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Michele Sabine

Michèle was very enthusiastic about her experience with Sabine Lecercq Haanæs, who is part of the Maison Casagiu & Co team, and wrote us a rave review. In fact, if you want to see some of Sabine's work for yourself, she is holding an exhibition from Friday, 14 June 2024 through August at the Maison Casagui address in Nyon (see below).

Michèle wrote the following to knowitall: When we met with Sabine a few years ago, we felt that her style was exactly what we were looking for. We were impressed with her technique that combines painting with a kind of texture that gives life to her artwork. She usually starts with a strong dominant color that jumps out at you, but when you look at it closely, you see a large variation of undertones that you can endlessly dissect. Each time I look at one of her paintings, I’m surprised to discover how it changes, her technique translates into movement, complexity and depth.

Three years ago, we asked Sabine if she could create a piece for us. We knew where we wanted this piece to be placed but had very little idea of the color and format. Sabine was amazing at advising us. She not only came to our home to look at the wall where we wanted to place her work, but she also spent time looking at the furniture, the lighting and the overall atmosphere of the room. She asked many questions in order to understand what exactly we were looking for, and most importantly, what emotion we were hoping this artwork would create for us.

sabine 2
Sabine Lecercq Haanæs with one of her works

Thanks to her visit to our home she was able to create a very unique triptych piece with the perfect size and placement on the wall. She recommended a deep and light red that completely changed the atmosphere of the space and has become the focal point of attraction when you enter the room.

Thanks to this successful and exciting collaboration, we asked Sabine to create another artwork for our vacation home. She used a different technique to adapt to a different athmosphere and environment. The project is based on a more graphic approach that fits perfectly with the style of the house and the colors of the decoration of the main room where the painting hangs.

Both experiences felt like a true collaboration. We felt heard and understood, and Sabine translated our desires into two stunning pieces of art that feel perfectly at home in our spaces.

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About Sabine Lecercq Haanaes

Fascinated by the power of colors and painting as an expression of liberty and happiness, Sabine L. Haanæs is a Swiss/Belgian artist who felt an irrepressible need to paint in 2005.

Living in Norway at that time, she attended evening classes at the Tverfaglige Kunstinstitut in Oslo. Sensitive to the colours of the Scandinavian landscapes, and especially to Norway, who she has a particular fondness for, she finds ways to put these colours on canvas; she mixes and tames them and this awakens her senses and quickly guides her artistic expression.

Nourished by this exhilarating sensation she experiences when she paints, she continues her artistic journey by taking courses with Norwegian artists, such as Helle Kareem, whose work on the play of colours and transparency she particularly appreciates.


In contrast to the rigour and structure of her education and first work experiences, Sabine's artwork conveys freedom and spontaneity, mix nuances and textures in an agile pursuit of aesthetics and emotion. Sabine not only plays with colours, but progressively integrates the subtle play of materials into her work: by appropriating new, less traditional tools, such as rollers, spatulas, scrapers and sponges, she also broadens her palette of new materials such as inks, powders, modelling paste, sprays... She plays on the interaction between these materials, combining shades and transparency with a broad range of colours to create a free and energy-filled art.

Her painting workshop is located in Céligny and some of her artwork is on display in her gallery at the beautiful Maison Casagui & Co in Nyon. In addition, she loves collaborating with clients who want to commission a painting that speaks to their particular needs and taste.

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Sabine has participated in several International Art fairs in Europe (London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Geneva, and more) and in digital Art Fairs in places such as NewYork or Venice. She is also represented by Saatchi, the prestigious virtual art gallery: www.saatchiart.com/sabineleclercqhaanaes

Sabine expo ete 2024

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    Fascinated by the power of colours and painting as an expression of liberty and happiness, Sabine L. Haanæs loves collaborating with clients who want to commission a painting that speaks to their particular needs and taste.
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