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When it came to producing the new 11th edition of Know-it-all passport®, publisher and editor Lisa Cirieco-Ohlman was faced with a particularly difficult challenge! How to top the shiny silver cover design from the 10th edition? What has changed in 2 years? The theme of the new chapter, Sustainability, paired with the trend to come back to using our hands like our grandparents, directed the process.

As a creative graphic designer, Lisa works with Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and other programs in her professional work. However, she is also an avid collector of vintage local items, and really wanted to show the readers that the guide was bursting with local ideas and interest. How to do this in a single book cover? With her design experience, she could have easily taken photographs of each item and created a montage on her computer... but she felt strongly about going back to the objects themselves and portraying them together within the title letters of the book.

With so many items to include in the title, Lisa first needed to create a model book cover from a huge sheet of cardboard. She quadrupled the size of the book to make sure items would fit and be visible enough when reduced back down to the book’s A5 final size. Cutting out each letter of Know-it-all passport took 3 painstaking hours on Thursday 7 June. Another few hours were required to wrap the entire board and letters in brown kraft paper. The middle parts of the "a", "o", and "p" were suspended by fishing line so they didn't disturb the objects below!

© Jeff Danziger. Global Geneva Magazine: Off the Wall: Donald Trump’s Global Reset

Since the publication of its 76-page pilot issue last December, 2016, the new Global Geneva Magazine has now come out with its April-May, 2017, print and e-edition.

The editorially-independent English-language publication, which comes out six times a year and focuses on quality reporting with insight on ‘international Geneva’ themes, also provides regular articles online. While the majority of its content draws on its world-wide network of over 2,000 journalists, photographers, cartoonists, film-makers, producers and specialists, Global Geneva also serves as an ‘oped’ platform for members of the Global Geneva Support Community to contribute articles that are non-promotional and meet the magazine’s editorial standards.

“The purpose of Global Geneva is to offer critical reporting with good writing that is compelling and not politically correct,” maintains Swiss-American editor, Edward Girardet. “Our aim is to provoke open debate of key issues in the public interest, such as the potential impact of Trump’s policies on international Geneva and the world or the manner with which France is allowing uncontrolled property developers to destroy local cultural heritage and dictate urban division in the Lake Geneva region. These are issues that concern us all, but which need better and more consistent reporting. We’re trying to support a return to quality journalism.”


Thank you to everyone who was able to join us at the celebratory launch of the 10th Edition of Know-it-all passport® at this year’s Expat-Expo fair in Geneva, on Sunday 2nd October, 2016.

With lively entertainment provided by Fanan from Cocktails Entertainment, our corner stand was buzzing with excitement as customers flocked to see for themselves Fanan’s renowned flair bartending skills and sample his amazing glow-in-the-dark cocktails.

As people posed to have their photos taken with their drinks, others took the opportunity to do some networking or watch the celebration video produced for this special occasion by Zuzana Hevler of VisualSouvenirs. If you didn’t get a chance to watch the film in full, you can see it now by clicking on the image below.


Excerpt from trailer below. 

To celebrate the 10th edition of Know-it-all passport® (KIAP), we are creating a special video that will be loaded on our site, and viewed at various events.

We are asking KIAP enthusiasts to send in any of the below:

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You can include other people or props: business associates, family, pets, balloons, confetti, banners, glass of champagne, etc. The photo of the book(s) in the bookshelf would be the perfect backdrop or wherever it is used the most (coffee table, car, stroller, office).

LisadeliveringbooksLisa heading out to make the first deliveries of the new book.

The 10th edition of the popular Know-it-all passport® guidebook is now hot off the press and being delivered to local shops near you!

Look out for the new shiny, hardback cover on the book shelves and see for yourself the wealth of new information that has been packed into this special anniversary edition of the book, targeting the English-speaking community of Geneva, Vaud and neighboring France.

With 780 pages and more than 50 chapters, the 10th edition includes 2 new chapters devoted to helping English-speaking residents integrate into this region.  COOK LIKE A LOCAL includes lots of interesting facts about local dishes and useful food-related expressions, whereas SPEAK LIKE A LOCAL clears up some of the confusion that can often occur over similar sounding words, and provides a number of handy phrases to help you appear more confident when talking to locals.  Not only will newcomers benefit from these new chapters, but those living in the area for years will certainly learn something new!

Asked why she decided to launch the new book in a shiny hardback cover, editor Lisa Cirieco-Ohlman told us, “The success of Know-it-all passport is due largely to the thousands of recommendations that I have received about local business and services over the past 17 years.  I wanted people to hold the book and see themselves in the solid mirror-like cover, and understand that it is their contributions that have inspired me to make Know-it-all passport® what it is today!”