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Little Mermain funny cast copy

Enter our competition to win a double ticket for the opening night performance!

The Geneva Amateur Operatic Society (GAOS) will bring a lively performance to the Christmas season again this year!

It is a traditional Pantomime (Hans Christian Anderson with a happy ending) with a great comedy line-up of the King, Queen, funny man and funny girl and a strong plot to enchant children from 2 to 92. From the royal palace to Neptune's underwater kingdom there is plenty of scope for spectacle and ample opportunity for the chorus, dancers and children to sparkle.

What a few people have said about the show:

  • This is a fast-paced, energetic musical comedy that takes you from a king’s royal palace on earth to King Neptune’s palace underwater! Journey into the briney see. Mermaids like you’ve never seen! Folks of all ages will enjoy this.
  • You’ve never seen sea creatures like these! Some are very young and bring magic to the stage.
  • How can a handsome prince fall in love with a gorgeous mermaid, and live happily ever-after? Oh yes they can! Only in a fun-filled traditional English pantomime.
  • We’ve got it all! A bigger-than-life Dame named Queen Hypochrondria*; a story of true love that overcomes evil deeds; lots of modern, lively music borrowed from the Disney film and other contemporary sources that embrace jazz and line dancing, etc. *This is the part I am playing, if all the gowns are ready. Edward Brown
  • Panto is a magical moment not just for the audience but for those on stage as well as this very old British tradition allows us to use our imagination - a rare treat these days - and relive our childhoods. 
  • I love playing in pantos (as well as other musicals) and this will be my first role as a panto dame - Queen Hypochondria. For me she's a bit like Hyacinth Bouquet in "Keeping Up Appearances" a well know UK TV series some 30 odd years ago - but feel free to let me know afterwards who you think the Queen reminds you of. 


A local mother, Marine Sinclair, saw a need for a children's museum in the Geneva area. With the grand opening looming, knowitall.ch thought an article would drum up just the right amount of interest.

Accessible for children as young as age 3, this new museum with an unprecedented concept in the region, will offer two exhibition spaces dedicated to scientific and digital fields, as well as environmental awareness.
Their motto? Forbidden not to touch!

A museum to make the world of science accessible to all
The Exploracentre intends to meet the expectations of the inhabitants of the region by offering the first museum of playful and interactive learning dedicated to children. The idea is to propose a new offer to the Lake Geneva area of creative, innovative, and technical activities for the whole family, and thus easily relay scientific, digital, and environmental concepts.

A new exhibition and workshop space in the heart of Geneva
After several months of preparation and work, the Exploracentre is preparing to receive the explorers of all ages in the heart of the Bains neighborhood in Geneva. With a space of more than 400m2 spread over two floors, the museum offers about thirty interactive experiments. While the first level hosts a renewed thematic exhibition each year, the second offers independent evolving experiments each month. In addition, three rooms are dedicated to workshops, to school groups, to leisure centers, and to the organization of birthday parties.


The Decrochons la Lune campaign translates into English as Shoot for the Moon. This sponsored physical activity has reached a symbolic 73,080km so they really need your help in getting more people involved in reaching their goal of 380,000km as the moon is that distance from the Earth!

They encourage people to get sponsored Fr. 1.- for every kilometer they cover doing their sport, whatever that may be. The money goes to their charity partners, however if a club or group start a team, they can benefit from up to 50% of donations. They are also keen to partner with communes, who put their share of the money towards a local cause linked to youth, health or physical activity.

Health Movement Solidarity
The distance between the Earth and the Moon is 380,000km, their target number for this campaign. This association is encouraging everyone to get physically active; promoting physical, mental and social wellbeing; and supporting three great causes.

AOTB yellowseoul photo by robin kim 46
© The Art of the Brick

This autumn, Palexpo will host one of its most colourful exhibitions to date: The Art of the Brick! Read down to the bottom to enter our competition to win a package of 4 tickets, a Fr. 72.- value!

From 4 October 2018 to 6 January 2019, the American artist, Nathan Sawaya, will present some of the most amazing examples of his creative sculptures, made out of millions of colored LEGO© bricks.

Having toured the world with his masterful creations, Sawaya has earned a reputation for presenting poetic installations which pay tribute to the collections of our great museums.  He is well known for providing his own unique and often humorous interpretation of classical works such as the Mona Lisa, Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring, or Venus de Milo.

AOTB nathansawayabarcelonephotobymarte.berenguer
Nathan Sawaya sits next to one of his sculptures © Marte Berenguer

Decouvart 2

Following its huge success last year, Découv’Art will return to the Terre Sainte region for a weekend of open door events and artistic demonstrations.

Taking place over the weekend of 29 to 30 September, Découv’Art will provide the general public with the opportunity to meet local artists at work in their own workshops.  In total, 13 artists and 1 art gallery located across 6 villages will open their doors throughout the weekend. Click here to find out more about each of the participating artists.

Many of the artists will also provide demonstrations of the techniques that they use in their projects. Sculpting, painting, ceramics, glass-making, photography, illustrating, pottery, woodworking, and sewing are just a few of the trades that you can expect to see on your tour of the workshops.

This is a rare opportunity to see for yourself the level of creative dynamism which prevails in this region, and to chat with the artists about their work, their sources of inspiration, and the techniques and materials that they use.