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10% discount for knowitall.ch readers AND the chance to win one free pass!

A new discount pass has been launched, that will allow children to dine free at some of the best gastronomic restaurants in Switzerland!

Called Chic Kids, the card will allow children up to the age of 12 to receive one free meal at each of the participating restaurants, when they dine with their family.  

With an annual pass costing just Fr.89.-, it will take about 6 meals for you to recover the money spent on the pass, which means all remaining meals are absolutely free. With 24 restaurants currently participating in the scheme, and more being added each week, this means your children are guaranteed a healthy, gastronomic meal approximately once every 2 weeks for the period of validity of the card!

When asked what inspired her to create the new pass, co-founder Isabelle Grobéty told knowitall.ch, “As a chef and son of a restaurant owner, my husband has spent the last 20 years educating me in the art of fine dining and introducing me to the some of the best gastronomic experiences on this planet!  When our daughter was born a few years ago, we were initially concerned that we might no longer be able to dine at some of the top quality restaurants that we were used to visiting, given their reputation for being a bit stuffy and unwelcoming to young children.”

She continued, “However, we have been pleasantly surprised.  With some careful research we have been able to identify a number of restaurants, which not only allow young children to dine there, but are keen to educate them in the art of appreciating good food, and recognising different flavors that work well together.”

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Print off this 10% voucher for American Dream Diner valid from 14 June through 31 August, 2016. Cannot be cumulated.

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Print off this 10% voucher for the American Market valid from 14 June through 31 August, 2016. Cannot be cumulated.

The American Market is offering our readers 10% off all goods purchased from its food stores in Geneva and Nyon during the period of Euro 2016 football tournament, and through end-August! This means that supporters can stock up on their favorite drinks and snacks during the tournament and enjoy them while watching football/soccer matches at home with family and friends.

As a specialist supplier of both British and American food, the American Market caters for most tastes. So whether you fancy a bottle of Anchor Liberty Ale or Irn-Bru, or some Reese’s peanut butter cups or nacho cheese sauces, you are sure to find the full range of sport-ready, tv-watching junk foods to accompany you as you support your favorite teams throughout the tournament! You can visit their website to see the full range of products on offer, so why not make a list of the items you fancy before setting off?


10% discount for knowitall.ch readers (see conditions below)!

Did you know that there are over 50 Japanese restaurants in Geneva, and around 30 more in Lausanne? Clearly Japanese food is very popular in Switzerland, in spite of its reputation for being quite pricey. Indeed Japanese cuisine has such a mystique and exclusiveness to it that many people are prepared to pay over and above what they would normally pay for international cuisine. But what if we knew how to make these dishes ourselves at home? Would we dine out so much when we fancy a “Japanese”?

According to new business entrepreneur, Akiko Ames, Japanese home cooking is not that difficult if you are taught a few simple techniques. Born and raised in Japan, Akiko is passionate about all types of cooking, but has a particular talent for creating fusion Japanese dishes using locally sourced ingredients.

Akiko told knowitall.ch, “Japanese people like to import and mix many ideas from foreign countries, creating Japanese fusion dishes as well as traditional foods like sushi. The dishes are really not difficult to make and can become part of your everyday cooking at home.”


A new discount card / restaurant guide has been launched, which will give members 50% off a meal for two at some of the best international restaurants in Geneva.

Priced at just Fr. 85.-, Eat The World will allow you to dine for half price the first time you visit any of the restaurants represented by the new scheme. The aim of the discount card is to act as a guide, tempting users to experience for themselves the vast cultural diversity of Geneva’s highest ranking restaurants.

Each of the international restaurants has been carefully selected for the talent and passion of its chefs.   Their reputation and standing within the local community has been key in determining which restaurants to include from each country.

The new card has been launched by Cyril Brungger and Cédric Haeberli, the same two people who brought BodyPass to Switzerland – a highly successful discount app for the phone, launched initially as a card, that gives members immediate access to 150 of the best spas, institutes and hair salons in Switzerland and neighboring France, all at half price. You can read more about this card in our article here.


A new event has been planned, which will delight chocolate connoisseurs of all ages! Called the Rallye de Chocolat, this gastronomic event will take place in the streets of Lausanne on Saturday, 23 April 2016.

Equipped with their own “chocolate passport”, chocolate lovers from the region are invited on a voyage of discovery that will lead them to sample innovative chocolate creations, produced by 12 of the best chocolatiers in Lausanne.  Free and accessible to all, this gourmet tour will enable young and old to sample chocolate in all its forms and “elect” the best chocolate creation in the rally –  in registering their vote, participants can also enter a draw leading to a range of prizes, including the coveted diploma of «ChoConnaisseur»!

After the success of the Geneva Chocolate Rally last October, this new event should prove a huge success with the inhabitants of Lausanne, who up until now may not always have appreciated the talent and diversity of chocolate makers who work in their city. Making their way from one chocolate shop to the next, participants will have the opportunity to discover or rediscover the chocolatiers on their doorstep.

To get locals in the festival spirit, there will be a Citroen DS3, dressed up in the colors of the Rallye du Chocolat, which will tour the streets of Lausanne in the 15 days preceding the event.