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All photos courtesy of Catherine Nelson-Pollard

Carnaval is a tradition in most of Switzerland's cantons. Below are noteworthy Vaud, Valais, Fribourg or other Swiss hotspots with elaborate parades. Most will be wearing masks and have rituals familiar with each area. Of course there are the usual festive findings including food, drink, local specialties and crafts, Guggenmusik (costumed brass bands). Oh, and lots and lots of confetti!

In general, Carnaval covers the period between Epiphany early January and Shrove Tuesday (between 3 February and 9 March). Normally, the first day is known as Jeudi Gras (“Fat Thursday”) and the last day as Mardi Gras (“Fat Tuesday”), however many have more than one Mardi Gras!

We have listed a few cities with their dates in order of start date here:

9-12 February 2023
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Every February, the town of Sainte-Croix on the French-Swiss border in the Jura organizes a well-known carnival.
Thousands of visitors, the inhabitants of Sainte-Croix and the whole region of Verdun-les-Bains flock to the carnival to celebrate a festive weekend to the sound of the Guggenmusiks. A giant meal for 1,000 people is offered to the public on the Friday night in the canteen on the festival ground. On the Saturday afternoon there is the traditional children’s ball and in the evening a torchlight procession. On the Sunday morning there is an aperitif concert, and in the afternoon the humorous floats and the Guggenmusiks take over the streets of the town for the great parade.


More than 250 animals are presented on the 3 floors of the Mycorama, on the site of Evologia in Cernier (NE) through 5 March 2023. The array of species that many have never seen in real life are set up in this temporary, mobile vivarium located within the the "Jardins Extradinaire" of Evologia Cernier, located between Neuchâtel and La Chaux-de-Fonds. The museum is open daily from 10h-18h.


The 2 headed mascotte: Tom & Jerry
Born in the USA in 2002, "Tom and Jerry" is unique in its genre. This California kingsnake (Lampropeltis g. californiae) with two heads, is one of the rare snakes in the world to have survived so long with this anomaly. In the wild, they would not have lasted long, but since this snake was a baby, Tom and Jerry have been taken care of for the last 18 years. An exceptional longevity knowing that these snakes can live about 12-15 years in captivity. A longevity record of 23 years has been established by the species. During fertilization, while there should have been two monozygotic twins, the fertilized egg divided late and the two fetuses developed while being stuck to each other by certain parts of the body. They are monozygotic twins whose first separation was incomplete. Fortunately for Tom and Jerry, the separation was done on a part of the body that does not interfere with survival, and has no consequences on the internal organs.

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This winter leisure space welcomes the public on Quai Gustave-Ador between 18 January and 26 March 2023. Sports and wellness activities as well as musical entertainment are offered during the winter.

At La Banquise, three distinct areas are proposed: sports, wellness, and refreshment with a view of Lake Geneva to take your breath away!

The sports zone to discover Nordic sports

You can try axe throwing for free in 5 to 10 minute sessions, depending on the number of people and the waiting time, practice mattcurling, or discover the Finnish bowling game mölkky.

A wellness area, with saunas and massages

  • two wood-fired saunas
  • a relaxing area in a yurt
  • a massage yurt
  • showers fed by lake water
  • changing rooms with lockers

Screenshot 20220630 151232 Alim2049

When we heard about the Alimentarium's new Escape Game AL2049, a type of simulator for age 12-77, we had to contact Head of Content at this Vevey Museum to find out more. Nicolas Godinot, a Swiss/French national with perfect English, explained and demonstrated the game to us.

"We wanted to put together a project that put forward the issues of today's world to feed those in years to come. The eco-system put forward in this game challenges the way we think. Of course it can be enjoyed by all ages but we really are targeting 15-25 year-olds as they are in that teenage group that doesn't often visit museums, while challenging our system and being climate conscious. Our objective is to show them through a digital system how choices we make today affect our tomorrow."

Nicolas claimed that this project, AL2049 (the name is derived from "Alimentarium" and a future date), took 2.5 years to put together from the first idea to the final implementation. He worked alongside a great team from the University de Genève's TECFA LIP department with Professor Eric Sanchez. The digital programming graphics, and fine-tuned game design were done by local Vevey company, Digital Kingdom.


These seasonal ice-skating rinks are open during the winter months. Skates can be rented for a nominal charge and skating is usually free. Here are some (not all) but we can add to the list if you see one you would like to let us know about.

G E N E V A   C A N T O N

** Centre sportif de la Vigne Blanche Bellevue
Ch. des Tuileries
1293 Bellevue (GE)
Skate rink: 26 November 2022 through 29 January 2023. There is a restaurant and snack bar, toilets, and skate rentals. Free entry.

** Patinoire de Carouge
Place Sardaign
1227 Carouge
3 December 2022 through 5 February 2023. The website lets you know when the ice rink is open and how busy it is. Closed Mondays.

** Patinoire du centre sportif de Meyrin
7-9, av. Louis-Rendu
1217 Meyrin (GE)
022 782 13 00

Open 7 November 2022 through 26 February 2023. Large open-air skating rink, skate rental and lessons available. Price: Fr. 6.50/adult, Fr. 2.50/child. Snack bar.

** Planete Charmilles
Patinoire de l’Europe
Behind Planète Charmilles
Promenade de l'Europe 11
1203 Genève
022 418 40 00
Open 22 October 2022 to 25 February 2023
Price skate rental: Fr.2.-. Entry free.

** Patinoire de Plan-les-Ouates
Ecole du Pré-du-Camp
9, rte des Chevaliers-de-Malte
1228 Plan-les-Ouates (GE)
26 November 2022 to 19 February 2023
840m2. Not only is the skating rink have free entry but they also rent the skates for free (with ID card). Snack bar.