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Advertising with Know-it-all passport® will give you the edge in the English-speaking community in the Geneva/Vaud/neighboring France areas. 

We are happy to announce that the 11th edition of Know-it-all passport® is out.

We are also available for help with the ad text and ad layout at no extra charge (within reason).

Know-it-all passport® was released end-August 2018. 

Interior pages
1/2 page black/white Fr. 1,000.- (+TVA)
1/1 page black/white Fr. 1,400.- (+TVA)
1/2 page color Fr. 1,800.- (+TVA)
1/1 page color Fr. 2,200.- (+TVA)
1/1 PRIME page color Fr. 2,500.- (special pages in front of book)* (+TVA)

Cover pages*
Inside front cover Fr. 3,800.- (+TVA) 
Inside back cover Fr. 3,400.- (+TVA)  
Back cover Fr. 5,000.- (+TVA)

Bookmark* on ribbon ads are reprinted in the book as well
1/2 side Fr. 2,900.- (+TVA)
Full side Fr. 5,800.- (+TVA)
Entire bookmark Fr. 11,500.- (+TVA)

* limited availability

Format of guide (A5) 148mm x 210mm
1/2 page: 128mm x 90mm
1/1 page and prime pages: 148mm x 210mm (add 3mm of bleed to each side)
Page 2 and second to last page of book: 140mm x 210mm (add 3mm of bleed to each side)
Back cover: 151mm x 214mm (add 3mm of bleed to each side)
Bookmark 1/2 side: 100mm x 90mm (add 3mm of bleed to each side)
Bookmark 1/1 side: 200mm x 180mm (add 3mm of bleed to each side)

KIAP ad sizes 2020b

Contract deadline: 27 April, 2018 (unless quota has been achieved before then)
Ad deadline: 15 May, 2018
Payment deadline: 15 May, 2018

Number of copies to be printed: 2,500 copies 
Number of pages: ~750 pages (non-contractual)
Publish date: end-August 2018 

We only accept advertising on up to 10% of the number of pages in the book. Once we reach our target, we will no longer accept paid ads. 

If you need any further information please contact Lisa Cirieco-Ohlman at:
Know-it-all passport®
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
079 246 80 06

Here are some stats:

  • The 11th edition is our best yet and it has gone from strength to strength. The first one was published in 1999.

  • The 11th edition will have around 750 pages. 

  • As it is sold and not distributed freely, the buyers hold on very tight to each edition.

  • As listings must be recommended to be in the book, we have a solid reputation. We have had clients tell us, “if it ain’t in there, we don’t do it”.

  • 50% are sold through bookshops (Fnac, Manor, Payot, etc.)
  • 50% are bought by relocation agents, who include a copy in their package, and international organizations buy it to give to their employees.

  • 50% of clients have sequential editions, the other half acquire one every 4 years.

  • 90% of our readers speak English better than French (we have some faithful locals who are some of our biggest fans). They can’t be called anglophones as they are not exclusively from the US or UK,  etc. but from Arab countries, other parts of Europe such as Sweden and The Netherlands, or from Asian countries such as Japan and China; they are more at ease speaking English than French.

  • 50% reside in the larger Geneva area (Pays de Gex, Annemasse, Nyon, Gland)
  • 30% reside in the Lausanne area (from Rolle to Lutry)
  • 10% reside around the lake (near Montreux or Thonon)
  • 10% reside further afield (Yverdon, Annecy, Valais)

  • We only accept advertising on up to 10% of the number of pages in the book. Once we reach our target, we will no longer accept paid ads.

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