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Guest Blogs

Knowitall.ch often invites local experts in their field to contribute to their own blogs on our site. This means not only you will benefit from the useful recommendations that we make on our News pages, but you can also profit from some of the great advice and tips that these experts have to make on their favorite subjects. Whilst each of these bloggers has been recommended to us at some point during the evolution of Know-it-all passport and  knowitall.ch, obviously we are not able to test out all the suggestions they make on their blogs, nor do we necessarily agree with all their opinions.  So if you do find one of their tips useful (or not!), do let us know!

To make these blogs more accessible to you, we have now decided to group them altogether in one section, entitled Guest Blogs, accessible from our main menu bar.  We will also post the most recent blogs on the home page of our site in the right hand column.

We are still building up this area of the site, and are looking for bloggers in a number of sections, including Your Home, Travel, and Leisure, so if you feel you have a useful contribution to make in either of these areas, and have the time to submit blog entries approximately every month, then please get in touch!

COP 27

By Claire Doole, www.doolecommunications.com

The head of an organization that last year ran more than 100 panel discussions asked me that question recently. By the way, if you think 100 is a lot, the organization had topped 150 panel discussions in 2020/21!

We all understand the quest for visibility, but sometimes less is more. The organization in question understood this when at COP 27 in Sharm El Sheikh last November it had to cancel a panel discussion – one of 15 it was organizing – due to a lack of audience.

Lack of audience

I was told by friends who attended COP 27 that there was marquee after marquee, side event after side event, but many of them were not full. One private company held a panel discussion at which only three people turned up. This, I would argue, was an event that should have been cancelled, as it is not good for the organizer’s reputation, brings little benefit to the speakers, and is an uncomfortable experience for the audience.

Ironically, this is more likely to happen at big events like COP as there is more competition for attendees. This is having a knock-on impact on panelists in that they are being asked to speak at too many events, and there is not always enough of them to go around. Another international organization fielded requests from 80 side-event organizers for speakers – many of which they could not accept as they didn’t have that number of speakers available.


By Oguzhan (Osan) Altun, Swiss Photo Club 

Happy new year to all our followers, from me and our team: Joan, Quim & Jean-Baptiste (JB)! We wish you a great 2023 with lots of beautiful memories and their beautiful photos captured by you.

With this blog article, I wanted to share with you some big changes that we did in 2022 and our plans for 2023.

It’s the first time we do this. Let me know if you find it interesting (or not!) and of course if you have any recommendations / ideas. 

New Website
We are finally on swissphotoclub.com: a single website for all the regions and countries where we exist. I will spare you a description of the administrative changes, but here are the advantages for you:

  • See all classes in all cities at one place, especially a great advantage for members or if you are looking for a specific course in any city.
  • Practice workshops listing with photos: Easier to find your workshop.
  • Early bird discounts for courses: You will see that future classes are slightly cheaper.
  • Much faster load times
  • Immediate delivery of gift voucher orders (we used to prepare each manually).
  • Photo Awards: Upload your photos directly instead of having to send us later by email.
  • See your registrations and orders in your account.

There are still some bugs here and there, plus a few server issues that we are working on. Please keep on reporting if you see anything, we will keep on fixing them and adding new features in 2023.

tarte soleil 3

This is an easy recipe that anyone can make. AND it is very impressive... everyone will ask you how you did it!

Savory tart
2 round disks of puff pastry
1 egg or coffee cream or milk

Choose one of these savory ideas or invent your own
1. Cream cheese, tapenade, chorizo, sesame seeds (top)
2. Smoked salmon, Cantadou or Tartare or cream cheese, crispy fried onions (top)
3. Sun dried tomato spread, mozzarella, oregano (top)
4. Red pepper spread, cheddar cheese
5. Anchovie paste, artichoke paste, parmesan cheese (top)
6. Blue cheese, diced pear
7. Mayonnaise, sliced chicken, crispy bacon, sunflower seeds (top)

tarte soleil 1


By Claire Doole, www.doolecommunications.com

One of the most common refrains I hear when coaching senior leaders in public speaking is they have to rewrite most of the speeches drafted for them. 
Much of the time the person struggles to deliver the speech because it has not been written for them. In the words of one agency head, “it doesn’t capture my voice.”
I have written many speeches. I see my job as writing the speech that the speaker themselves would write if only they had the time. I have to stand in the shoes of that person and see the world as they see it. 
Below are some tips based on how I capture my speaker's voice. 
Listen to recordings of the speaker at events and conferences. If you are a staff member observe the speaker at town hall meetings or during internal webinars. 
Get to know your speaker  
You must have access to the speaker so that they are involved in the drafting process. During a phone call or in-person meeting, together, you will first have to define the purpose, audience and argument of the speech. But don’t forget to drill down on the essence of that person – what drives them? What are their beliefs? What type of person are they? 

train window

Text and photos by Aurea Fagel

After a very long Covid spell, I am back kicking and eager to give you again my humble recommendations for local travel! My recent trip was an unexpected destination - dazzling Davos! One you won’t probably put on your list but will certainly tickle your interest especially if you are looking for some quiet respite with nature and a relaxing break. Indeed, it is a famous ski resort destination but here are 8 reasons I can give you to consider Davos on your summer/autumn travel list:

Get on a Rhaetian Railway train! If you are going to Davos, taking the train is a great option, especially with Carte Journalière deals. You will hop on the historic Rhaetian Railway trains passing through the scenic alpine forests and mountains en route to Davos Platz/Klosters. You may even max out your ticket by taking the UNESCO heritage Rhaetian Railway Albula-Bernina route to Filisur or Tiefencastel and pass through 2 historic bridges “Landwasserviadukt” and “Wiesnerviadukt”!

IMG 4410

Take a leisurely visit to Schatzalp, the location for the movie and literary masterpiece “Magic Mountain” by Thomas Mann. It is just a 10-minute funicular ride and you will see right away the Art Nouveau Hotel Schatzalp which was once a luxurious sanatorium in the late 19th century and now also houses over 3,000 varieties of plants and herbs (like at least 5 kinds of rosemary herbs from various countries!) in their botanical garden. The historic hotel has a nice balcony restaurant giving you panoramic mountain views such as the Jakobshorn, Rinerhorn and Piz Ela. Inside the hotel you will find Art Nouveau decors and ambiance especially the dining room and lobby. And of course, walking trails!