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Naver couture picture sewing lessons

Naver Couture's sewing workshops are a wonderful way to be sociable and creative whilst having fun. We caught up with Nathalie Underhill to find out more. 

Why did you start Naver Couture? What has been the inspiration?

I wanted to inspire people to get back to basics by teaching them how to sew for themselves, and by practising this great skill we learn to value and appreciate our clothes much more and at the same time build a conscious closet. 

I run classes to help people build their own home sewn wardrobes, make alterations for a better fit and up-cycle second-hand clothing to promote circular fashion. Students of all levels come to see me. There are classes that follow a set program and others that enable students to work on their individual projects. I help my students to understand how the various machines work, how to overcome sewing technical issues, how to use, hack and adapt commercial patterns and to create unique made-to-measure garments.
We all know it's hard to find clothes that fit correctly if you are slightly outside the regular cookie-cutter size template, especially for petite, tall, curvy or larger women.

I really enjoy interacting with people and sharing my knowledge. Seeing people's confidence grow as they master the various skills is very rewarding. The camaraderie that builds up in the various workshops really makes it fun! The classes are in English or French and sometimes both so we get a good mix ideas and people.

Have you been working on this idea forever, or was it something that came to you recently?

I was trained as a Fashion Designer at the Rhode Island School of Art and Design and worked for fashion houses in the US, the UK, Belgium and Switzerland. With the arrival of my children I decided to set up my own business from home making made-to-measure garments, alterations and curtain-making. It was not until two years ago when I accepted to give a few private sewing lessons to a client who was very keen to learn herself that everything changed. I discovered a new passion of teaching and I am now actively teaching people of all ages and I love it.

entreacte nomade

L'Entreacte Nomade

As of February 2020, Le Court du Mois offers short films their big comeback in cinemas. Every first Friday of the month, starting on 7 February 2020, around 140 cinemas throughout Switzerland will screen the same Swiss short film before all the day's screenings.

Every first Friday of the month

The short film is making a big comeback in Swiss cinemas thanks to the Court du mois, a project launched in May 2018 by Base-Court. The association Base-Court in Lausanne programs short films all year round throughout Switzerland: notably during the Short Film Night Circuit (Tournée de la Nuit du Court Métrage) co-organised with the International Kurzfilmtage Winterthur festival, or via projects as varied as the Entracte Nomade in Yverdon or during the CinéTransat festival in Geneva - among many other events.

Send in your submission

The vocation of Le Court du Mois is twofold: on the one hand, to bring the short film format back to the cinema screens, and on the other, to give special recognition to recent, prolific and high-quality Swiss productions that circulate little outside the festival circuit. Le Court du Mois is also an opportunity to offer a springboard with exceptional visibility for local filmmakers, with an average of 26,000 spectator-ices per month. Nearly 140 cinemas throughout Switzerland are responding to the call of Base-Court and are already partners in this project, in all the French-speaking cantons and in four German-speaking cantons. The programing is monthly: every first Friday of the month, a Swiss short film of up to 4 minutes is shown in all partner cinemas, before all the programs of the day - and of course at no extra cost to the public. Le Court du Mois 2020 is supported by Swissperform.

IMG 6606 copy 2

Selene Folkensen wrote to knowitall.ch, "I am happy to share some fantastic Art courses being offered by my friends Stephen Preece & Katya Kaftanova at e5 portfolio.
They are offering two great Summer 5-Day Art Programs in Geneva. As a parent, summer can sometimes be tricky to find activities where your child can boost their creative mind, have fun, learn and improve their skill sets. The e5-summer academy does all of these things and guarantees that participants will leave charged and in a good place.

Drawing Academy

The first week in July will be given by Stephen Preece and will be a week of experiments and learning some great drawing skills for beginners or enhance them if you are an advance learner.


Camps to keep the children happy over the school holidays are very popular. You can choose from sports, creative arts, dance, horse-riding, magic, technology, theater, or more!

For the first time, The International British Theatre School is organizing theater camps that will be held during the Easter and summer holidays and be run by British stage professionals. Held at La Côte International School in Aubonne (LCIS), with an amazing set-up comprising a stage, theater, professional lighting, and plenty of room backstage. The facilities of the school meet the requirements for fun, creativity, and safety.

Aimed at age groups comprising 6-12 and 13-19 year-olds; within these two main groups, children will be divided into smaller groups according to their age.

If your children love performing, musical theater, drama, singing and dance, then why not find one of the many holiday camps listed on knowitall.ch's Activities Calendar for Children? At this particular camp, students will be working towards a final show, while taking part in an exciting mix of acting, singing and screen classes. Building their confidence, having fun and making new friends are just a few of the advantages.

International British Theatre School offers the ultimate performing arts holiday camp experience for age 6 to 19. Preparing students with the skills and knowledge to succeed, while boosting their confidence.

  • Taught by actors working in the British theater industry
  • Work on and produce a professional performance
  • Screen workshops
  • Headshot sessions
  • Improve confidence
  • Improve public speaking skills


We were recently contacted by Christopher Hemmens, from The Village Players, to let us know about playreadings. Christopher explained, "Playreadings are an excellent opportunity to get some informal experience on stage and I urge anyone who's ever wanted to do something like this to get involved. The cast is full for the upcoming event but new people are encouraged to contact The Village Players for future events."

Christopher was originally involved with The Village Players out of interest in performing. He claims that he didn't have the courage to put himself forward until 2009 but has never looked back as he has since been in 8 productions and directed 3 of them!

Clubnights are a great way to find out about the group as entrance is free and open to everybody. You can expect about 20 to 40 people (in addition to those on stage). Asked who is the typical participant, Christopher replied, "Anyone! We have actors and helpers of all ages and nationalities." Advantages include meeting people, especially English-speaking thespians. Those who do not fancy appearing on stage are welcome too. It's a great social atmosphere and there's plenty to do off stage: set design, costumes, make-up, etc. Self-confidence is boosted, such as speaking to a room full of people in a professinal context. Non-native English speakers are welcome to participate. In fact, in the last play there were several Swiss participants, plus some from Turkey, Slovakia, and Greece.