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We featured articles about HiremyHusband back in 2013 at this link and 2019 at this link. Now we have decided it's time to talk to Mike again! 

Hire my Husband has developed more services:

  • Interior design
  • Child-proofing the house
  • Electricity
  • Lights planing
  • Speakers and sound planning
  • Space division and design
  • Smartphone operation
  • Smart house planing
  • Installation and use of complicated systems.


Progress of building/renewing a new terrasse

Hire my Husband specializes in what they call "functional design" that takes into account the various elements in the space like electric lines, water pipes, and proximity of functions that could be used in the most efficient, pleasant and time-saving ways in your apartment/ house. The idea beyond it is that your home will work for you and not the other way around.

sally lismore

Sally Lismore has a smile that would put anyone at ease. Moving to a new country is daunting and Lismore Relocation takes care of paperwork, research, and problem-solving related to relocating. We caught up with Sally. Read on to take advantage of an exclusive discount (and lunch) she is offering our readers.

How did you start?
Twenty-five years ago, Switzerland became my new family’s new home. I met a relocation consultant and immediately knew that this was the perfect job for me. I'm still loving every moment of guiding others through their Swiss experiences.

How did you get into the business of relocation?
An ad in a magazine caught my eye, and just days later, I stood outside the doors of a major relocation company. With a beaming smile and my brain in "French mode," I walked in and, to my delight, walked out with the job.

What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome?
5 years ago, I co-founded a relocation company with a partner, as initially hesitant to venture out on my own. Looking back, I realize that this decision allowed me to learn and grow in ways I might not have experienced solo. Now, armed with confidence and a profound understanding of the industry, I am ready to embrace new challenges independently.

What are your plans for the future?
I take immense satisfaction in assisting not only with initial arrivals but also guiding people through the twists and turns of Swiss life. This includes local moves, helping individuals secure their dream homes, and for some holiday homes. Our goal is to be more than a relocation service; we aspire to be a constant ally, offering support and solutions that extend beyond the traditional boundaries of the industry.

Adapting to the ever-changing trends in the relocation industry has been a transformative journey for me and I have adapted and embraced the opportunity to diversify our services.  What started as aiding newcomers to Switzerland has evolved into a comprehensive support system throughout individuals' entire Swiss experiences.

Inside Geneva Bible Church

Geneva Bible Church launching this Sunday, 5 November 2023

We wrote about John Glass in this 2021 article about his book Calvin’s Geneva - A Walking Guideas well as his tour services around Geneva, Calvin Tours. He has told us about the new Geneva Bible Church; a vibrant, International, and theologically conservative English-speaking church in Geneva, whose signature will be verse-by-verse expository preaching of the Bible.

It has been founded and pastored by John Glass, and American raised in Geneva as an expat kid, who, for the last 38 years, has been a French-speaking church-planter in Paris and Geneva. The last church he and 5 other families founded is L'Eglise Evangélique International de Genève which is now fully independent, and who is helping to spawn the English-speaking Geneva Bible Church. Two families have joined the Glasses to help spawn this church, the Moorheads and the Tetreaults.

According to Swissinfo.ch the number of staff working for the United Nations, and in the 470 international organizations and non-governmental agencies and diplomatic missions in Geneva, is about 33,000 people. This clearly makes Geneva one of the most international cities of the world largely because of the United Nations being based here. John believes this new conservative English-speaking church in Geneva will help meet the church needs of this international community.


Seed packages always look so beautiful suspended together and it is hard to ignore them when browsing. These photos were taken at Jumbo Brico and we are hoping the warm weather will remain to get us gardening.

Normally, this subject might not warrant an article but have you ever seen such a variety of types of tomatoes, hot peppers (see photo below), forgotten veggies, and unusual flowers? Seeing the colors, the varieties and amazing selection, who wouldn't want to start a little garden plot? Maybe you could just start with 3 pots to get the hang of it, and enjoy seeing the growth everyday! It would make a lovely gift as well with a thoughful collection of packets, some potting soil, and a garden tool.

Some annuals are best seeded directly in the garden in spring whereas some can be nurtured in little starter plug pots and then transferred outdoors once the freezing temperatures have finished. Side note on this subject, known in French as Saint de Glace, here is an excerpt from the latest Know-it-all passport®:

saint de glace


Like every first Wednesday of February, the public alarm sirens are tested throughout Switzerland. This test will take place on Wednesday, 1 February 2023 between 13h30 and 15h30.

In Geneva, 116 fixed sirens will be tested, under the responsibility of the cantonal office of population protection and military affairs (OCPPAM). A water alarm intended for residents living downstream of the hydroelectric dams of Verbois and Chancy-Pougny will be tested during the same exercise. The water alarm signal consists of twelve low tones of 20 seconds each, separated by intervals of ten seconds.

In Vaud, 451 fixed and 206 mobile sirens, as well as telephone alarm systems for people living in isolated houses will be tested.

The annual tests allow to verify the proper functioning of the population alarm installations. Indeed, as for any device, failures can occur. These tests are also an opportunity to check the sound coverage of the territory by the sirens. Inside certain buildings with a large number of people, additional alarms are broadcast and instructions are given to the occupants.

The general alarm consists of a continuous oscillating sound broadcast for one minute by the fixed sirens and repeated after five minutes.