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The biggest problem with your own mess is taking the leap to let someone else see it! Some people are naturally tidy, clutter-less, and organized. Some are overwhelmed by other happenings in their life, so much so that they don't see the build-up of items around them. Shoved behind closed doors, hidden under beds, objects inserted in every nook and cranny... they know it isn't good to have so much stuff... but where to start?

Virginie Dor, founder of Space of Mine, offers a professional organizing service designed to help individuals without judgement, without criticism, without pointing fingers or blame. Virginie holds a degree in psychology and is the vice-president of the Swiss Association of Professional Organizers (Swiss-APO) and is a Golden Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). She not only is an expert in clutter control, work flow, space planning, and time management, but she also uses proven organizing principles to make the process as painless as possible.


Asked how she got into the business of organizing, Virginie told knowitall.ch, “Genetics might have something to do with it! Between my father’s 30 color-coded sock drawers and my grandmother’s uncontrollable urge to rearrange furniture in a doctors waiting room, I was born to do this. I have also moved nationally and internationally over 20 times and enjoyed every minute of it, my last move being to Switzerland in September 2014.”

Virginie told us, “What separates me from others in this business is my extensive training and experience in the US (where the field originated over 30 years ago). As a member of NAPO and Swiss-APO we must obey a strict code of ethics, and have access to an extensive network of resources, knowledge and continuing education opportunities. Unlike others, I also offer senior move management services (downsizing, move, relocation, and transition to retirement homes) and cater to individuals suffering from limited mobility and memory impairments. On a personal level, I am particularly attuned to cultures and customs when working with my clients and take it into consideration.”

One enthusiastic customer told knowitall.ch, “Having a professional that didn't pass judgement was such a relief. Virginie came in with a "can-do" attitude and made the whole process an amazing experience. Yes, we worked fast, but smart. She was focused and guided me through it. Basic things like starting with items blocking the door to reorganizing items in labelled bins — dry tools (hammers, nails) versus wet tools (paints, varnish) — were so helpful. Now I know where to put every item for a quick retrieval. She gave me a box and said I could keep any extension cords that fit... all the others one were donated to a charity shop. It made such sense! Did I really need all those cords?”

The customer continued, “Did I tell you that once she left, I couldn't stop sorting, cleaning, removing? It is amazingly contagious and therapeutic. I am amazed at how much I was surprised by the outcome... sure, I could have tidied it up myself... but the start is the hardest. I would have probably kept 95% of the things, but just moved them around. Did I really need to keep a bin of dress-up outfits that the kids have obviously outgrown? I didn't even know I still had them! Every time we'd purchase an upgrade (sofa, chairs, bookshelves), we kept the old ones as they were still valid items! Of course, Virginie encouraged me to keep useful and needed things, but 6 dining chairs piled up on top of each other wasn't something she found helpful questioning me, "Do you really need all these chairs? And if so, why not invest Fr. 15.- in some fold-up chairs that can store much more easily? We can gain a lot of storage space for other items!”


Space of Mine specializes in:

Residential organizing/daily organizing:

  • Hands-on home organizing (attic to basement)
  • Space planning and optimization
  • Time management and productivity

Lifestyle changes & transitions/situational disorganization:

  • Births & deaths
  • Marriage, divorces, and blended families
  • Career changes
  • Limited mobility (aging, illnesses, and accidents)

Moving and relocation:

  • Pack, unpack, organize
  • Senior move management

Chronic Disorganization:

  • Hoarding
  • Executive functioning disorders
  • OCD

discount button150newTo encourage more customers to try out her very worthwhile services, Virginie is kindly offering knowitall.ch readers 20% off the first 3 hours of any service booked with her. This offer is valid on any work booked before the end of January 2019.


Virginie Dor
Space of Mine

079 458 79 72
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