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Come and discover, learn, create, taste, and dream amazing moments for the day of your wedding.

Dites-vous OUI or "Say YES!" is a unique concept for those preparing their special day. Not only will you be romanced by the setting, but you will be spend an evening with your to-be partner tasting, testing, and partaking in all things related to your event.

Held at the beautiful Portes des Iris, a spectacular 16th century farmhouse, elegantly renovated, combining authenticity and modernity, this intimate evening will allow you to discover the world of all things related to marriage.

  • Dress and suit fittings
  • Hair and makeup
  • Workshops about being pampered
  • Test out your dancing skills
  • Tastings of sweet and savoury delicacies
  • Wines and cocktail tastings
  • Music selection
  • Beauty tests
  • Decorated table settings, setting the scene for the ceremony, and much more will help you make the right choice for your special day.


Since time began, security blankets and soft toys have been the bane of most parents' existence. The dependance and comfort a child gets from this attachment has long been studied by doctors, scientists, psychologists, and psychiatrists! They refer to them as transitional psychological supports that give concrete emotional reassurance. Yes, on one hand, there are real advantages; on the other, tantrums and stress when they are lost, missing, in the wash, or tattered to the point of no return can be disturbing. A beloved stuffed animal, a soft edged blanket, or a scrap of fabric that is unrecognizable to the average beholder is a must-have accessory in the sight of the youngster!

In English, the proper names and synonyms are often altered by the child but start off as:

  • blankie
  • softie
  • comfie

In French, they fall under the following appellations:

  • doudou
  • toutou
  • nin-nin
  • peluche

Of course, these names are often renamed by the child.


Christiane Raza Romana's Pilates studio in Morges

What exactly is Pilates?

Joseph Pilates (JP, 1883-1967) was a German physical trainer and invented the "Contrologie" known as Pilates: a method that brings together hundreds of movements using gentle and precise physical exercises that require a total concentration of "body and mind". Pilates is performed on the ground, mat, or on machines by systematically engaging the deep muscles of the abdominal strap "powerhouse" in order to stretch and simultaneously tone the whole body. This is why this discipline (both authentic and classical types) is practiced without music. The program will gently reshape and rebalance the body, and bring wellbeing through self-centering in less than one hour.

This discipline can be practiced from age 16 for as long as you are able, and at any level. Athletic or not, a clear improvement in physical performance and a gain of flexibility will be visible and felt.

JP's priority was to keep your body in shape and improve your daily life through individual programs. He worked tirelessly all his life to perfect his movements and invent his own machines. Romana Kryzanowska, one of his pupils, managed to pass on this pure teaching by opening the training school "Romana's Pilates" around the world.

Christiane Razakarivony, Christiane Raza Romana's Pilates, has been athletic since a child, and graduated as a fitness instructor from "Les Mills" in 1999. She decided to join Romana's Pilates in 2013 and is certified to teach. She boasts, "I am nearly 47 but my body has regained its flexibility of when I was a teenager!". She remains loyal to the CPE (Continuing Pilates Education), which encourages instructors to deepen what they have learned over 6 and 24 months (depending on their availability and location) as well as attend an annual conference that helps to better understand all aspects and focus of what JP has put a lifetime, and how to teach the same exercises differently on different bodies: the result should be the same — a healthy mind in a healthy body. She believes that this is a sport that exceeds all other sports she's tried (judo, swimming, gymnastics, dance, tennis, karate, triathlon).

David Lawson 1

For many years David has been known and highly respected in the counseling and coaching circles and is considered by many professionals in the field as having world-class knowledge and experience. He has been published many times by specialty magazines focused on expatriate life and has been frequently interviewed by World Radio Switzerland on a variety of psychological topics, see links to the podcasts below.

Born and raised in Scotland, David took a job in Cannes, France, in 1986 where he supported the UNIX (Linux) operating system across Europe for Hewlett-Packard. He was transferred to Geneva in 1990 as director for all their Linux needs. During this period David completed his Master's Degree in Counseling and was awarded a certificate of outstanding recognition for the implementation of the Student Counseling Service. He went on to become known for his innovative counseling and coaching services to the international community.

Now that you know the educational and work side of David, it is now time to see the softer, more caring, side of him! With a keen eye on improving his counseling style since all those years ago, David has continued to create new conceptual ways of working with individuals and couples. He uses conversations with clients to restore hope, open new possibilities and develop movement to solutions that matter to them. David helps people to understand and fix the daily life issues most of us face from time to time. He is specialized in all forms of addictions, mindfulness practices, anxiety, depression, sexual disorders and borderline personality disorder. In addition to individual therapy, he also focuses on couples and marriage therapy.

Speaking to knowitall.ch, David told us, "I have been working as a counselor and psychotherapist for over 17 years in private practice and recently worked for the Geneva Mederi Clinic to offer psychological services as part of their core team of over 15 medical doctors and surgeons. I then decided to take some time off to follow my passion for social constructionism — ground-breaking modern thinking in psychology that privileges relationships — with the Taos Institute PhD."

He continued, "From time to time we all face concerns and difficulties in our emotional lives and feel the need to talk with someone who can help guide us through these. The challenges can come from many areas that impact our home, relationships, family, wellbeing and work. I support clients through a process of self-discovery, clarification, and exploration of possibilities. Clients develop perspective in their life; define their goals and become an active participant in the change process. Using the latest innovative therapies, I help individuals and executives in Geneva’s international community with their emotional and psychological growth and find new and achievable possibilities in moving forward."

Bronzed booth2

When Lindsay Moody moved to Switzerland in 2013 from the UK she was surprised that sunbed shops here do not provide a spray tan service. So she did what any entrepreneur would do in this situation — she set up a business providing year-round airbrush tanning solutions!

It wasn't as simple as all that. She needed to first complete a Sienna X training course. She admits, "I have always had a passion for fake tans being of Celtic origin and thus quite pale! I am also a firm believer in staying out of the sun, looking after your skin and keeping it healthy. Sadly, the number one enemy is the sun. We all want a tan but a tan is just sun damage and is your skin’s way of telling you it’s being damaged, dark spots, premature aging, wrinkles, and in the worst case scenario, skin cancer." 

Not only is this treatment with immediate results but a great confidence-booster, particularly in the grey winter months. Sunless tanning is perfect for a simple pick-me-up, parties, weddings, pre-holiday, special occasions, and perfect for naturally pale skins that burn and never tan. The custom airbrush spray tan is a 1-on-1 personalized spray tanning session done in privacy. The process takes around 10-15 minutes for a full body spray tan and takes around 6-8 hours to develop. The "One Hour Tan" is also available and can be washed off after one hour and the color develops over 2-4 hours. (designed for people that want to quickly wash off the color guide and not sit around in tan for hours while it develops).

Lindsay said, "I found spray tanning is the perfect business to run alongside my current home and life commitments. I am a mother of 3 young boys and it provides me with a sense of fulfilment outside my busy role of mother and wife."