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Decouvart 2

Following its huge success last year, Découv’Art will return to the Terre Sainte region for a weekend of open door events and artistic demonstrations.

Taking place over the weekend of 29 to 30 September, Découv’Art will provide the general public with the opportunity to meet local artists at work in their own workshops.  In total, 13 artists and 1 art gallery located across 6 villages will open their doors throughout the weekend. Click here to find out more about each of the participating artists.

Many of the artists will also provide demonstrations of the techniques that they use in their projects. Sculpting, painting, ceramics, glass-making, photography, illustrating, pottery, woodworking, and sewing are just a few of the trades that you can expect to see on your tour of the workshops.

This is a rare opportunity to see for yourself the level of creative dynamism which prevails in this region, and to chat with the artists about their work, their sources of inspiration, and the techniques and materials that they use.

Photomontage « Fleurs de feu », jardin potager, © www.muma-art.com

Photomontage « Fleurs de feu », jardin potager, © www.muma-art.com

On Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 September, join the Château de Prangins to celebrate 20 years as home to the Swiss National Museum in French-speaking Switzerland.

To celebrate its 20th birthday, Château de Prangins is opening its doors to all for two days of festivities. The centerpiece will be performance art entitled: Flowers of Fire by the artist-sculptor Muma, while the 10th Lunch on the Grass will take visitors on an amazing journey through time from 1701 to 1920.

Flowers of Fire will take place from 18h30, Saturday 29 September. 
Lunch on the Grass 10h-18h on Sunday, 30 September.

Flowers of Fire highlights this anniversary with 50,000 candles! Inspired by the flowers depicted in chintzes, the artist Muma is laying on a spectacular light performance in the château gardens. More than 600 registered volunteers will be working with him to realize this social sculpture. The Swiss National Museum will remain open from 18h-22h specially for the occasion, giving visitors an opportunity to view the temporary exhibit (see photo at bottom): Chintz, how a fabric changed the world! and enjoy a unique view looking down on Flowers of Fire from the windows of the castle. The commune of Prangins is joining in the celebrations by staging its village fête from midday to midnight. The program includes events for children (until 18h), musical entertainment, bars and food trucks.

Lunch on the Grass will take place on Sunday from 10h-18h and is open to all. This edition takes visitors on an amazing journey through the time period 1701 to 1920. A series of activities for all ages taking place throughout the day will bring history to life. Don’t miss the original creations inspired by chintzes made by students from the Geneva School of Art and Design HEAD and the historical costume parade (sign up at the event until 13h). A gourmet food market will be selling all the ingredients for a perfect picnic on the grounds.

Malcolm Lucard at the Bain des Pâquis

When knowitall.ch was recently contacted by American Geneva-based songwriter/composer, Malcolm Lucard, we were intrigued by one title in particular: Aux Bains des Pâquis (listen to the song at this link — full lyrics below).

Asked why he decided to jump over the language barrier, Malcolm replied, “At the time the song was conceived I was immersing myself in learning French, including music from France and Francophone Africa. I would learn some funny expression in French class and it would somehow resonate with what I was going through. At the same time I would imagine how cool it would be to write songs in French. I found out it wasn’t so easy! I struggled and struggled and it took about ten years, but finally, with the help of some very patient friends, I managed my first full song in French.
“The story behind the song is kind of funny. We moved here because my wife found a job in Geneva and so, for the first two years, I didn't have a day job. I set up the apartment, did the shopping, took French lessons, looked after the kids when they were not in school... you know, a typical trailing spouse/stay-at-home dad type. After school I would often take my boys, and sometimes a pack of their school pals, to les Bains des Paquis. I got a reputation for being a kind of social organizer in our little pack, gathering the kids and the parents down there for picnic dinners. Usually I would have my mandolin with me and I'd practice as the kids played. For all the other parents, it gave the impression all I did was hang out at Bains des Paquis. The grandmother of two of their friends started to refer to Bains des Paquis as my 'office'. She'd say, So Malcolm, are you going to the office today? That was code for Are you going to the beach today? 

millionaire mindset speakers2

Do you feel bored, frustrated or stressed? Would you like to enjoy a life that feels 1,000,000 times calmer and more purposeful?

Maybe you sense that your career is going in the wrong direction, or you would simply like to feel more fulfilled as a full-time parent?

Whatever your current situation, if you’re ready to invest in your future and open your heart and mind to new ideas and ways of doing things, then the Millionaire Mindset Workshop may be just what you’re looking for!

Organized by two experienced coaches working in this region, Melitta Campbell and Lynda Heffernan, this potentially life-changing workshop will take place at the Hotel de la Paix in Lausanne on Saturday, 15 September 2018.

Through a series of interactive exercises Melitta and Lynda will lead participants in developing the tools, understanding, and mindset needed for success in their career and life, to help participants take their first steps towards a more intentional, happy and rich life.

In particular, they will share insights and strategies that will help you to:

  • implement positive changes in your life
  • move towards a life filled with satisfying moments
  • embrace new challenges and opportunities
  • get more from life, without doing more
  • step into your authentic power and purpose so you can live with an open heart and transcend your wildest dreams

la terrasse mixed view

With all the spectacular weather we have been having this summer, you really don’t need to travel far to get that holiday feeling. Both the Alps and the Jura are adorned with picturesque villages that literally take your breath away, and most of them will have at least one chalet or hotel to suit your budget!

Once such place which we were lucky to fall upon by chance just a couple of weeks ago is the delightful “La Terrasse de Verchaix”, near the popular mountain resort of Samoëns.

Owned and run since 2006 by an English couple, Philip and Louise Taylor, La Terrasse is located in Verchaix on the sunny slopes of the upper Giffre valley, overlooking the holiday village of Morillon.

la terrasse lounge open