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Seed packages always look so beautiful suspended together and it is hard to ignore them when browsing. These photos were taken at Jumbo Brico and we are hoping the warm weather will be here once again to get us gardening.

Normally, this subject might not warrant an article but have you ever seen such a variety of types of tomatoes, hot peppers (see photo below), forgotten veggies, and unusual flowers? Seeing the colors, the varieties and amazing selection, who wouldn't want to start a little garden plot? Maybe you could just start with 3 pots to get the hang of it, and enjoy seeing the growth everyday! It would make a lovely gift as well with a thoughful collection of packets, some potting soil, and a garden tool.

Some annuals are best seeded directly in the garden in spring whereas some can be nurtured in little starter plug pots and then transferred outdoors once the freezing temperatures have finished. Side note on this subject, known in French as Saint de Glace, here is an excerpt from the latest Know-it-all passport®:

saint de glace


The upcoming Lac du Cygne (Swan Lake) exhibit that will take place from 23 September 2021 for one year, is all about the importance of the local swans to our Lake Geneva. 

The lake without its swans?

Yet, not so long ago, the swan was an exotic animal. How did the beautiful white bird become the most photographed bird on the lake? Why has this large bird adapted so well to the shores of Lake Geneva? With its majestic silhouette, the way it glides over the water, and its majestic appearance, it embodies purity, love, and fidelity. A caring parent and a perfect companion, this bird is gifted with all these virtues and is loved by all, or almost all.


Call for Swan items for upcoming exhibit

Put your items together and contribute to the upcoming "Lac du Cygne" exhibit at the Musée du Léman in Nyon planned from 23 September 2021 through 18 September 2022. In preparation for the exhibition, they are calling for loans of any of your swan items.

The Museum says, "We realized that in almost every home there is some sort of swan. Look around your home, in your drawers, your cupboards, and your attic; there is surely a swan hidden somewhere. Small or big, kitsch or classic, pretty or ugly, whether it is made of porcelain, crystal, or even crochet, they are all welcome in our exhibition."

DSC 0760

We wrote an article about HOTBIN last year at this link. With a special discount for our readers at the end of the article, recycling food waste at home can be started by next week!

It's fast to produce compost in just 30 to 90 days.

  • 32 times faster than cold composting
  • works all year round
  • tidy and compact with a sealed base
  • no bad odors
  • no accelerators
  • no turning or tumbling
  • no plug in heat source

So how does it all work? Bacteria naturally populate your waste. They chomp down on your old peelings and pruning and generate heat at the same time. This heat is locked in by the thick insulating walls of HotBin. The hotter the heap becomes, the more efficient. HotBin works to break down your waste and generate rich garden compost.

Just throw in your chopped waste, mixed up with some shredded paper and wood chips, and sit back and let HotBin take the hard work out of composting. HotBin composting. Recycle more if you waste into rich homemade peat-free compost and watch your garden blossom.

Watch this 90-second video ⇩ and see how easy it is to compost at home with HOTBIN.


This week the forecast is snow and you will have the opportunity to observe the snowflakes more closely. What do you know about these beautiful miniature ice sculptures? Thanks to MétéoSuisse for giving knowitall.ch permission to translate their article published in January 2021.

No two snowflakes are alike. An old adage that, on closer inspection, has a good deal of truth to it. The appearance of a snowflake, which can be seen on your coat sleeve or glove, actually tells the story of its life cycle: its birth in a cloud, its descent, its interaction with other crystals, and the atmospheric conditions that see a development that can be read through the below image.


Photos of snow crystals and snowflakes. Source: Praz et al, 2017 (DOI:10.5194/amt-10-1335-2017) Source: Libbrecht, 2005 (DOI:10.1088/0034-4885/68/4/R03)

Mandy picture

Know-it-all passport and our sister site, knowitall.ch, have partnered with the Living in Nyon website for many years. Catherine Nelson-Pollard now has one foot in Switzerland and one foot in the UK and was fortunate to come into contact with Mandy Bronsil last year. Mandy has jumped into the website and article-writing with her own style of enthusiastic dynamism... and after meeting with her, and finding out about her other company, we couldn't wait to introduce Mandy Bronsil to our readers.

Tell our readers who you are and your background
Although I am originally Dutch, I grew up in Spain and came to Switzerland originally to study at the Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne. After coming and going from Switzerland for a short time after graduating, I finally moved back here in 2009.

I have a professional background in career development and recruitment, mostly in the Swiss French part of Switzerland. In 2019 I founded my own company called B-inspired Partners where I support people positioning themselves clearly and confidently in their careers through an online course as well as creating individual “career roadmaps” with them. 

I took over as the editor of Living in Nyon at the end of the summer due to the fact that Catherine, the website’s previous editor moved back to the UK with her husband. 

What has been the inspiration for you to take over LIN?
Aside from working, I’ve always been active in committees and I really enjoy contributing to a community and connecting people or businesses. Living in Nyon does this wonderfully and I am very lucky to have the opportunity to take over a website that has been up and running for 11 years and was created with that exact same spirit. It really felt instantly like it was something I wanted to carry on with.