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Are you a current, future, or former vegan? We were contacted by the Alimentarium Museum in Vevey. They have asked for you to share your story!

This year, the Alimentarium is focusing on veganism, a consumer trend that is on the rise but that has yet to be extensively studied in Switzerland. A new temporary exhibition, events, workshops and presentations all dedicated to this topic, and a bespoke participative platform are all on the menu at this museum in Vevey. In order to better understand the individual motives and challenges behind this dietary and lifestyle choice, the Alimentarium is giving the floor to the public. Vegans, future vegans and former vegans are invited to share their stories on myveganlife.org, the platform created specifically for the exhibition.

Why focus on veganism?

In addition to being a biological necessity, our diet is a sociocultural and identity marker that can also have a significant impact on the environment. In fact, in light of the climate crisis, some food choices are now under scrutiny. Others become cultural movements and ways of life that question the perception of the world as a source of commodities. This particularly applies to veganism since it raises the issue of animal rights. The Alimentarium is calling on the public at large to share their experiences to then explore these diverse stances further.

The Fish Club

It is very appropriate to write an article about a couple with Valentine's Day coming up. And when Lois Vitry -Trapman, Royal Bloom, contacted us about her latest venture, we had to find out more. Lois and her husband, Lorenzo Wiskerke, are one dynamic couple... not even Covid-19 could stop their enthusiasm for supplying the best quality products to their clients. So much so, that The Fish Club Lausanne was born in June 2020. The couple's first venture in 2012, Royal Fish, is a wholesale supplier for restaurants and hotels with fresh seafood. Now, private clients can buy the same at The Fish Club. Even with Covid-19 in full swing, the shop has been successful and has already developed a loyal clientele.

"But why stop there?", Lois and Lorenzo asked themselves. "The Fish Club Geneva is coming this Spring near Rive!" We can't wait to be able to stroll over to pick up a lobster roll, a king crab roll, or a salmon platter for take-out! The prices are not over the top so you will be super happy to sink your teeth into any of their very fresh products.

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What does The Fish Club offer?
When you walk into The Fish Club, you will be pleasantly surprised by the decor, layout, and lack of fishy smells! The fresh counter has an amazing array of fresh fish, shrimp, and shellfish. You will also find a range of champagnes, Caviar House & Prunier caviar, sauces and condiments, and even a range of frozen items.

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What is your favorite local wine? Do you think it it listed on this new online platform? When Martine Klay told knowitall.ch about a great regional wine site, Winemaker.com, with pre-selected packs, we couldn't resist sharing with others. "We would like to encourage people to visit our platform to discover amazing vineyards, winemakers and wines. While referencing nearly 150 vineyards, we discovered passionate people with amazing know-how. Their wines reflect their craft as well as their personality and, most of all, their terroir. We found this fascinating!"

Winemaker.com has also kindly offered a 12% discount on all orders through the month of February 2021. With lockdown, this might be a clever way of wine-tasting without driving! And when lockdown is over, you can invite your friends around to discover these new wines you ordered. The tasting sets with names such as Verbier Set, Arosa Set, Apéro Set, and Prestige Set certainly are very inviting. We asked Martine a few questions about Winemaker.com here:

Why did you start? What has been the inspiration?
After some personal experiences and research, we realized that most winemakers rely on very regional audiences to market their products - and that their order & payment processes on their decentralized web shops are rather limited.

Winemaker wants to support winemakers with a state-of-the art web platform and marketing offering in 4 languages. We take care of the full payment process and administration as well as the logistics organization. Our logistic partner is directly informed when an order is placed on our platform. The vineyard just has to prepare the order and have it ready for the transporter, that's all!

stc meals

Thanks to Serve The City Geneva for all the great work they are doing to help feed those in need over the holiday and everyday. They are still looking for volunteers so we thought an article would help reach more people in the area. If you are able to help out in any way, then please go to the website to sign up.

Gary Vannatter wrote this, "Firstly we would like to thank all of you who helped in our kitchen projects at both La Ferme du Budé and Hôtel Bel Esperance over the last 6 months. With your help we have produced over 17,000 nutritious and balanced meals that were distributed to the city’s most vulnerable people.

"With the support of Mater foundation and talented chef Walter el Nager, Serve the City is again looking for volunteers to help in a new kitchen that has been secured at Centre paroissial protestant Servette-Vieusseux, Avenue Wendt 55, 1203 Genève."


With nearly 4000 hectares of vineyards, the canton of Vaud is one of the most important wine-growing regions in Switzerland. Structured into six regions and eight appellations d'origine contrôlée (AOC), it seduces its visitors with a very large variety of grape varieties and wines.

Probably introduced on the shores of Lake Geneva and in the Alps by the Romans, the cultivation of vines was developed by monks throughout the Middle Ages. During the Renaissance, these gave way to winegrowing families whose descendants remain very attached to their traditions. To this day, wine is a strong element in the social, economic and cultural fabric of the canton of Vaud.

With a great diversity of terroirs, the region lends itself to the cultivation of numerous grape varieties. The most emblematic of these is the Chasselas, a tasty golden grape, which produces crystalline white wines that are as much appreciated as an aperitif as they are as an accompaniment to a fillet of féra du lac or a cheese dish. Among the most typical grape varieties to be savored are mondeuse, le plant robert, and pinot gris.

Picture Perfect
The canton of Vaud is made up of six wine-growing regions and eight AOCs: La Côte AOC, Lavaux (with three AOCs: Lavaux AOC, Calamin AOC and Dézaley AOC), Chablais AOC, Vully AOC, Bonvillars AOC, and Les Côtes de l'Orbe AOC. With particularities specific to each area, pictoreseque landscapes are to die for. 

Throughout the year, wine lovers can take advantage of a rich oenotouristic choice. It is enhanced throughout the canton by the Vaud Œnotourism label, which guarantees high quality standards. Easily identifiable, wine professionals, restaurant, tourism, and wineries and shops selling local products open their doors to all foodies curious to discover the canton of Vaud through its gastronomy. From wine-tasting at the cellar to a guided walk through the terraced vineyards or a ride on the mini wine train, you'll be sure to find something to suit every palate and style.