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"Show me what you eat, I will tell you who you are": immortalising your dish of the day by social media has moved into a real phenomenon of society. As a result of the infinite flow of information, traceability, seasonality of food and the working conditions of those who participate in the food chain are now criteria of choice, making food a social, political and economic standard. A vital act, feeding oneself is at the crossroads of cultural and medical practices, while referring to religious and ethical choices.


Do you love cooking and are always looking for an excuse to try out new recipes on others? Would you like to broaden your circle of friends and have some different guests over for dinner for a change? If so, then you may like to try out a concept started in Lausanne in 2013 called Surfing Dinner. Originally designed to for each of the 3 courses to be held at 3 different locations in one evening, the concept has now migrated to one host in one location for the evening.

Explaining the concept to knowitall.ch, Bernat Palou, one of the two organizers, told us, "The idea behind a Surfing Dinner is very simple. Participants are invited to register to cook a meal at least 5 days before the event. The objective is to experience a variety of culinary flavors at a local's place. The host defines everything, including the price (normally between Fr. 20.- and Fr. 40.-/person). To become a host, you need to be validated."

Hans Ruedi taille reduite

If your cheese-o-meter is not yet full, then fill up on some liquid gold fondue in your favorite location! Here are some ideas.

Hans-Rüdi's Chalet
Crowne Plaza Geneva
Avenue Louis Casai 75-77
1216 Genève
022 710 30 52 reservations
Hans Rüdi's chalet awaits you at the Crowne Plaza Geneva. Consisting of a wooden chalet with pretty flower boxes, red and white checkered curtains and log pile against the wall, has just been installed in front of Crowne Plaza Geneva's main entrance. Guests can enjoy a homemade fondue, prepared according to Hans-Rüdi's own recipe.
Eight guests, at most, sit around a large wooden table covered with a red and white checkered tablecloth. The walls are decorated with colorful paintings on wood, old ski poles and snowshoes.
The menu is chalked on slates attached to the wall: fondue moitié-moitié (Vacherin and Gruyère AOP), cepe mushrooms fondue, dried meat and a plate of cold cuts. As dessert, pineapple carpaccio and fresh mint, or meringues accompanied by Gruyère double cream and red fruit.
All under the gaze of a photo of Hans Rüdi and his dog Bruno.
Hans Rüdi's chalet is open every day until mid-March, midday and evening.


Set in an idyllic, tranquil location in Vaud's La Côte region, Reon Coetzee calmly pulls out every pan in the kitchen. "You must taste one of everything... from boerewors to black pudding!" Reon was kind enough to offer Jenny and Lisa from Know-it-all passport a tasting, complete with fried bread, baked beans, and all the trimmings. Jenny exclaimed, "I am now a big fan of your South African boerewors - I will have to get some for my husband the next time he fires up the barbecue."

British-style sausages, bacon or black pudding, South African boerewors, biltong, chilli bites and dry wors, “expat-friendly” meat cuts (aged steaks, ribs, chops, roasts, burgers, kebabs), as well as various venison sausages and pies with local flavor will make your mouth water. With locally sourced meat, using traditional recipes and methods, Meat Point is really your new source.


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An empty fridge is a common source of stress, not just for stay-at-home parents, but also those who lead busy lives at work.  If you happen to be a working mother or father as well, then it can be a real challenge to keep your fridge stocked with the right ingredients for a healthy, varied and balanced diet. Not only do you have to find the time to buy the food, but then you have to set aside yet more time to cook it when you get home!

Which is why two working mothers from Geneva, Marica Serio and Samantha Meregalli, came up with the idea of Food Attitude – a new concept where you can have delicious, ready-made, healthy and gourmet meals delivered directly to your home or office!

With dishes being prepared in their chef’s kitchen from Monday to Friday, it is possible to order a different main dish for lunch or dinner every day, as well as a soup, and natural beverages, not to mention their delicious sweet treats, free of refined sugar – more about those later!

Given the importance attached to having a varied diet, meals are planned on a weekly basis so clients can choose from up to five different main meals over a one-week period! At the time of writing, clients had the option to choose from daily classics which included:

  • Pasta salad with pesto, bacon, avocado, cashew nuts & arucola
  • Soup: Cucumber & Granny Smith smoothie
  • Tonic Detox water
  • Organic Peach, Apricot & Hibiscus Herbal Tea
  • Lemon & Coconut Vibes Bliss Balls