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Intensive weekend course on 9 – 10 September includes wine tasting and glass making!

A new language school has opened near Nyon in Vaud with a special emphasis on having fun!

Created to provide students with the confidence they require to engage in local life, Sapphire School offers both individual and small group classes as well as intensive weekend courses, which include an element of local culture too.

Having lived in Switerland most of her life, Laure-Anne Piaget founded her new language school at the beginning of this year, when she was touched by the “teaching bug” following work as a volunteer in Laos, teaching English.

She told knowitall.ch, “The experience opened up many new opportunities for me…I told myself that if I could teach English abroad then I would really enjoy teaching French to foreigners at home! The aim of my school is to help students get to know Switzerland better and one of the best ways of doing that is by engaging with local people and activities in French!”

ASC WednesdayPLUS

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With the addition of new creative classes this autumn, plus the launch of its new Wednesday PLUS programme announced recently on our website, Key English School now offers a wide range of courses, designed to help anglophone kids develop key English skills within a fun and interactive environment.  Part of the ASC Education Group, Key English School has always had an excellent reputation for its high quality language courses and first started offering English classes back in 2007.

For those who like creative writing, there is a new class in Geneva this September for 11-14 year old anglophones, run by dynamic teachers, trained in using effective strategies and techniques to help motivate, develop and challenge young writers.

Another popular course returning this year for kids in the 11-14 age range is “Speak Up!”, where students are given the opportunity to discuss, debate, present and express themselves in everyday situations. Describing the course to knowitall.ch, Key English School Director, Sarah Pralong, told us, “Parents love this course as they get to see their kids’ confidence grow just as quickly as their knowledge in these classes!”

Active Languages

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Given the large international population of Geneva, Vaud and neighboring France, it’s hardly surprising that language schools are so popular over here.

With many local companies recruiting from overseas, there is a huge demand for new employees and their families to learn French when they arrive.  What is more, many international organizations also use English as the main language at work, so there is a significant need for employees of all nationalities to learn to speak English more fluently.

But as many of you know, when you arrive in a new region from abroad, or start a new job, there is very little time to think about studying again, especially when It comes to learning something like a new language, which can be very intensive in the first few months.

Recognizing this problem amongst its customers, one Geneva-based language school, Active Languages, has taken steps to develop a new series of online language courses that will match the learning needs of all language students – both local and worldwide.  Know-it-all passport® spoke to the two owners and Directors of the company, Brian Johnston and Jarina Hasi, to find out more.


Last week we learned the sad news that Muriel Lauvige had passed away.  Muriel was the author of an innovative book for helping both youngsters and adults overcome the challenges of learning a new language.

Called “This is NOT a normal FRENCH book”, the book was featured on our site a couple of years ago. As a show of support for Muriel, her husband and her baby daughter we would like to help her family and friends get as many people as possible to buy her book, which can be purchased at Amazon, The Book Edition and Payot.

Written and illustrated by Muriel, the 56-page paperback was based on years of research and insight into language learning and education. Muriel had over 15 years experience of teaching French and working on education projects around the world with organizations such as Alliance Française and the United Nations.

With its own unique blend of text and comic visuals, this highly colorful publication does not fall into the usual category of books for learning French - indeed each page has been carefully designed to make French as easy and fun to learn as possible. It is filled with comic characters and ready-to-use sentences, and contains just 500 of what Muriel's research led her to conclude are some of the most high frequency words in French.

ASC languagecourse

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ASC International House, an affiliate of the International House World Organisation, which has a network of 155 language schools in over 53 countries, has announced that it will offer FREE French lessons in Geneva this summer!

Incredible as this offer sounds, it really is true!  The free lessons are being provided through the oganization’s popular teacher training program, which leads to the internationally recognized CEFLE certification for language teachers. So participants on the French language course can expect the highest level of instruction from trainee teachers working towards one of the top language teaching qualifications in the world.