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Selene Folkensen wrote to knowitall.ch, "I am happy to share some fantastic Art courses being offered by my friends Stephen Preece & Katya Kaftanova at e5 portfolio.
They are offering two great Summer 5-Day Art Programs in Geneva. As a parent, summer can sometimes be tricky to find activities where your child can boost their creative mind, have fun, learn and improve their skill sets. The e5-summer academy does all of these things and guarantees that participants will leave charged and in a good place.

Drawing Academy

The first week in July will be given by Stephen Preece and will be a week of experiments and learning some great drawing skills for beginners or enhance them if you are an advance learner.

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If you haven't seen all 4 Jurassic Park/World films, it might be the time to do a binge watching with your family! The dinosaurs are "alive" and well and have come to our little bit of paradise just around the corner! Not only will you see them, but you can also partake in other activities such as a museum, labyrinth, bouncy castle, mini-golf, archeological digs for you to become part of the excitment, and more! There is a refreshment stand selling snacks and drinks. 

The man behind the beasts is Zoltan Prin, who admits that he was like most kids, a real dinosaur fan. It has always been a dream of his to work on a theme as exciting as pre-historic creatures.

Following the success of Sion, Neuchâtel, and Villeneuve, the exhibition has now made its way to the Geneva Canton for its fourth edition. 

During your visit to DinoWorld, you will be able to observe these fierce predators up close and personal. You will be able to admire their sharp teeth, and huge claws that were used as formidible weapons. More than 30 species are represented such as the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex, the impressive Diplodocus, the imposing Styracosaur and many others.

Zoltan told us, "My favorite dinosaur is the Spinosaurus (below). I love this one in particular because it is even bigger than the T. Rex — about 15m long; it might not be as popular as the other species, but if I had to choose one, this would be it. There were only a few fragments of one found in Egypt. In addition to being able to walk on land, the Spinosaurus was also a very good swimmer. Unbelievable, isn't it?"

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Recently opened indoor mini-golf bar, Rollers, was imagined by Gareth Rigby, a former banker seeking a creative project. Gareth's background started in St Andrew's, notorious for golf, where he went on to work in the film industry before moving on to banking. The latter brought him to Geneva and he decided to make a break from the corporate world and open a mini-golf with a movie theme, the perfect combination of his experiences!

The logo, Rollers, features the obvious golf ball but altered to become a cocktail glass with a tee stem, a wedge of lemon has been replaced by a movie reel, and the cocktail umbrella has been imagined as the golf flag! Gareth explains further, "The actual name of Rollers itself is a play on words of the rolling ball and the rolling film roll."

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From Thursday 13 June to Saturday 15 June, the Place de Sardaigne in Carouge will once again be “the place to be” as the Festibière de Genève will be back for its third edition. This is the biggest open air festival of locally-produced craft beer and features 25 different craft brewers from the region and over 150 different beers to try!

  • Bartis – Valais
  • Bière du Lac – Genève
  • Fri-Mousse – Fribourg
  • La Cave – Genève
  • SuissEcosse – Vaud / Scotland
  • BUG (Brasserie Urbaine Genevoise) – Genève
  • BFM – Jura
  • Totally Beer – Genève
  • Gonzo – Vaud
  • Brasserie du Plombier – Genève
  • Baladin (Vieffe) – Ticino / Italy
  • Schori’s Beer – Genève
  • Gotan Craftbeer – Genève
  • Brasserie des Murailles – Genève
  • Cap'Taine Mousse – Vaud
  • Père Jakob – Genève
  • L'Apaisée – Genève
  • Brasserie du Pendule – Genève
  • La Meltingpote – Genève
  • Brasserie du Mât – Genève
  • Brasserie des cinq Communes – Genève
  • Brasserie du Baril – Genève
  • and a few more!

But that’s not all: there will be live music each night, featuring local bands like Full Blast, The Lucille Blues Band, and The Square Brackets as well as great international foods at the 8 different food trucks.


Cash & Rocket, the all-female charity drive, returns for its 7th year, having raised $4.5 million since launch

Charity-led organisation, Cash & Rocket, is proud to announce an A-List line up for its 2019 European Tour; 4-day women-only road trip that will see 80 influential women “drive for change.” 40 red cars will drive from London to Paris, to Geneva and on to Monte Carlo in convoy from June 6th - June 10th. The initiative, now in its 7th year, has raised over $4.5million for charities to date, in support of women and children across the globe.

Cash & Rocket was founded by businesswoman and philanthropist, Julie Brangstrup, in 2011. Julie’s ambitious and brave vision is to change the world through the creation of a platform that inspires, motivates and supports women from all walks of life to raise lifechanging amounts of money for the charities involved.


This year, American personality, Paris Hilton, will be taking part in this star-studded line up for the very first time, joining 79 other influential women who are all working together to make a difference. “It is such an incredible time for women and I am so excited to join the ladies of Cash & Rocket this year and continue raising awareness”, expresses Paris ahead of this year’s event. “I’m honoured to support the cause and combine this with my love for cars, whilst also helping to empower and raise money for future generations of amazing women.”

Other celebrities joining Paris Hilton on the starting line include: Jackie Cruz, Caroline Stanbury, Chloe Green, Amy Jackson, Selita Ebanks and Jodie Kidd. Each participant will be raising money for this year’s chosen charities: Sumbandila, The Helen Bamber Foundation and Dream for Future Africa Foundation (DFFAF). During the tour, a representative from the charities will also be with the women, providing information on the charities and sharing details on how the funds raised are used towards their charity. The aim: To inspire the women and raise as much money as possible.