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Festibiere music2

Place de Sardaigne, Carouge, 14 - 16 June 2018

After its huge success in 2017, the second edition of the Festibière de Genève will take place on 14 - 16 June 2018 at the Place de Sardaigne in Carouge.  This is the biggest open air festival of locally produced craft beer in Geneva and features 25 different craft brewers from the region, including 2 from the Alsace region of France, and over 150 different beers to try!

Live music and great food!

But that’s not all: there will be live music each night, featuring local bands like FullBlast, Las Vegas Parano and the Square Brackets and great international foods at 8 different food trucks.

Free entry - order in advance to get your glass

Entry to the festival is free.  To access the tasting, you need to buy a glass and tokens. There will only be a limited number of 2018 Festibière glasses, so to ensure you get your souvenir glass and to avoid lineups at the event, you are advised to buy your glass in advance at www.festibieredegeneve.ch. Don’t worry if you don’t get your glass - once the 2018 glasses are gone, there will be other glasses on consignment for tasting.

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Each year, during the month of September, the city of Geneva takes part in the “Semaine du Goût”, a nationwide food festival that encourages sustainable development and promotes the Swiss culinary heritage.

Seeking to educate consumers about the different qualities of local, seasonal produce, la Semaine du Goût is a celebration of the diversity of tastes that can be achieved using different types of food produced in Switzerland. It promotes healthy eating through a balanced diet, and showcases some of the most innovative dishes that can be found in this country.

In Geneva, more than 50 cafés and restaurants will take part in the event, producing home-made menus comprising of local, seasonal products. Running from 17 to 27 September, la Semaine du Goût is an opportunity to remind the city’s residents about some of the culinary strengths of this region.


For the first time in Geneva, there will be a cake decorating competition, open to both amateurs and professionals of all ages.

Taking place at the Resaturant Vieux-Bois in the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève on Saturday, 1st June, the competition is being organized by Pastel Voila, a home-based pâtisserie business in Geneva, specializing in the creation of personalized cakes and cupcakes.

Owner, Stephanie Harford told knowitall.ch, “I have always wanted to participate in a cake decorating contest, but I have never seen any events of this kind in Switzerland. So I decided to organize one myself! Unfortunately, I won’t be able participate in this competition, but we have had a huge amount of interest from all kinds of cake decorators, not just professionals, but those who do it for a hobby, and have never had an opportunity to showcase their work before.”

She added,  “Cake decorating seems to be more of an American-English thing,  so I wanted to show the Swiss that it is not only about flashy colors and kitsch decor, but that cake decorating is an art! The whole idea started as a small contest between "housewives" , but the competition has gained so much interest that it turns out that many professionals and males are now participating too!

Potential cake decorators can apply to enter the competition, for which there is a Fr. 30.- registration fee, in one of four categories:


Swapping seems to be all the rage in Switzerland at the moment. Following on in the same vein as our recently announced SwapParty event, we have now received details on a new swapping event, this time for food.

Taking place for the first time in Lutry on 4 December, Le Food Swap has been organized with the purpose of encouraging people to eat locally, sustainably and affordably through the swapping and sharing of homemade, home grown goods.  The aim is to create an outlet for home cooks, gardeners, foragers, DIY enthusiasts and bakers of all ages and nationalities to meet up and swap their homemade creations. The event will provide a unique opportunity where locals and expats, young and old can break down barriers, practice their language skills and connect through common interests.

Participants are invited to bring their own favorite homemade jams, pickles & preserves, fresh baked goods, sauces and pestos, as well as homegrown produce such as vegetables and fruit, handmade soaps, candles, teas and spices. All swap items will be directly traded between participants, e.g.an apple tart for a jar of pickles or a loaf of bread.


Article from Les Vins de Genève website.


A day in Geneva’s countryside to discover the 2011 vintage Caves Ouvertes, or the Open House Day of Geneva’s wineries, takes place canton-wide on Saturday, May 12 this year. Nearly all of the canton’s wineries will be open on the day.


The Open House Day known as Caves Ouvertes was first launched in 1987 by Geneva’s independent winegrowers. The idea was to invite the general public to come out and visit their wineries. It was the first event of the kind in Switzerland. Pierre Dupraz, who was president of the Geneva chapter of the winegrowers’ association at the time, recalls that ‘’several dozen’’ people showed up for that first Open House. Going on 25 years later, the number of visitors is in the thousands and Caves Ouvertes has become one of Geneva’s big annual events.


On Saturday, May 12, 2012, nearly all (some 90) of the canton’s wineries will be opening their doors to present the 2011 vintage – and oak2aged wines from the 2010 vintage.