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Do you feel bored, frustrated or stressed? Would you like to enjoy a life that feels 1,000,000 times calmer and more purposeful?

Maybe you sense that your career is going in the wrong direction, or you would simply like to feel more fulfilled as a full-time parent?

Whatever your current situation, if you’re ready to invest in your future and open your heart and mind to new ideas and ways of doing things, then the Millionaire Mindset Workshop may be just what you’re looking for!

Organized by two experienced coaches working in this region, Melitta Campbell and Lynda Heffernan, this potentially life-changing workshop will take place at the Hotel de la Paix in Lausanne on Saturday, 15 September 2018.

Through a series of interactive exercises Melitta and Lynda will lead participants in developing the tools, understanding, and mindset needed for success in their career and life, to help participants take their first steps towards a more intentional, happy and rich life.

In particular, they will share insights and strategies that will help you to:

  • implement positive changes in your life
  • move towards a life filled with satisfying moments
  • embrace new challenges and opportunities
  • get more from life, without doing more
  • step into your authentic power and purpose so you can live with an open heart and transcend your wildest dreams

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A new literature festival will take place in Montricher over the weekend of 4 - 6 May 2018.

Organized by the Jan Michalski Foundation, the festival will feature discussions with writers from all corners of the world, who will take part in a programme of readings, debates, and interviews, with interludes for music by the singer, Noa, and a film screening of She, a Chinese.

The first edition of this festival will focus on literature “beyond borders”, and will explore the issues of displacement, both by choice and necessity, and of geographical uprooting, whether emotional, linguistic or intellectual. It will look at questions such as:

  • How are identities, both personal and political, transformed and shaped by
  • Is literature stateless and transnational?
  • Is language our haven or our memory?
  • What kind of international encounters are negotiated through fiction? How does migrant literature reinvent and question societies?

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A new “mobile” paint-your-own-pottery studio has been launched in the canton of Vaud.

Called Doodlepotz, the studio was launched just a few months ago, by local mompreneur, Lucy Gottelier. A former management consultant with worldwide experience on fast-changing projects, Lucy decided to launch her own business in Switzerland after taking a career break to start her own family and and working as a part-time paint-you-own-pottery teacher whilst living in the US!

Lucy told us, “When our family moved to Coppet in 2016, I had the good fortune to meet life coach, Milena McRae, who inspired me to think hard about what I really wanted in life. I soon discovered that painting pottery was a passion that I was keen to continue so, in May 2017, Doodlepotz was born – a name inspired by the family’s new puppy, an Australian Labradoodle!

Lucy trained with UK-renowned Paint-your-own-pottery expert, Rachel Byass, and she is supported behind the scenes by the artist and teacher Joanna Foray-Mason, previous owner of "Glazy Days" in Coppet. She is also a member of multiple professional Paint-your-own-pottery Facebook groups, and she actively looks to share best practices across these networks.


A new business has been set up in Lausanne, targeted at new and expecting parents looking for an outlet for their creative talents in a relaxing, sociable environment.

Atelier 3 Petits Points has been set up by three young mothers living in the region, Tamar Pachter, Jana Schreckenbach and Haruka Marufuji, and will provide a series of creative classes and workshops for parents wishing to make child-oriented products, whilst their babies remain with them.

The workshops will initially cover three main disciplines: sewing, painting and decoupage. Parents can choose to book 3, 5 or 6 sessions depending on the item they wish to make. Current options include a toy box, baby hangers, photo frame, 3D names, a changing bag, a "Carnet de santé" book cover, a bib and doudou set, and a crawling blanket.

Each year, large numbers of musicians take part in Geneva's annual Music Festival. In 2011, the Festival will be held on 17, 18, and 19 June.

If you are an individual musician, you have till 31 January 2011 to sign up; if you represent an association, till 20 January 2011.  Applications need to be made via the website.  The festival is open to all levels, Amateur through to Professional.

For further information, visit: www.fetedelamusique.ch