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Laraba fruit and veg in baskets

Health rejuvenation coach, Laraba Friedman is offering knowitall.ch readers a 15% discount on her next series of Healthy GUT...Healthy YOU, healthy eating workshops.

Starting on Tuesday morning, 31 October from 10h to 11h30, or Thursday evening, 2 November from 19h to 20h30, her two new series of workshops will run over 4 weeks and have been designed to help participants clean and repair their guts, whilst improving their diet, health and general outlook on life!

Individual approach

As a qualified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Massage Therapist with 4 years’ experience of working in the greater Geneva area, Laraba understands how important it is to treat each client on her workshops as a bio-individual with their own “unique story” to tell.  

She told knowitall.ch, “I tailor my work to suit each person, situation and moment. I prefer to listen to what is happening and act on what I hear, so no health coaching session or massage is ever the same!”

ambition balloon 500 2

At Know-it-all passport we often receive recommendations about new up-and-coming coaches. We occasionally feature articles about hypnotherapists too. But we had never heard about hypnocoaching until Cindy Stucky from the Ambition Centre in Vaud got in touch with us recently!

What is hypnocoaching?

Hypnocoaching is a new coaching process being offered by Cindy, which draws on the two separate skills she has learnt as a qualified hypnotherapist and coach.  The aim of the process is to reveal your inner strength through a 3-stage process:

  • It begins with an idea
  • It evolves with an action
  • It becomes reality with its success

According to Cindy, the potential benefits of being supported with useful coaching tools and professional hypnotherapy expertise are huge.  She told knowitall.ch,

“Hypnocoaching is a long-established, tried and tested tool for leveraging your self-confidence, end enlarging your knowledge about yourself.  The process effectively teaches you to create new solutions every day, so that you can effectively step into a new position and see opportunities where they didn’t exist before – all with the final goal of realizing your life goals!”

POW retreat4 500

Special offer for knowitall.ch readers includes 3 complimentary health sessions

The beginning of September often feels a bit like the New Year. Many of us come back after the summer break with lots of new ideas for developing both our personal and business lives, much like we do at the beginning of the calendar year.

With this in mind, the health consultancy, Peak of Wellbeing, is running a special retreat at the beginning of October, deep in the French countryside, designed to help you explore new areas of self development, both on a physical and mental level. Over two days, Peak of Wellbeing co-founders, Duncan and Jennie Delreeve, will walk you through tried and tested bespoke techinques they use every day in their clinic and for themselves.

Describing the retreat to knowitall.ch, Duncan told us, “This retreat is ideal for housewives, coaches, trainers, entrepreneurs, athletes, salespeople, parents, self-development enthusiasts or business executives. In short, anyone who has been working on their health and those who are ready to transform to another level.”

Jennie added, “Peak of Wellbeing will share secrets that, in our opinion, can help you on a number of levels. For example, participants will learn how to gain more confidence and acceptance of their own bodies, see how to remove old niggles and pains, and develop strategies that will help them stop worrying about what other people think of them….all simple things that can have a huge impact on our daily lives.”

LLL brealfie mother baby2

A new bilingual La Leche League group has been launched in the Pays de Gex, offering support to breastfeeding and pregnant moms.

The new group is especially useful for expat women who are potentially far removed from their original support networks of family and friends, and who might find breastfeeding challenging in the early days. La Leche League fills this void by connecting mothers with one another to share their experiences and encourage each other to become confident in their mothering skills, while also providing up-to-date information and breastfeeding research.  

La Leche League (LLL) is an international, non-profit organization with the mission to give information and encouragement to mothers wishing to breastfeed their babies, and is run by volunteer leaders. Accredited leaders are moms who have breastfed themselves, been trained and are keeping up-to-date on current breastfeeding research.

ceylan ayik

5% discount for knowitall.ch readers on coaching services booked before end of 2017!

In today’s high pressured, fast moving environment, it’s hard to imagine how anyone has the time to think about healthy living.  It’s all too easy to grab the first thing you find in the food cupboard and jump into the car to your next appointment, instead of investing the time in preparing something more nutritious or attending an exercise class.

To help you make this transition to a more healthy way of living, health coach and yoga teacher, Ceylan Ayik has created a new business whose aim is to empower busy women on their journey to becoming happy, healthy role models for their children, family and friends.  Indeed, she is passionate about helping them to transform their minds, health and bodies through optimal nutrition and yoga.

Ceylan’s journey from corporate marketing to yoga and nutrition coaching

So what inspired Ceylan to set up her own healthy living business in Geneva?  Ceylan explained, “Five years ago when I moved to Geneva, quit my job and became an “expat wife”, I took the time to reassess my approach to nutrition and living, and started the Fitgurme blog. Back then, I was beginning to understand how vital good food and exercise were to keep my family both healthy and happy.”