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GEMS camp1
Photo courtesy of GEMS World Academy - Switzerland

When you’re working on a website like www.knowitall.ch, it makes good sense to check your site statistics regularly to see which articles are generating the most interest. That way we can be sure to offer the kind of information our readers are looking for.

When we checked the stats for this week, we noticed that two of our most popular articles were the ones we wrote on summer camps in 2015, and then again in 2016! So we thought it was about time we updated these articles to let you know what is on offer this year for your kids. We have tried to cover all the recommendations that we have received - everything from half-day workshops through to week-long camps – if we have missed any, please let us know!

Just click on the links for more detailed information on activities covered, age range, location, dates and price.

Robotics, programming and coding are proving to be big hits with our IT-savvy kids, and we currently have 3 camps listed on the website, with talk of another one being announced soon…watch this space for more information.

GO Dive 1

Do you ever wonder what’s going on beneath the water’s surface on Lake Geneva?  Would you like to explore the hidden depths of the lake and make your very own discoveries?

If so, then you should think about getting in touch with Geneva’s local scuba diving specialists, GO Dive, who are offering knowitall.ch readers an impressive 10% discount on all PADI scuba diving lessons booked this summer. For younger fans of the water, GO Dive is also offering a Fr. 100.- discount on its new summer camp for teens aged 15 to 19.

PADI Diving Courses

GO Dive offers a comprehensive range of courses for all diver levels, including both private and group lessons for beginner and certified divers, as well as those who want to specialize in a particular area such as underwater photography.  You can see the full range of courses on offer here: http://www.go-dive.ch/courses/

GO Dive course offers are typically ‘all-inclusive’, so if you see other dive operators offering cheaper course rates, then you may still have to factor in certification fees, course material, and the renting of diving equipment. If you have your own equipment, then the GO Dive price will be reduced appropriately.  So, when you book with GO Dive you can expect to receive:

techsparkacademy 2

by Tim Phillips

“Kids sometimes think computer science is boring and complicated, so why do it when they can play soccer?” Marta Gehring, the co-founder and CEO of TechSpark Academy, jokes. “My mission is to open their eyes.”

Based in Lausanne, TechSpark Academy’s mission is to expose students to coding in a fun, interactive way during school vacations. The Academy uses the best student instructors to spark their excitement and give them the skill they will need in the future. Last year’s students came away from it calling it “interesting”, “awesome”, “informative” and “cool”.

Marta, who is an innovation marketing consultant and a trainer for Switzerland’s Committee for Technological Innovation (CTI), was inspired to create TechSpark Academy after seeing her 14-year-old daughter’s attitude to coding transformed by a similar summer course in the US. “At first she said she didn’t want to go, but on the first day she came back and she was very excited. She had already programmed a turtle to crawl from one edge of the screen to the other, and she was even talking about computer code at dinner.”

Why attend a TechSpark Academy Camp?

The Academy’s Easter or summer camps in Lausanne or Geneva are some of the most inspiring fun kids can have while you’re learning. “By the second day the kids are beginning to program for themselves. For example, they can use a language called Swift to make a game, and then play it on their own iPhone,” Marta says, “or they can build robots, and program them to avoid obstacles.”

intersoccerbirthdayparty 2

In a special drive to promote its birthday party packages for 2017, InterSoccer is offering knowitall.ch readers a special 10% discount on all birthday parties booked with them before the end of this month.

If your child loves football, this is a fantastic way to celebrate his/her birthday with a  football/multisports/sports themed party...and save yourself a bit of money for extra presents as well!

Every InterSoccer birthday party kicks off with a fun warm-up session, followed by some exciting soccer games before the main event, the “InterSoccer Match”, where, depending on numbers, partygoers will be split into teams and take part in a fun-oriented mini tournament refereed by InterSoccer's qualified coaches.

However, the standard party package can be customised to suit the individual needs of the  birthday child - so children aged 3 years can expect a slightly different format to older teens.  If you would rather have a multi-sports theme, that is also possible.

coerver 4

Coerver Coaching Geneva – La Côte is offering knowitall.ch readers the chance to win a free place for their child on one of their popular football courses, worth Fr. 100.-!

If you haven’t heard of Coerver Coaching before, this is a global football coaching program that includes football camps and courses and which has been running for over 30 years. The method is endorsed by top clubs, coaches, and federations across the world – notably World Cup winners Vicente Del Bosque and Jurgen Klinsmann, and 11x Champions League winners, Real Madrid.

The method is unique in football coaching, with emphasis placed on players maximizing their touches of the ball. Sessions usually start with a ball mastery session, where players learn and progress at their own pace, practicing skills and techniques taught by the coaches. At camps, children benefit from watching the skills they have learnt throughout the day being performed on video by top players. The Coerver pyramid shows the development of players throughout the program and forms the basis of every training session. There are also adapted player pyramids for younger players and goalkeeping development.