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With nearly 4000 hectares of vineyards, the canton of Vaud is one of the most important wine-growing regions in Switzerland. Structured into six regions and eight appellations d'origine contrôlée (AOC), it seduces its visitors with a very large variety of grape varieties and wines.

Probably introduced on the shores of Lake Geneva and in the Alps by the Romans, the cultivation of vines was developed by monks throughout the Middle Ages. During the Renaissance, these gave way to winegrowing families whose descendants remain very attached to their traditions. To this day, wine is a strong element in the social, economic and cultural fabric of the canton of Vaud.

With a great diversity of terroirs, the region lends itself to the cultivation of numerous grape varieties. The most emblematic of these is the Chasselas, a tasty golden grape, which produces crystalline white wines that are as much appreciated as an aperitif as they are as an accompaniment to a fillet of féra du lac or a cheese dish. Among the most typical grape varieties to be savored are mondeuse, le plant robert, and pinot gris.

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The canton of Vaud is made up of six wine-growing regions and eight AOCs: La Côte AOC, Lavaux (with three AOCs: Lavaux AOC, Calamin AOC and Dézaley AOC), Chablais AOC, Vully AOC, Bonvillars AOC, and Les Côtes de l'Orbe AOC. With particularities specific to each area, pictoreseque landscapes are to die for. 

Throughout the year, wine lovers can take advantage of a rich oenotouristic choice. It is enhanced throughout the canton by the Vaud Œnotourism label, which guarantees high quality standards. Easily identifiable, wine professionals, restaurant, tourism, and wineries and shops selling local products open their doors to all foodies curious to discover the canton of Vaud through its gastronomy. From wine-tasting at the cellar to a guided walk through the terraced vineyards or a ride on the mini wine train, you'll be sure to find something to suit every palate and style.

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As Geneva's wine-tasting annual event "Caves Ouvertes" cannot take place this year due to COVID-19, the organizers have arranged a new concept the Caves Ouvertes à la Maison! You will still be able to enjoy wine-tasting among your friends, but in your own home or office. The fun will be back next year where wineries open their doors and prepare all sorts of fun events for the whole family.

The way it is set up is more convivial with a smaller group at home. You will find that every vineyard in the area have organized a "tasting pack" consisting of 6 bottles.

Here's how it works:
1. Choose your "tasting" card in a participating winery. See list below. Choose one producer from the list on the website. Ask your neighbours and friends if they would like to order a pack. Receive the wine and have a wine-tasting at home with your friends and neighbors (respecting the imposed social distancing measures).
2. Share info on this order with your entourage and/or your neighborhood in order to centralize all orders. 
3. You contact the winery and place the bulk order for the "tasting" boxes (minimum 2 boxes).
4. You collect the forms from your friends and/or neighbors.
5. The cellar delivers all the boxes to you. You pay the total invoice and you take care of the distribution of the boxes to your entourage and/or neighborhood. 
6. Send your photos of your event by Messenger on the Genève Terroir Facebook page. They will include them on this page. Attach your address and you will receive small gifts (sommelier corkscrews, card games, etc.).

Here is a form that you can use for ordering.


In light of what this pandemic has imposed on us, one of the first things folks are pinning for (apart from the hairdresser) is a good meal out to celebrate, enjoy the beautiful weather, and socialize with friends and family again. But in the meantime, restaurants are really struggling financially and could do with some pre-paid meals on your behalf. You are going to spend the money at that restaurant anyways, so why not do it now? You can have solidarity with restaurant owners and know that you will be supporting them throughout the shutdown period.

Who started this initiative and why?
#AidonsNosRestaurants is a campaign launched by LaFourchette and Tripadvisor to support the restaurant industry during the COVID-19 crisis. 

How can I prepay for a meal at one of my favorite restaurants?
You can "buy a prepaid voucher" on the restaurant page, and choose an amount between Fr. 10.- and Fr. 250.-; all gestures count — from the smallest to the largest.

Is the payment secure?
LaFourchette and Tripadvisor have chosen Stripe, a payment system recognized for supporting secure transactions.

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We were recently contacted by The Randin Chef, Michel Randin, and were bowled over by the glowing reviews that we were sent. Michel organizes cooking workshops and we asked him a few questions.

Why did you start? What has been the inspiration?

I’m Swiss. I love to cook. And I’ve married into a big South Indian family. It was inevitable that I turned my hand to Indian cuisine during my 16-year marriage!

The idea for The Randin Chef came to me after hearing so many people say they avoid using Indian spices because they never know how much to use or what to mix. I want to show people that Indian cooking can be easy and that contrary to popular belief, it does not take a long time to make healthy and flavourful dishes with just a few key ingredients.

My inspiration came from my wife’s aunt, Renee D’Souza, who has been my mentor and keenest supporter. She loves cooking as much as I do and when we visited her in India in 2014, she took me under her wing and showed me how to make several dishes from Mangalore and Goa, situated in the South of India. She was a patient teacher who gave me the confidence to reproduce everything I learnt once I got back to Switzerland and the knowledge to experiment with these spices on my own.

This is the feeling that I hope to transmit to participants at my workshops. I want them to learn-by-doing so that they have the confidence to create these dishes at home to enjoy with their family and friends.

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It often happens that baked goods are the path to success... and after baking for her family, that is exactly what happened to this mother! Olga Johnson, the owner of Christie's Bakery, came from a background far removed from the gastronomic field. We asked her a few questions:

When and why did you start Christie’s Bakery?

My background started in bank management positions. I moved to London and later to Geneva with my husband and after the children started school, I took advantage of this free time to delve into my own hobbies, baking being one of them. My first cakes were such a success that my friends started to ask if they can order from me! That was 3 years ago and since then I have hundreds of happy clients in Geneva and even in Lausanne, Montreux and neighboring France who have ordered cakes from me.

What is behind the name, Christie's Bakery?

My daughter’s name is Christina and since she is my inspiration, I kept the name of my home bakery to my tea room as well. So she is the real boss behind the scenes!

What is your background: nationality, education, why Geneva?

I was born in Ukraine, my parents are Russian. I have university degrees in finance, law and business. And baking is my passion. Our family moved to Geneva due to my husband’s job. And honestly this was my dream since I first visited Switzerland more than 10 years ago. Geneva was love at first sight!