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Since the launch of the first edition of Education Guide Switzerland in 2012, it is clear that our guide has filled a useful gap in the market for those people looking for more information about English-speaking education programs in Switzerland.  

Looking at the statistics for who has purchased our book, we can see that our guide has proved invaluable to the following groups of people:

  • International families relocating to Switzerland
  • Families seeking solutions to education problems
  • Trailing spouses without work permits looking for higher education opportunities
  • Professionals looking to improve their CVs through further training
  • Teachers looking for work
  • University admission officers who recruit in Switzerland
  • Relocation professionals
  • Educational leaders interested in what is happening in the world's most international educational environment
  • Educational leaders in Switzerland interested in the activities of other schools and universities
  • Young people (teens and young adults) looking ahead to university and graduate school
  • Guidance counselors
  • University-age students in the US looking to study abroad in Switzerland
  • Students and families world-wide seeking summer programs
  • Business owners who want to reach the international school and university markets in Switzerland

Since they purchased the book, many of these people have come back to us with messages of thanks and appreciation, as well as suggestions for further improvements should we ever produce a new edition.

In addition, we have received numerous requests from organizations wishing to be included in the next edition of the book, not only from existing educational establishments who, for various reasons, we weren't able to include in the first edition, but also from new schools and institutions being launched at various locations throughout Switzerland.

So, two years later, in response to the demand of our clients, we have now launched the second edition of Education Guide Switzerland and made it even more complete and easier to use!

What's new in the 2nd Edition of Education Guide Switzerland:

  • 50% bigger, 128 extra pages
  • 150+ additional educational institutions added
  • Clearer index to help you find schools more quickly
  • Attractive chapter headings thanks to our photo competition winners
  • New information on summer programs
  • All Swiss cantonal high schools offering bilingual diplomas that include English
  • Expanded sections for academic extras, other educational options, and schools that are just across the border
  • Many new quotes and fun facts
  • Listings for several new schools opening soon in Switzerland