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When we found out that local author, Kathryn Adams, was publishing her 4th book, we thought this would be the perfect stocking stuffer (for yourself as well)! This is a very short Christmas mystery novelette (60 pages), "just a bit of fun for Christmas", Kathryn explains.

Tell us how many in the series and how you were inspired to write this 4th edition.
This is the fourth book in The Grondère Series. It's not a full-length novel, it's a novelette. I have always loved the tradition of Christmas mysteries, be they ghost or crime stories, and I wanted to have a go at the genre. So what better than a ski ghost story, there simply aren't enough of them out there.

Will readers need to have read all 3 beforehand to understand the plot?
Absolutely not. All my books are designed to be read independently of the others and this one, in particular, is a short tale that can be read without any knowledge of the previous editions. I have used my existing characters and location because I wanted to keep my alpine setting.

Van Cleef Arpels Emblematic High Jewelry Creations

Van Cleef & Arpels collection
Left: Bouquet clip, 1939. Yellow gold, blue, yellow and pink sapphires, rubies.

The Van Cleef & Arpels boutique in Geneva welcomes the exhibition "Emblematic High Jewelry Creations" from November 23rd to December 30th, 2023. Visitors can discover nearly sixteen historic pieces from the Maison's patrimonial collections.

The exhibition is free and accessible upon reservation. To prepare your venue, follow this link.

The first Geneva boutique, opened in 1960, soon attracted a clientele seduced by the Maison's savoir-faire. In 2013, the exhibition "Van Cleef & Arpels: 50 years of history in Geneva" celebrated the Maison's relationship with Switzerland. Almost 10 years after the opening of this exhibition, the High Jewelry creations are once again displayed in the historical boutique.


Spend a day at Les Automnales!

Les Automnales offer you each year a program of animations and highlights suitable for anyone living in the area. Wine connaisseurs, pet lovers, those that want to know about the latest decorating trends, electronics, sports fans, children and parent sources, bargains and brocante, and all those that are curious about what this edition holds will not be disappointed.

10 to 19 November 2023
11h-20h from Monday to Thursday
10h-20h from Friday to Sunday (except Sunday, 19 November 2023 closing at 18h)

Restaurants / bars:
11h30-22h every day (except Sunday, 19 November 2023 closing at 18h)

This year, Les Automnales invite you, your family, and your friends to take a unique break from all the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.

What's on the program for this creative and inspiring event? Ten days punctuated by 17 parallel events, a host of entertainment, numerous restaurants and bars and hundreds of exhibitors!


We caught up with Tyrrian Livesley who continues to make a difference in children's lives for the last 27 years. We write an article each year and are happy to bring this cause to our readers' attention.

Gift Box Project Collection 2023
6-20 November 2023

Tyrrian writes, "As we approach the end of 2023, we hope that we can count on your donations once again, helping more children. This year their needs are greater than ever. Especially in Moldova and war-torn Ukraine many children are hopeful someone will help them. Please be that someone! As we all know the war is still continuing in Ukraine resulting in many displaced children, the poorest of children and many who have lost their families. There are also the handicapped and families barely surviving through these terrible times, living as refugees in their own country, Ukraine."


A gift box is filled with school needs, toiletries, sweets, chocolate, biscuits, toys and warm scarves, gloves or hats etc. It does not sound much but such a box will make a big difference to a child who has very little. For them it is a dream come true, bringing moments of happiness.

As we approach the end of 2023, Tyrrian hopes that the Gift Box Project can count on your help and donations once again. Your boxes will bring help, joy and lasting pleasure to these children,who have so little. A gift box can make such a difference to their lives. This year they aim to help even more children whose families have been impacted by not only COVID-19 but the resulting illness, death, loss of jobs, closure of schools and childcare facilities in their communities.


Press release from Swiss Post

Foodstuffs that deviate from the norm often end up in the bin. Even though they may not live up to our ideals of beauty, they are of course equally palatable. This stamp takes a stand against food waste. Who’s to say they’re perfect? And what does normal even actually mean? For food, these questions are covered by strict standards. Anything deviating from these standards often doesn’t even make it to sale. Food waste – the squandering of foodstuffs – happens at various stages of the product chain, such as in shops, during processing and in private households.

This isn’t just a pity in terms of resources expended for no reason, it’s also painful on the wallet: according to WWF figures, the average Swiss household throws away more than 600 francs’ worth of food every year. The word “waste” is crossed out on the stamp to make a statement against this form of waste. The three subjects of the photo show that the unshapely can also be visually appealing. After all, is it not precisely their unconventional forms that make them eye-catching? The three mountain potatoes come from an organic farm in the Albula Valley, whose special varieties are liked even by top restaurateurs, delighting many a palate.