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Am Stram Gram
56, rte de Frontenex
1207 Genève
022 735 79 24
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Theater shows for all ages since 1974! Check website or ask for a program to see specific age targets for individual shows. Age recommended starting at age 6. Shows and events suitable for non French-speakers are listed on the site. These productions are mostly choreography, digital, or musical arts.

14, av. de Rosemont
1208 Genève
022 700 64 75
Les Mercredis Grenadine are shows for a young public held once a month on a Wednesday afternoon and include a snack. A narrator enchants the audience with whimsical stories, characters, and puppets. They are invited to take part if they like.

Marionnettes Les Croquettes
90B, ch. des Verjus
1212 Grand-Lancy
022 794 67 82
022 880 05 16  tickets
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Puppet shows in French. For age 4-8.

Marionnettes de Genève
3, rue Rodo
1205 Genève
022 807 31 07 reservations
022 807 31 00 administration
The theater performs a number of regular plays, but also presents ten to twelve shows each season to the public, including one or two originals, and some old favorites in French, occasionally there are English subtitles projected. Other puppet companies also perform there. Workshops during the school holidays. Price: Fr. 20.-/adult, Fr. 14.-/child. Groups of 10+: Fr. 16.-/adult, Fr. 10.-/child.

Marionnettes Pannalal’s Puppets
12, ch. de la Verseuse
1219 Aïre
022 300 00 04
Traveling theater for age 3 to adult. They host the festival Poussière du Monde, a two-week fête boasting music, dance, and puppets.

Le Petit Theatre
Place de la Cathédrale 12
1005 Lausanne
021 323 62 13
A charming little theater for age 3+ in French with a kid-friendly bar. Ticket counter opens 1/2 hour before the show. A season card can be stamped to obtain a discount on tickets after obtaining a full card. Note: Parking is difficult near the theater.

Pré-Vert du Signal-de-Bougy
1172 Bougy-Villars
058 568 31 50
Free children’s shows held in the amphitheatre every day July-August, and weekends June-September. Clowns, musicians, and puppeteers transcend all languages even though they are speaking in French. Shows start at 15h.

Spectacles Onesiens
133, rte de Chancy
1213 Onex
022 879 59 99
For age 3-8 in French. November to April.

Le Théâtre Topffer
21, rue Eugène Pittard
1206 Genève
022 703 51 25
Traditional plays in French for children for age 3+. November to May.

Theatre des Lutins
Ruelle Petit-Saint-Jean 1A
1003 Lausanne
021 323 34 43
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This tiny, brightly colored theater is where young and old can enjoy the irresistible charm of puppets. Two different shows each year. Age 4+ March to June and October to January.

Le Theatre de marionnettes de Lausanne

Theatre Double Jeu
Office: Av. de Morges 153
1004 Lausanne
021 624 54 77
Plays in French for age 4+. October to April. Reservations should be made online. Plays are held at the Collège des Bergières.

Zot Compagnie
Théâtre Rikko
38, ch. de Grange-Collomb
1227 Carouge
022 343 96 96
String puppet shows. Weekly workshop for marionettes and set design. Note: They also have a giant puppet for shows at birthdays.