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When new couples arrive in Switzerland, it is often the case that just one of the partners has been offered a new position with one of the local companies.  The other may decide to take a career break to look after children or set up the new family home.  When the time comes to start looking for work, the process will inevitably be more difficult than in the couple's home country, as job seekers struggle to come to terms with factors such as work permits, not to mention language and cultural barriers.

To help accompanying partners find employment, a number of organizations have been set up in Switzerland. Details are listed below:

Avenue Gratta Paille 2
1018 Lausanne
021 641 11 90
079 462 50 88
C2You! provides Career and Integration services for English Speaking Professionals. Specialized in supporting partners who move to Switzerland for their spouse’s job. Example services: Job Search, Career Change, Business Start-Up, Integration consulting and coaching, and much more. Schedule a free intake to discuss your situation and get an offer.

Lutz & Partners SARL
8b chemin des Couleuvres
1295 Tannay
Carolyn J. Lutz
022 960 70 50
079 417 09 00
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Lutz & Partners is an all female company whose speciality is placing top female talent in consumer, luxury, healthcare, and general industry.  They work for multinational headquarters of well-known brands on positions based in the Geneva area or elsewhere in Europe.

Spouse Career Centre
Swiss Career Connections
Geneva, Nyon, Lausanne
Diana Ritchie
078 808 35 97
Provides career coaching and job search support: individual support as needed throughout the job search process, with research, coaching, and networking to leverage portable skills for the local job market, career reorientation, educational support leading to a new job, entrepreneurial support to launch a new venture or import a foreign activity, social integration support, employability assessments and self-assessment tools.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Voluntary-run organization whose aim is to encourage the employment of UN expatriate spouses/partners by: connecting them with potential employers; providing members with information about employment within and outside the UN system, self-employment, training opportunities and volunteer work; and supporting the spouses/partners in keeping and improving their professional qualifications during their stay in Geneva.