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REMEMBER: Last day is Sunday, 29 August 2021... closing for 2 years.

The year 2020 will be remembered by months of confinement, closures, social distancing, and economic crisis due to the health crisis. Most every domain was effected, including our beloved cable car that lifts you above the city. The Téléphérique du Salève was shut to the public but maintenance operations were organized and carried out by the technical teams during this time.

This will be the last season before the cable car closes for a longer period, to make way for the renovation of the stations. Read our article from 2019 at this link where we show you the new amazing architectural plans.

The schedules between May and June have been adapted:
— Wednesdays and Fridays: 9h30-18h
— Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in France and Geneva: 9h30-19h
— From 1 July until 29 August 2021, the cable car will be open every day until 19h + Friday and Saturday nights until 23h to take advantage of the combined offer Cocktail + Cable Car "Mont-Salève Sunset".

The Panoramique Restaurant's terrace will offer a combined lunch formula+ticket at €29.80. The offer will also be available for purchase at the lower station from 11h30 on Wednesdays and Fridays at noon (lunch and return trip by cable car).

During the summer season, visitors to the cable car will have the chance to automatically participate in a contest that will draw, each week, the serial number of the cable car ticket published at the cash desk or on the web. The winning number will be posted each week on the website.

saleve hike

So what attracts visitors to the Salève?

The Salève is very popular with walkers of all levels, and there are numerous trips by organized walking groups should you wish to be guided up the mountain. The Panoramique Restaurant at the top Station has a special combo deal with round-trip ticket and lunch deal. There is also a very nice restaurant about 25-minute hike from the station called Restaurant L'Observatoire, which we featured in an article on our website 4 years ago.

The Bureau de la Montagne du Salève is particularly active, offering a wide variety of seasonal activities such as outings with donkeys or in a calèche, canyoning, nordic walking, nature hikes, snow shoeing, and mountain biking. When the weather gets warmer, the bureau's gastronomic hikes are very popular and participants have the opportunity to taste some of the region’s most delicious local produce.

On our events and activities calendars you will regularly see walks hosted by Olivier Dunand at Changez d’Air, many of which feature group outings in the Salève. Olivier will also organize private tours for you if preferred. Keep an eye out for his “randonnées gourmandes” on the Salève, as well as his day and night time hikes for all the family. He also runs an orientation course on the Salève for children. We post details on the site as we receive them, but you can find all information on Olivier’s website directly.

The Association Genevoise des Amis du Saleve (AGAS) is also popular amongst walkers for its free weekly guided tours of the Salève. Every Sunday at 10h, an excursion leader from the association will meet you at the No 8 bus terminal at Veryier-Douane and take you on a walk which, depending on the route, will usually take about 5 - 8 hours with a climb of about 800m. No prior registration is necessary.

saleve cablecar2

Practical information
- Masks are mandatory from 11 years old.
- There is no capacity limitation in the cabin, however and for the comfort of visitors, the Salève cable car has chosen to limit access to 60% of the total capacity of the cabin (i.e. 35 people). This capacity will be adapted according to the needs of the operation.
- Tickets can be downloaded from the website.
- Fares have not changed since January 2020. For example for a family of 3 people: €19.50 round trip

Téléphérique du Salève
+ 33 (0) 4 50 39 86 86
June: Wednesdays, Fridays, and weekends, 9h30-18h
Summer months: daily 9h30-19h, till 23h on Friday and Saturdays

Bureau de la Montagne du Salève
+33 (0) 6 85 54 86 94

Changez d'Air
Olivier Dunand
+33 (0) 6 85 54 86 94

Association Genevoise des Amis du Saleve (AGAS)
David Viry
022 796 41 33
Click here for more information about the Sunday hikes.


STS telepherique

Future plans for the Téléphérique