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new whattodo iconKnow-it-all's WHAT TO DO in the area. LISA’S PICKS OF SUMMER 2018. More events are listed on the website www.knowitall.ch under our CALENDARS. Please give credit to ©Know-it-all passport® for putting this info together if you forward it or use it in a newsletter of any kind. Thank you.

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NOTE: Our team will be on a summer schedule so the next WHAT TO DO will be sent out on August 27, 2018. Please check our website over the summer often for new articles, news, and events. Have a great summer!

S U M M E R   C E L E B R A T I O N S

1 June through 2 September, 2018
Saturday, 11 August: firework display
Geneva, Jardin Anglais
Instead of the 10-day annual Fête de Genève, you can enjoy this smaller version this year. The festival takes place at the foot of the giant ferris wheel that is situated in the Jardin Anglais and is highlighted on Saturday 11th August with a free firework display at 22h (45 minutes). Click here for more information.

13-14 July, 2018
All around France
The French national day is the perfect excuse for all sorts of festivities, fetes, fun, and fireworks. Check your local town hall for events in your area. Everything will be shut on this day: banks, shops, and offices. Most towns will be holding their version that starts with a commemorative ceremony and speeches, parade, concert, fireworks, and dance. Of course there will be plenty to eat and drink on every corner! Click here for a few ideas but remember to check out EVERY French town as they will all have celebrations.

** 1er AOUT
Wednesday, 1 August, 2018
Swiss National Day
All around Switzerland
The 1er août is all about the bonfires, soup, and barbecued sausages in local towns and villages. Don't forget to gear up on some Swiss flags, candles, "lampions", and decorations to get into the spirit. The evening starts with a parade of children and their lampions (paper lantern on a stick with a real candle or electric light bulb). Most will have some sort of official ceremony with speeches, bell ringing, and band music. It is followed by a soup (in a take-home bowl with date on it hand crafted for your village for the 1er aout!) and other festival foods. The bonfire is the favorite thing, as each one is traditionally lit in sequence with the next village so that if you were looking from above (Jura or Salève) you will be able to see them but this is not always the case. Most of the bonfires are immediately followed by a firework display or dance with DJ or live music. Click here for more information.

Saturday, 4 August, 2018
Annecy, France
Every year, the first Saturday of the month of August is a date to remember. A fantastic 70-minute firework display will be reflected in beautiful Lake Annecy, synchronized to music! Staying overnight in a hotel is an option but they are quickly being booked up. Click here for more information.

** 15-16 AOUT
Wednesday, 15 August, 2018
Thursday, 16 August, 2018
This catholic celebration of Assumption is held in Valais and in France. Check your area to see what events are planned. Remember that as it is a holiday in France, most shops will be closed. There will be a firework display in Evian to commemorate the liberation in 1944 on Wednesday and Thursday from Thonon. Click here for more information.

Our free “Know-it-all's WHAT TO DO in the area” is kindly sponsored this summer by: GEMS World Academy Switzerland - Open all summer for visits, enrolments and camps.

GEMS World Academy Switzerland open all summer 2018 for visits enrolements and camps

M U S I C   E V E N T S
So many more concerts are happening throughout the summer so please check our events calendar for other options!

28 June through 11 August, 2018 (except Sundays)
If you are looking for a cool spot to listen to some great music during the hot summer months, then look no further. If you are in the old town of Geneva during your lunch break, then this might be of interest. 39 free concerts will be held at the Lutheran Church. Click here for more information.

29 June through 14 July, 2018
Montreux, VD
sensational youths and breakthrough bands of the moment will punctuate the free stages of the Montreux Jazz Festival. More than 250 concerts, DJ sets, and workshops await festivalgoers at 8 venues, from noon to 5am. Click here for more information.

5 July through 12 August, 2018
Nyon, VD
15 free concerts will be held near the lake and will be the perfect way to wind down after a hard day of work (or shopping) with a cool drink. Click here for more information.

17-22 July, 2018
Nyon, VD
Paléo Festival is one of Europe's most important musical events, taking place annually near Nyon and hosting more than 250 concerts for around 230,000 members of the public! Click here for more information.

14-29 August, 2018
Annecy, France
Two weeks of concerts, shows, and surprises in the fantastic Imperial Palace! Some are free and some need tickets so please click here for more information.

S U M M E R   I D E A S
We will update the following articles as we get more information over the summer.

** Castles galore in the area awaiting your visit!
Being in Europe, we are spoiled by the amount of castles on every hilltop and town center. How lucky we can just have so many at our doorstep. Whether with guests or your own family, you will surely find a few on this small list that we have taken out of our latest ©Know-it-all passport®! Click here to read our article.

** Where are the best places to go swimming?
Swimming pools will keep you cool over the holidays if you remain in the area. Click here to read our article.

** Perfect picnic spots in the area
Bring your picnic basket and blanket and sprawl out on the lawn. Whether you are looking for a playground, wading pool, mini-zoo, or ice-cream, you will be sure to find just what you are looking for! Click here to read our article.

Reserve now! We have an article with lots of ideas at this link and make sure to check our Children's Activities Calendar as well. From sports to crafts, games to coding, you will surely find one that suits your child's interest and age.


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