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Architecte d interieur Stephanie Kasel Geneve Attic

The award-winning interior designer, Stephanie Kasel, is offering knowitall.ch readers a generous 5% discount on all services booked through her before the end of May 2018.

Given the glowing recommendation that we have just received about her services, and the fact that Stephanie has recently received an award in the Interior Design Private Residence category of the prestigious 2017-2018 European Property Awards, this is a wonderful opportunity for anyone seeking inspiration for an upcoming home renovation project.

Recent client, Gaby Cissé, was so impressed with her work that she wrote to us and said, “I usually don't do this but I am so pleased with her work on our house I wanted to see if I could recommend our interior decorator based in Geneva and Nyon to Know-it-all. She's English speaking and just a pillar of efficiency and taste!”

settlinghere geneva laura jeffreys
© Laura Jeffreys

10% discount for knowitall.ch readers on upcoming integration workshop

It is five years since Aislinn Delmotte launched her new business, Settling Here, to help new arrivals settle into the Pays de Gex region and surrounding areas of France.

Since that time, frontaliers have been hit hard financially with changes in health care (elimination of private insurance in France) as well as Geneva taxes for working spouses. Many redundancies in the private sector have also resulted in expats moving back to their home countries or elsewhere for work. Despite this, the area still attracts new arrivals  and there is a constant flux of international families moving in and out of the area.

We spoke to Aislinn to find out what impact this has all had on her business and see how she has adapted her services to meet the changing needs of the expat community.

Aislinn told us, "Finding a house in Geneva and dealing with regies can be very tricky, especially for new recruits, and those with a smaller relocation budget. On the French side, there is still a limited number of relocation agencies on the ground with a real understanding of setting up home in the Pays de Gex. Finding the right place to set up home is key to a successful relocation. Many people arriving in the area have to choose between establishing themselves on the Swiss or French side. Having someone to guide you through that decision process even pre-arrival is very important. To enable me to provide the best possible advice, I have now extended my services into the Geneva and Terre-Sainte regions too! Located in the canton of Vaud, between Nyon and Versoix, Terre Sainte is very popular with expats because of its proximity to international schools."

PUREBUILD measuring500

If you’re considering embarking on a home or garden renovation project this year, then you should take a look at what the Swiss-registered English-speaking building company, PURE BUILD, can offer you.

Working since 2006 and rebranded as 'PURE BUILD' in 2012, Greg Brown will manage the entire project for you, from initial concept and sourcing architects, through to interior design and/or planting trees.

The branding PURE BUILD reflects the aim to be as sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible, using sustainable materials, responsible waste management and efficient transport and work ethics.

PURE BUILD specializes in two main fields: Home Renovations including carpentry, masonry and decoration; and Garden Landscaping, which includes terraces, earth works, masonry, carpentry and plant science.

woodhouse coffeetable500

5% discount for knowitall.ch readers on all orders placed before end of 2017!

If you have a home improvement project in mind for 2017, which involves an element of woodwork, then you should talk to Woodhouse Carpentry in Geneva.

Set up in 2013 by Englishman Sam Woodhouse, a locally trained cabinet maker, the company specializes in bespoke furniture, fitted bookshelves and wardrobes, but is also able to fit internal hinged and sliding doors, install mezzanine beds and undertake external woodwork such as decking and fences.

Asked why he decided to set up his business here in Geneva, Sam told knowitall.ch, “After I completed my training as a cabinet maker at the professional woodwork school in Geneva (CFC Menuisier), it soon became apparent that there were several English-speaking tradesmen and handymen in the region, but few who were equipped with a workshop for quality woodwork and cabinet making. So I decided to set up my own small woodwork business where we could all work together in well-equipped workshops close to Geneva airport.  Our workshop is based in a professional woodworking collective in Vernier where the total experience totals more than 70 years."

zenali alinapop
Alina Pop (left) with one of her staff, Otilia Moise, at the recent Expat Expo fair in Geneva.

10% discount for knowitall.ch readers on their first cleaning session!

If you’ve lived in the Lake Geneva area any number of years, and you don’t have the time to clean your own house, then you will realise just how difficult it can be to find and keep a good, reliable cleaner.  Good ones are nearly always fully booked and the rest seem to come and go as they please. The best ones can also get away with charging steep hourly rates, because they know you are desperate!

As a busy international economist and EU lawyer, originally from Romania, Alina Pop knows only too well how hard it can be to keep on top of the housework. Traveling frequently between the States and Switzerland, she has had plenty of time to reflect on the problem and consider how she may help others in a similar situation to herself.  So in March 2015, she created Zenali Property Management, a professional service, with trusted employees, who can act promptly to requests, and who won’t charge a small fortune to do so!

Alina told knowitall.ch, “All my team are my employees, not just some names from a list that I call when I have cleaning requests. They are all legal, holders of Swiss working permits, with AVS and paid taxes, health insurance, work accidents and work damage insurance. We are a big family in Zenali. All workers have their own cars, provided by the company, to go to work, in order to be able to serve clients not only in Geneva, but up to Lausanne and also across the French border, where plenty of expats live.”