came while I was studying Interior Architecture in Lausanne, which I completed after having just passed my Bsc in Hospitality management at the prestigious Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne. I wanted a space of my own, a place of beauty and creativity for clients to get their ‘flower fix’ and sound advice on interior design without breaking the money jar, and a space of creativity that would allow me to be my best, host workshops for adults and kids alike, and reunite everyone in one sympathetic place. After having had three kids and started a business with my husband in 2012 which I still handle (www.royalfish.ch), I really thought it was time to express myself through beauty and art and opened Royal Bloom.

What background do you come from?
I am originally half French, half British from my parents, but grew up in sub-Saharan Africa and the USA. I hold Africa very close to my heart and have always wanted to go back and open a hotel or a restaurant in the Congo, but that for sure is for another chapter of my life! I came to Switzerland to study Hotel Management. I have lived in Costa Rica, Washington DC, Congo, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Kenya , Belgium and Mauritius. I speak 4 languages and define myself as a citizen of the world. I set my eyes on this very precise boutique upon arrival in Switzerland, as the florist there was such an inspiration, creative and provocative. When she was ready to retire, we spoke and I finally ended up opening my dream store in April 2019.


Over 50 local creators represented by our summer pop up shop!

Know-it-all passport® is hosting its third pop-up shop from 30 July through 31 August 2019.

Know-it-all Marketplace is located in the Pâquis neighborhood, just behind the Hotels Kempinski and Beau Rivage, a stone's throw from the lake, and near the Place des Alpes and the Brunswick Monument. Participants are keen to show their creations to tourists and residents alike in this new location. The front of the shop (shown above) is quite misleading... as behind these doors is nearly 200m of shop space. It is also one block from the Library in English in case you need a good read!

With unusual products ranging from log lamps, mosaics, beauty products, accessories, local designer clothing, handmade soaps, jewelry that you won't find anywhere else, chic clothing for kids, silk scarves, works of art, ceramics, posters, and delicious edibles, you will need to leave enough time to browse and take advantage of our private courtyard where a cool beverage will be waiting for you (see photo below)!


Our private indoor courtyard... We'll put out some complementary cool beverages for you!

Over 50 local creators

Each of the 54 creators has had to go through a selection process to avoid imported products with no local creative input. Some amazing new talent has risen to the surface with Thierry #89 who saws logs in slices and then reconstitutes them into lamps, Gabriela #76 who recently became a grandmother and is sewing baby clothes, Christian #71 who became a chocolatier last year and is keen to get a name for himself, to name just a few! Of course, there are some of your favorite vendors from last year too including Oh La Vache #42 with her Swiss cow ceramics and dish cloths, Spice Angel #48 with her chilli jams, CreaDC #5 with her popular jewelry, Sue #11 with a summer selection of her scrapbooked greeting cards, and Lanxel #16 with her amazing locally-named soy candles. Impossible to name them all so please check them out online or just make your rounds.

strswberryStrawberries are in season right now so take advantage of picking your own! Here are a few farms that have a u-pick strawberry system. Make sure to bring your own containers to some of the places.







** La Fraisière Feuillasse
10, rte H.-C. Forestière
1217 Meyrin (GE)
022 782 90 58

Strawberries available since 23 May 2019. 

** Les Petits Fruits de Bussy

Stéphane Kläfiger
31, rue des Marchands
1170 Aubonne
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Strawberries: from Tuesday to Saturday from 8h-19h
Raspberries (not yet): from Tuesday to Saturday from 7h30-11h and from 16h-19h. 

** Famille Borboën
Route du Lac 15
1026 Denges (VD)

021 801 15 81
079 754 40 23
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The shop is open on Saturday 9h-12h30. Check with them for times to pick strawberries. 

** Famille Wyss
Ch. Gogandé 1
1272 Genolier (VD)
022 366 04 04

Strawberries from 3 June 2019. Open weekdays 8h30-11h and 13h-18h, Wednesday and Saturday 8h30-18h.


** La Ferme du Taulard

Denis et Samuel Pache
Ch. du Boulard 1
1032 Romanel-sur-Lausanne (VD)
021 647 81 22
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Monday and Thursday 8h-11h30 and 14h-18h, Tuesday and Friday 14h-18h, Wednesday 8h-11h30, Saturday 8h-13h.
To get to the farm, follow the directions: Marché à la Ferme then FRAISES. Park your car at the indicated location. Then go to the reception, your containers (which they advise you take with you) will be taxed, then they will show you where to pick, then return to the reception to weigh and pay. Good picking!
— less than 2 kg: Fr. 6.30 kg
— more than 2 kg: Fr. 5.80 kg


If you know of any others, please send info to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can add to this article.