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We recently found out about a local mother that has started a YouTube channel dedicated to educating children, well, actually the parents, on how to talk about sex in an age-appropriate manner. We caught up with Kathleen Hema, It's Time for the Sex Talk for Parents,  and asked her a few questions. She told us, "I make these videos for free because I believe the information is important and will help parents be the primary sexual health educator for their child."

Why did you start? What has been the inspiration?
I moved to Switzerland with my 2.5 year-old and 3 month-old in order for my partner to pursue his career goals. I left my career, in Public Health focusing on Human Sexuality and Sex Education, in order to support my partner. Fast forward 2 years, I decided to return to work and began looking for work when COVID-19 and a worldwide pandemic hit and brought with it limited job opportunities. After a lot of introspecting, I decided to pursue my favorite public health interest on a platform I had always wanted to try out. Hence, It's Time for the Sex Talk for Parents was started!

Have you been working on this idea forever, or was it something that came to you recently?
I had taught Sex Education and Human Sexuality in public and private schools as well as at universities in the USA and Australia to undergraduates and I loved teaching about it. I have always been very comfortable in talking about sexuality with my children and it dawned on me one day at the playground. I saw my 2 year old, who was being potty-trained, holding her vulva and quickly asked her, "Do you have to go pee-pee? You are touching your vagina like you have to go pee!" And the mom who was there with me looked shocked and asked me if I say the word 'vagina' with my children all the time. It quickly reminded me that many parents are uncomfortable with the 'sex talk' and that I could bring my expertise to more parents through YouTube on a regular basis.


PRESS RELEASE September 23, 2020: EU Business School MBA Program recognized as #42 in Europe and in the top 140 worldwide by QS*.

  • EU Business School’s (EU) MBA climbs positions to rank in the top 140 MBA programs in the world and #42 in Europe in the QS MBA rankings 2021.
  • EU’s MBA program continues to rank #1 worldwide for class and faculty diversity in recognition of its multicultural community of 100+ nationalities and proportion of female students and faculty members.
  • EU increases its global position in employability, return on investment and entrepreneurship, reflecting the success of EU graduates across all business sectors.

EU Business School (EU) is proud to announce that its MBA program has climbed the QS MBA rankings 2021 and now ranks as one of the top 140 programs worldwide and #42 in Europe. These rankings are testament to the outstanding education offered by EU Business School and the commitment and dedication of its faculty.

EU was ranked the worldwide leader in class and faculty diversity for the third year running, achieving high marks for the number of nationalities in its classrooms, gender balance and proportion of international faculty. EU is very proud of its multicultural and diverse community and continues to foster a flexible, open mindset in all its students to prepare
them for a successful career in global business.


As a follow up for our previous article that was very popular with our readers, here is some more fun French knowledge to have under your hat next time you need to sound more "like a local"! This excerpt from Know-it-all passport® 11th edition, pages 461-463, will help you fit in! Click here for part one that we published on the 10th August 2020!

Can you complete these sentences? Choose from these words to fill out the sentences*.



With summer staycations this year, it might be a good idea to see how good your French lingo is. Sometimes people try their hardest to speak French, but clearly are just translating from their own language. Maybe this excerpt from Know-it-all passport® 11th edition, pages 461-463, will help you fit in! This is only part one, part 2 is at this link.

Some French words change meaning with or without accents. In February 2016, the French Language Academy declared they were to simplify the French written language. However, it will be hard to implement!

stain = tache
task = tâche

young = jeune
fast from eating = jeûne

of the / Some = des
as of = dès

wall = mur
ripe = mûr

on = sur
sure / confident = sûr

or = ou
where = 

the = la
here = 

Masculine vs Feminine

Be careful if you accidently add the wrong gender to some words! You will change their meaning!

vokapi 1

Introducing vokapi – created specifically for the PER curriculum in the Swiss Romandie.

With the surge in digitalization, the mobile application scene is buzzing with a huge number of tools that claim to help users develop new skills and learn new languages. What seemed to be lacking was learning apps created for young students that were based on the curriculum and textbooks used in class. That was until vokapi came around.

vokapi is an e-learning mobile app available on Android in the Google Play Store (and very soon, iOS) that helps students in grades 7 through 11 in the Swiss Romandie ace their English language tests. The idea started when storm digital experiences co-founder and in-house developer, Mathieu Latin, created a very early version to help his dyslexic son practice English vocabulary in a way that worked for him. The storm team saw it as a real opportunity and ran with the idea, creating vokapi and tailoring it to the “programme d'étude romand” (PER). The aim is to help students practice exactly the words they encounter on their tests while they learn at their own pace.