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FunkyBBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

A free side dish for knowitall.ch readers with any sandwich or ribs order placed before the end of the year (see conditions below)!

If you’ve ever been to America, chances are that you will have been tempted by some of the amazing BBQ fayre, which Americans are so good at cooking!  Slow-smoked meats with delicious BBQ sauces are a unique speciality of this country, one that is hard to replicate in other parts of the world.

Tired of eating bad American food in Geneva, two family friends, Morgan Andersen and Ernie Wilson, got together last year and decided to launch their own business:  a food truck, selling authentic American dishes.  As American expats, who’ve lived a large part of their lives in Switzerland before becoming naturalized Swiss, they decided to bring some real BBQ cuisine to Geneva, and pilot it as a food truck.


On Friday, 11 September, at the home opening game of Genève-Servette Hockey Club SA (GSHC) against Ambri-Piotta, Domino’s Pizza opened its first ever in-stadium store in Switzerland at the Les Vernets Ice Rink.  Selling single serve pizza and drinks, Domino's Pizza will open during all GSHC home games at Les Vernets as well as for special events upon request.  It is situated at the south end of the main concourse at Les Vernets.
Domino’s has been a partner with GSHC for the past several years, and this year decided to further develop the partnership by offering onsite sales to GSHC fans.  Domino’s is also planning a number of promotions and special events throughout the season to delight fans of GSHC and create excitement at the game.


Knowitall.ch readers are being offered the chance to try out a range of natural wellness drinks produced in Switzerland using fresh spirulina, organic fruit and Alpine herbs (see offer at end of article).

Currently regarded as a revolution in the nutrition and health sector, spirulina microalgae are known to have outstanding nutritional properties, with long-term benefits that combine to combat stress and fatigue while at the same detoxifying the body and strengthening the immune system. They are also believed to aid weight loss and digestion as well as improve both hair and skin.

Generally taken in dry powder, tablet or pastille form, spirulina is now being produced for the first time as a fresh drink by the Swiss company, SpirAlps SA, based in Vétroz, Valais. Since the nutritional properties of spirulina are considered to be much higher when taken fresh, Spiralps drinks are a true innovation in terms of wellness and, crucially, are also much pleasanter-tasting than the dried form.


If you’re looking for really fresh strawberries, then now is the time to go and pick your own!  If you take a look at some of the fields situated just outside Rolle, you will see they are literally overflowing with delicious, red strawberries, just asking to be picked!

Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, Les Fruits du Paradis (otherwise known as La Ferme de Pré-de-Vers) is a family run farm, renowed in the region for its seasonal self-service fruit and vegetables.  This year, its strawberries will be ripe for picking from now until around 20 June, every day between 14h00 and 19h00, and at weekends between 10h00 and 17h00.


When it comes to Italian food, most of us think about pizza, pasta and tiramisu – each of which comes in many different varieties and is absolutely delicious, especially when it is freshly made!

However, Italians, and those of you who have had the good fortune to live in Italy, will tell you that there is so much more to Italian food. Indeed, the range and variety of good traditional dishes is quite extraordinary – especially when each dish has its own distinct flavor as you move from one region of the country to another. Recipes are tweaked, new ingredients are added, and before you know it, you have yet another unique dish to add to Italy's culinary repertoire!  

In an attempt to capture the essence of Italian cooking, native Italian, Stefano D’Ambrosio, has launched an on-line Italian food shop, called Zia Lucia, that will deliver a small selection of freshly made Italian dishes to your door.  He explains the philosophy behind his new company to knowitall.ch.