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Know-it-all passport® offers 2 great sponsorship opportunities for local businesses and organizations!  Details and prices below — prices valid from 01.09.2017 - they haven't changed since!

— Sponsorship of our weekly WHAT TO DO email: Fr. 200.- + TVA
Every Monday (except during school holidays), we send out weekly recommendations to our mailing list of over 6,000 readers. The content is also uploaded permanently onto our website here. We invite local businesses to sponsor this email by embedding a banner (measuring 488 x 108 pixels) within the text that is clickable and goes to the URL that you desire. Each email will be sponsored by one company. That company may not sponsor more than once a month (and may not sponsor consecutive weeks should dates be bridged over 2 months). Note: July and August are sent out in one email (7 weeks), posted on the website for the entire summer for Fr. 400.- + TVA.

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— Sponsorship of List of Recommended Doctors and Healthcare providers: Fr. 400.-/year + TVA

All the doctors and healthcare providers have been recommended by clients and we have compiled a list. This 16-page booklet is available to anyone who asks for it via email. If you would like to see a copy of the latest update, please go to the form at this link. The average number of requests per calendar year is 130 unique clients.

Supply your ad in pdf format, see the blue A5 rectangle above.
The size is A5 (148mm x 210mm). It can be in full color.

NOTE: Osteopaths, physiotherapists, and other mental and physical healthcare providers are listed in the printed edition of Know-it-all passport®, not on this list.

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If you don't have a graphic designer who can prepare your ad, remember that Cirieco Design will produce it for you at no extra cost (restrictions apply).