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We featured articles about HiremyHusband back in 2013 at this link and 2019 at this link. Now we have decided it's time to talk to Mike again! 

Hire my Husband has developed more services:

  • Interior design
  • Child-proofing the house
  • Electricity
  • Lights planing
  • Speakers and sound planning
  • Space division and design
  • Smartphone operation
  • Smart house planing
  • Installation and use of complicated systems.


Progress of building/renewing a new terrasse

Hire my Husband specializes in what they call "functional design" that takes into account the various elements in the space like electric lines, water pipes, and proximity of functions that could be used in the most efficient, pleasant and time-saving ways in your apartment/ house. The idea beyond it is that your home will work for you and not the other way around.

This also means, the design of a "Smart House" - including among others:

  • Smart locking systems - designed and fitted to your needs - operation by: Keypad, remote control, app, remote access and more
  • Amart lights - controlled to change the mood you what colour and intensity controlled, all by remote control of the designated app.
  • Smart curtains - Timer or remotely operated.
  • Smart speaker system - turn your hose to a music hall controlling the music in the house, in one or a group of rooms.


Renovating woodwork from water damage

Payment options now include:
- Twint
- Credit cards (during the second part of 2024)

Hire My Husband
Handyman and home improvement services for Geneva canton, Lausanne city, Greater Lausanne area.
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