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Below you will find a selection of the most recent entries from bloggers in our Food section. To view the entries from individual bloggers, click on the links below:

  • Ceylan Ayik
    Ceylan is a certified Integrative Nutrition Healthy Living Coach and RYT 300hours Yoga Teacher, whose aim is to empower busy women on their journey to becoming happy, healthy role models for their children, family and friends.  She is passionate about helping them to transform their minds, health and bodies through optimal nutrition and yoga.

  • Hiba Samawi (formerly Giacoletto)

    Hiba is a Psychologist and Coach working in Geneva, Lausanne and online. She previously ran Healthwise.ch, a health coaching business where she also created healthy recipes. She now specializes mostly in difficulties around relationships, emotions, making healthy change and eating, and also offers group sessions, both in-person in Geneva/Lausanne and online.

  • Rosa Mayland - Rosa's Yummy Yums
    An Anglo-Swiss girl delving into culinary spheres and the world of photography with a load of passion and a good dose of Rock 'n' Roll attitude ...

  • Gavin Clutterbuck
    Local chef, building a new seminar and teaching center based around food.

ceylan blog september2017 1

by Ceylan Ayik, www.ceylanayik.com/

We are almost approaching the end of September and most of us are very busy settling into the new school year and even busier work schedules.

September is a bit like new year to me! New decisions, resolutions, goals for a new season! Maybe that’s a way to cope to with the end-of-summer-syndrome!

Actually, autumn is a great season to embrace changes, get stronger and lighter as nature does every year.

Here are some suggestions and events that will help you to re-energize and continue stronger on your busy days. We all deserve these breaks and self-investments to continue with fresher minds and bodies!

Hiking season!

We are so lucky to live in this beautiful region with endless hiking opportunities! We always use the Swiss Hikes website to choose, and use its app when we go. Also check out the My Switzerland website for more.

Living in Geneva, we love the hiking trails in St.Cergue, Vevey, Montreux and Neuchatel.

The best part is usually the picnic time with the amazing view of Lac Leman and the Alps! As a healthy eating fan, I always pack some fruits-nuts and raw veggies and can find a salad in bakeries (yes there are salads in bakeries now!) while my family usually prefers the delicious sandwiches!

Start trying new classes!

You might be one of those many who came back from holidays and long summer days with some extra “luggage” and want to get back into shape as soon as possible, especially before the new year craziness start!

This month most of the fitness-gym-yoga-pilates-dance studios have open house trial days. Make use of these days and start or re-start a practice that you really enjoy doing and make it an important part of your life!

If you do not feel motivated enough to start exercising again, then listen to what Mel Robbins says about motivation.

You can also read my blog post on “How to get back on the Wellness Wagon” to get some quick tips to help you on this journey.

ceylanblog lake

by Ceylan Ayik, www.ceylanayik.com/

Living a happy and healthy life, against all odds: yes, this is the challenge for our generation and the next!

With such an abundance of food and beverages, industry tricks and “innovations”, not to mention all that technology, which keeps us sedentary and bombarded with unnecessary stressful information…how can you keep up a healthy living lifestyle and peaceful mind, without interruption?

The story gets even more complicated if you are already overweight, in spite of trying lots of different methods, and ending up back to square one, having lost your motivation and belief in all these “healthy living stories”!

I would like to take up this challenge and show you, step by step, that it is possible to have better eating and living habits, simply by changing some bad ones that no longer serve you – if you promise to not regard this as another type of “diet”

From this corner of the knowitall.ch website, my goal will be to keep your motivation and inspiration alive, no matter what goes on in your life. I will give you tips for eating out, shopping, cooking, different exercise methods, relaxation and self-care, drawing on the resources that you have available to you in and around Geneva.

rosa gravlax

Read the full blog entry from Rosa's Yummy Yums

One New Year's eve, I wanted to make something which would be stressless, not finicky/fussy at all, cheap and yet very tasty as well as festive. That's how I fell into that gorgeous Marcus Samuelsson recipe...

In fact, I had been meaning to taste "Gravelax" for some time, but somehow never got to make it. As I love smoked salmon, I was pretty sure that I would adore it's Scandinavian close cousin.

"Gravlax" or "Gravadlax" is salt-cured raw salmon (it is NEVER smoked) which is rubbed with a mixture of sugar, salt, pepper and fresh dill. It is generally served as apperitive and accompanied by a dill-mustard sauce named "Hovmästarsås". "Lax" means "salmon" and "grav" literally means "grave" or "whole in the ground". At the origin, during Medieval times, "Gravlax" was in fact salmon buried into the ground... This delicacy can be found in Sweden and Denmark ("Gravlax/Gravadlax"), Finland ("Graavilohi"), Norway ("Gravlaks") as well as in Iceland ("Graflax").


Read the full blog entry from Rosa's Yummy Yums

There is no doubt that we are what we eat and this is why it is crucial to nourish ourselves as heartily as possible. After decades of bad dieting on convenient meal products, fatty, sugary and chemical junk, the Western world is at last/suddenly waking up, becoming more conscious of its hazardous food habits and aware of how wrong it was to have chosen the comfortable path of faineancy, irresponsibility and autodestruction rather than that of harmony, reasonability and amour-propre.

I make it a point of honor to sustain myself correctly, cook with the best produces available as well as to prepare meals, which are wholesome and take into account our individual needs. Porking out rarely occurs at my home, but if ever we decide to indulge, we still do it in a thoughtful manner (no big excesses and nothing industrially produced or additive-laden makes it to our table) and exclusively on weekends.


Read the full blog entry from Rosa's Yummy Yums

The day I entered the blogging world and launched Rosa's Yummy Yums, I made a promise to myself that under no circumstances would I ever transform my site into an advertizing platform or sell my soul to the god of freebies. My aim has never been to metamorphose into a food bloggers who reviews any samples just because they are gratis, promotes more giveaways than articles and turns his/her site into a hideous podiums for big brands as well as multinational companies in order to boost his/her traffic and gain a few bucks.

So, if I choose to present Marinos Kallaras' gourmet extra virgin olive oil here today, it is because I am genuinely impressed by the quality of it and want to show my support for a Greek family of artisan producers from Corinth (in the Peloponnese) who are dedicated to creating a natural - zero chemicals, additives and preservatives - and authentic produce which carries the experience and tradition of generations (centuries).