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If someone were to ask you what food you associate with Switzerland, chances are that you will think of cheese and chocolate. We all have our own favorites…whether it’s Gruyère or Emmental, Lindt or Toblerone…you can’t beat Swiss cheese or chocolate.

However, there is so much more to Switzerland than its dairy products!  There are terrines from Fribourg, olive oil from Tessin, apple juice from Thurgovie, honeypots from Zürich, and brandy from Valais, indeed the list is endless…Which is why husband and wife team, Alexandra and Guillaume Schleipen have set up their own food store in Lausanne to showcase the many and varied culinary delights of all 26 cantons within Switzerland.

Bringing everything together

Guillaume told knowitall.ch, “Eight years ago, my wife and I met at the Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne, where we soon discovered we had a mutual passion for food; we simply loved discovering the specialties of the regions we visited all over the world. After we left the hotel school, my wife used to work a lot on the Swiss-German side of Switzerland, and would bring home lots of specialties from this region, which we had never seen before. And it wasn’t just us, our neighbours were equally astonished at the many different types of food my wife would show them! When it comes to food, the “Röstigraben” cultural boundary that many people joke about between the French and German speaking parts of Switzerland has certainly had a divisive effect !”

dominos supercross 1

To celebrate the opening of the 5th Domino’s Pizza at Boulevard Carl Vogt, Domino’s is offering 5 pairs of tickets to the Monster Supercross at Palexpo on Friday, 1 December 2017.

Domino’s Pizza is growing!  

On Wednesday, 29 November, Domino’s will open their 5th takeout restaurant in Geneva on Boulevard Carl Vogt 6, confirming them as the number 1 pizza delivery company in Swiss Romand.  With the addition of this store, there are now 17 Domino’s across Switzerland.  Early in 2018, Domino’s will open two more restaurants in Geneva, so you’ll be able to get your favourite pizza almost anywhere in the region.

 Salon 28

To celebrate the launch of its new brandname and logo, “le Cercle du Thé” tea shop in Nyon is offering knowitall.ch readers the chance to win afternoon tea for two!

With more than 200 different teas to choose from, plus the serving of home-made scones, real clotted cream and strawberry jam, as well as fresh sandwiches and sweet delicacies, this is one prize that you will certainly want to win!

About “le Cercle du Thé”

Le Cercle du Thé is the new name that owner, Anne von Erlach, has decided to give to her popular tea shop in Nyon. First launched four years ago under the name La Boite à Thé, the shop is a haven of tranquillity in the bustling centre of Nyon, close to the Place Perdtemps car park.   

Selling “all things tea-related”, the shop includes a beautiful display of multi-colored tea sets and tea pots, canisters, thermos flasks, spices, syrups, chocolates, and biscuits, as well as a vast array of honey and jams.  To create the perfect environment for your tea drinking, the shop also sells a wide variety of candles and mini-statuettes, plus additional items such as jewelry, scarves, and wraps.

In the summer, guests have the option of taking their tea outside in a beautiful, small terrace, sheltered from the noise of the streets outside.

Why the new name?

Asked why she wanted to rebrand her tea shop, Anne told knowitall.ch, “I wanted to give the shop a bit of a boost, and create a new “spirit”, with additional services that I felt our customers would appreciate. In Asia a circle is a concept strongly associated with Zen. A circle symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and the void.  Le Cercle du Thé is a natural outcome of this.”

FunkyBBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

A free side dish for knowitall.ch readers with any sandwich or ribs order placed before the end of the year (see conditions below)!

If you’ve ever been to America, chances are that you will have been tempted by some of the amazing BBQ fayre, which Americans are so good at cooking!  Slow-smoked meats with delicious BBQ sauces are a unique speciality of this country, one that is hard to replicate in other parts of the world.

Tired of eating bad American food in Geneva, two family friends, Morgan Andersen and Ernie Wilson, got together last year and decided to launch their own business:  a food truck, selling authentic American dishes.  As American expats, who’ve lived a large part of their lives in Switzerland before becoming naturalized Swiss, they decided to bring some real BBQ cuisine to Geneva, and pilot it as a food truck.


On Friday, 11 September, at the home opening game of Genève-Servette Hockey Club SA (GSHC) against Ambri-Piotta, Domino’s Pizza opened its first ever in-stadium store in Switzerland at the Les Vernets Ice Rink.  Selling single serve pizza and drinks, Domino's Pizza will open during all GSHC home games at Les Vernets as well as for special events upon request.  It is situated at the south end of the main concourse at Les Vernets.
Domino’s has been a partner with GSHC for the past several years, and this year decided to further develop the partnership by offering onsite sales to GSHC fans.  Domino’s is also planning a number of promotions and special events throughout the season to delight fans of GSHC and create excitement at the game.