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An empty fridge is a common source of stress, not just for stay-at-home parents, but also those who lead busy lives at work.  If you happen to be a working mother or father as well, then it can be a real challenge to keep your fridge stocked with the right ingredients for a healthy, varied and balanced diet. Not only do you have to find the time to buy the food, but then you have to set aside yet more time to cook it when you get home!

Which is why two working mothers from Geneva, Marica Serio and Samantha Meregalli, came up with the idea of Food Attitude – a new concept where you can have delicious, ready-made, healthy and gourmet meals delivered directly to your home or office!

With dishes being prepared in their chef’s kitchen from Monday to Friday, it is possible to order a different main dish for lunch or dinner every day, as well as a soup, and natural beverages, not to mention their delicious sweet treats, free of refined sugar – more about those later!

Given the importance attached to having a varied diet, meals are planned on a weekly basis so clients can choose from up to five different main meals over a one-week period! At the time of writing, clients had the option to choose from daily classics which included:

  • Pasta salad with pesto, bacon, avocado, cashew nuts & arucola
  • Soup: Cucumber & Granny Smith smoothie
  • Tonic Detox water
  • Organic Peach, Apricot & Hibiscus Herbal Tea
  • Lemon & Coconut Vibes Bliss Balls

Festibiere music2

Place de Sardaigne, Carouge, 14 - 16 June 2018

After its huge success in 2017, the second edition of the Festibière de Genève will take place on 14 - 16 June 2018 at the Place de Sardaigne in Carouge.  This is the biggest open air festival of locally produced craft beer in Geneva and features 25 different craft brewers from the region, including 2 from the Alsace region of France, and over 150 different beers to try!

Live music and great food!

But that’s not all: there will be live music each night, featuring local bands like FullBlast, Las Vegas Parano and the Square Brackets and great international foods at 8 different food trucks.

Free entry - order in advance to get your glass

Entry to the festival is free.  To access the tasting, you need to buy a glass and tokens. There will only be a limited number of 2018 Festibière glasses, so to ensure you get your souvenir glass and to avoid lineups at the event, you are advised to buy your glass in advance at www.festibieredegeneve.ch. Don’t worry if you don’t get your glass - once the 2018 glasses are gone, there will be other glasses on consignment for tasting.

Barbare outside

A new crowdfunding project has been launched with the aim of reopening a beautiful old café in the heart of Lausanne.

Following its closure in 2016, Le Barbare has been sorely missed by the residents and tourists of Lausanne, who used to meet regularly there during the day for one of its famous hot chocolates, or later in the evening for an aperitif.

Situated on the well-known “Escaliers du Marché” leading down from the cathedral, the café first opened its doors to guests back in 1951.  With such a historic location for its address, fans of Le Barbare are keen to retain the café’s link with its traditional and geographic past, rather than see it reopen as office space or other commercial entity with less of a community spirit to it.

Barbare inside

To do this, they need to raise money. The café requires renovation if it is to conform with current standards for safety and hygiene, especially in the kitchen area.  So three friends and former “regulars” of Le Barbare – a historian, a geographer and an entrepreneur - have come together to form an association to raise the funds, not just for the immediate restoration, but also for start-up capital to get the business up-and-running as a café again.

le petit chef 1

Since we reported on the launch of Geneva’s new gastronomic restaurant, Le Chef, a couple of years ago, the neo-industrial style restaurant has established a strong reputation for producing high quality, authentic dishes with a global twist. Situated on on the third floor of the public zone of Geneva Airport, with spectacular views over the airport runways and Jura mountains, the restaurant has continued to use local produce from the Romand region to create an exciting and varied menu that changes with the passage of seasons.

The first dining experience of its kind in Switzerland….

Never one to rest on his laurels, Benjamin Luzuy and his team have now decided to embark on a new culinary journey – the first of its kind in Switzerland - with the help of a diminutive animated chef, called “Le Petit Chef”.

Helvetimart 4

If someone were to ask you what food you associate with Switzerland, chances are that you will think of cheese and chocolate. We all have our own favorites…whether it’s Gruyère or Emmental, Lindt or Toblerone…you can’t beat Swiss cheese or chocolate.

However, there is so much more to Switzerland than its dairy products!  There are terrines from Fribourg, olive oil from Tessin, apple juice from Thurgovie, honeypots from Zürich, and brandy from Valais, indeed the list is endless…Which is why husband and wife team, Alexandra and Guillaume Schleipen have set up their own food store in Lausanne to showcase the many and varied culinary delights of all 26 cantons within Switzerland.

Bringing everything together

Guillaume told knowitall.ch, “Eight years ago, my wife and I met at the Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne, where we soon discovered we had a mutual passion for food; we simply loved discovering the specialties of the regions we visited all over the world. After we left the hotel school, my wife used to work a lot on the Swiss-German side of Switzerland, and would bring home lots of specialties from this region, which we had never seen before. And it wasn’t just us, our neighbours were equally astonished at the many different types of food my wife would show them! When it comes to food, the “Röstigraben” cultural boundary that many people joke about between the French and German speaking parts of Switzerland has certainly had a divisive effect !”