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Following the success of previous promotional offers, knowitall.ch is pleased to announce that we can, once more, offer our readers a special rate when they purchase a Body Pass, the discount scheme which gives members immediate access to 150 of the best spas, institutes and hair salons in Switzerland and neighboring France – all at half price!

For purchases made through the Body Pass website, knowitall.ch readers need only pay Fr. 75.- instead of Fr. 85.- for the "Member Card 2019" version of the pass. Enter the "know2019" discount code when you make your purchase via the Body Pass website.

The new online prices mean that Body Pass not only makes an ideal treat for yourself - saving you 50% on all further treatments booked with the pass -  it also makes a perfect gift for family and friends!

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Exciting and unusual Christmas present ideas from over 60 different local creators!

Know-it-all passport® is hosting its second pop-up shop in a central Geneva location from 26 November through 24 December 2018.

Located in the popular Planète Charmilles shopping center, Know-it-all Marketplace will showcase the work of local creative people who have a passion for creating things and love to share this passion.

With unusual products ranging from hard-to-find "man gifts" and luxury accessories for the ladies, handmade soaps, jewelry that you won't find anywhere else, chic clothing for kids, silk scarves, works of art, ceramics, posters, books from local authors, and delicious food for the entire family, you won’t need to go anywhere else for your Christmas gifts this year! Chances are you will want to treat yourself to a few items too!

Over 60 local creators

Each of the 64 creators has had to go through a rigorous selection process to avoid imported products with no local creative input. Some amazing new talent has risen to the surface with Jana #33 who paints with wine and beer, Sarune #52 who soaks leaves in a solution that allows their natural colors to print onto silk scarves, Mamy Bail #29 who embroiders the most intricate of cross-stitch and patchwork, to name a few! Of course, there are some of your favorite vendors from last year too including Joan #48 with her chilli jams, Claire #37 with her "lost wax" silver jewelry, and 3 soap makers #2, #13, #32. Impossible to name them all so please check them out online or just make your rounds.

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Earlier this year knowitall.ch published an article about The STEAM Room at this link.

We couldn't resist doing another article as this online shop is offering a discount to knowitall.ch readers, see below!

We asked Gina to send in a few photos to put in this article and here is what she replied, "Well, as you can see, it is so difficult for me to choose just one photo. We now have nearly 200 toys and games and choosing a favorite is like choosing a favorite child. My personal favourite — hmmmm — that is a very tough question and one that I get asked a lot. Each one was chosen carefully, for specific reasons and one that I would want for my own child. With that said, I must say that the Easi-Scope Microscope (age 3 to adults… even school nurses use it to look for lice) and the Makey Makey are definitely favorites. The entire GoldieBlox line is also a huge winner with a price range of Fr. 18 to Fr. 75."

The price range (not including the education sets which can be in the thousands) is from Fr. 12 to Fr. 185. Products age range is from age 3 to adults. Families will enjoy the games that have multiple players. Boardgames are coming back in trend again and getting a hands on personal connection with others is an important bonding experience.

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The players of the Stade Lausanne Rugby Club in Switzerland have once again undressed for a noble cause!

For the 2019 edition of their calendar, Stade Lausanne Rugby Club have called on professional photographer Elisabeth Fransdonk, who already had the Calendarboys in 2008 in front of her lens.

In 2019, the Stade Lausanne Rugby Club (SLRC) will celebrate its 50th birthday. Like 10 years ago, the club called on Elisabeth to create a calendar that reflects the values that rugby holds dear; fraternity, courage, endurance with the "never give up" attitude, tradition, respect and honour.

We can add generosity to this list because the sales of the calendar will support two foundations:

  • The Swiss Recovery Center (SRC), founded by Yves Vionnet, which aims to provide adapted
    physical activity benefits for paralyzed people with spinal cord injury. 'Never give up' is a strong value
    shared by SLRC and the SRC https://www.swissrecoverycenter.ch
  • The Bureau Information Femme, and especially the services and support it provides to women in situations of violence. Shared values: Honour, courage and respect http://www.bif-vd.ch.


One more box = one more happy child

Over the past 22 years schools, companies, and individuals have donated gifts to thousands of needy children in orphanages, schools, hospitals, and to the many children who have just been abandoned or are living in appalling conditions.

Your Gift Boxes will go to help children in Moldavia, Belarus, Romania and Ukraine. So far we have made over 43,000 children happy!

For most, it was the first gift they had ever received; a very special unexpected present, bringing a sparkle to their eyes and unimaginable joy.

The Gift Boxes include items our children would probably not appreciate, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap and school supplies but to these children they are all very important items that make their lives a little easier. Needless to say the children especially enjoy the sweets and toys!

Do you want to help? Then please make a Gift Box so even more needy children can have a surprise.

Wine cartons are strong & the right size just perfect for a gift box, please do gift wrap and then attach the customs list. A reusable bag attached helps the children carry their box home.
School bags/ backpacks can be used instead of a wine box.

These important necessities are needed in your Gift Box

School Supplies
• 4 pens & 4 HB pencils
• 1 pack of Coloured pencils or felt tip pens
• Eraser & Pencil Sharpener
• 2 school writing books min 50 pages each.
• Drawing paper (printer paper will do).

• 1 or 2 toothbrushes in original Packing
• A tube of Toothpaste
• Soap (wrapped in tin foil)
• Shampoo or Shower gel (taped closed)

Chocolate, Sweets and Biscuits (sell by date min. 6 months)
• 2 x 100g bars of chocolate
• 250g sweets (mints etc in wrap in foil)
• 1 box of biscuits or numerous small packs
• Possible addition, dried fruits (no nuts)

Toys for boys & girls. No war toys or ones with Batteries
• 3 or 4 new or used toys (excellent condition)
• Ideas: dolls, cars, puzzles. jumping rope, balls
• soft toys, bubbles, Lego, dominos, etc.

Clothing. Only these items allowed
• Hats, gloves, caps, scarves, gloves, socks (All items new or gently used)

Ideas if you have space left
• Ruler, geometry sets, calculator, comb, brush, chess set, toiletries, toys etc. 

Contact for more information:

Tyrrian Livesley: 022 776 5116
Carolin Sismondi: 078 637 5020
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The collection truck arrives early on the 21st November 2018.
Drop off dates between 8-20 November see site for drop places.
Nothing can be accepted after these dates.