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Remember to take time to visit some spectacular places in this region over the Christmas holiday. If you have a recommendation of a new place to visit or walk to take, please send us a photo and some details to include.

Directions for a walk to Bois de la Bâtie over the Junction:

Pass under the Pont de Sous-Terre, to the terminus of mouette line #6, which offers tourists a scenic 2½ hour trip down the Rhône. On the opposite side is a veritable cliff, which also has many pleasant trails along the bank. There are many benches where you can watch the river flow by, shaded by grand old trees. You will see a few row boats tied up here, the river becoming open to the public from this point on.

On your left are massive barns and in front you can see a very high bridge for trains (and pedestrians).

Another 300m or so and you will reach the junction of the Rhône and Arve rivers. You will notice that the Rhône (which is clear blue) is much swifter, and pushes into the Arve (muddy brown) with enough force to cause tiny whirlpools, above which alert ducks hover hoping to catch fish caught in the swirls.

Beyond the railroad bridge is a scene devoid of any trappings of civilization, more or less as it must have been eons ago. But now go back along the Arve side. Pass in front of the Canoe Club to find a path along the bank, this side is less developed, so be careful with youngsters, because there is no guard rail.

You will now come to a small wall requiring a bit (but just a bit) of climbing, then a pedestrian bridge across the Arve to the Bois de la Bâtie. Go up to the bridge along a tiny dirt path, and then - great for the youngsters - a few rungs to climb to reach the wooden deck of the bridge. In the middle, you will most always see a few fishermen.


After a busy period of end-of year activities, and even busier start-of-year preparations, many people often feel lacking in energy at this time of the year, unable to spring into life as the warmer weather arrives.

It’s at this point that you need to consider taking some time out for yourself, leaving your busy life and “to do” list behind. So what better idea than to head on a local mountain retreat where you can literally “drop into your body”, move, stretch, explore nature and the natural environment, and most importantly relax and unwind?

Tanya Perret is a mountain guide and Yoga teacher with her own small business called Live Breath Hike, which offers just that: weekend retreats for anyone living within a few hours of the Vallée Brevon in France.  Since Geneva is only an hour’s drive from this region, her retreats are ideally located for anyone here wishing to recharge their batteries and experience some time out.

Join Scott Poynton on his epic Movember journey, walking and talking for men’s health

This November, Scott Poynton, the founder of Nyon-based NGO, The Forest Trust, and Earthworm, is inviting the general public to accompany him on his Everest en Suisse challenge as he walks from Nyon to La Dôle and back again every Wednesday in a bid to raise funds for global charity, The Movember Foundation.

A sound mind in a healthy body is a well-known concept that Scott Poynton feels deeply committed to putting into practice. The Australian, who lives in Gingins, is set to repeat the challenge he successfully completed last year in an attempt to raise awareness for men’s health.

The walks, taking place throughout the month of November, will be led by Scott, and will have both a physical and emotional focus to them. "I am doing the Everest en Suisse challenge again this year to raise money and awareness for The Movember Foundation. Physical activity is so beneficial to our well-being and we all need to take time to walk and talk for our emotional health. La Dôle is the ideal place to do this challenge - when I reach the summit and look out over the magnificent snowy landscape, I see the lake below and reflect on my mobros and mosisters who have passed away. I am thrilled to be doing this in the name of a great cause.»


Nyon-based organizer of activities for women, Charlaine Jannerfeldt of SHEzone, has partnered with local photographer, Michelle Petersen, to offer clients a unique outdoor experience: hiking through some of the most beautiful areas of the Jura mountains whilst learning essential photography skills that will help you to capture these special moments on your camera.

The new 5-stage hiking and photography course, will explore basic technical and artistic skills that will enable you to understand your camera and take better images. Each hike, in which you will be accompanied by a certified mountain guide, will cover a different nature theme and will delve into specific photographic skills that will help you make the most of your camera in that particular setting.

Michelle, who was one of the winners in last year's Know-it-all passport photography competition, told knowitall.ch, “As local mumpreneurs, Charlaine and I knew about each other’s businesses and had great appreciation for each other's work.  So when Charlaine wanted to add photographic hikes to the long list of activities she offers women and their families in this region, she approached me, and I was more than excited to cooperate with her on this project! The synergy between our two family-oriented businesses means we can offer something really special to our clients, which they are unlikely to experience elsewhere.”


A new organization catering to people who want to make the most of our beautiful countryside, including the Jura and Alps, has just been launched in the Lake Geneva region.

Set up by local entrepreneur, Yvette Evers, Fraiche Air invites the public to embark on small group adventures with her, by exploring local hiking trails, and discovering a range of outdoor activities such as snowshoeing and canoeing.

To make the most of what Fraiche Air has to offer, clients are advised to take advantage of an annual membership package, which provides exclusive benefits to subscribers. Depending on the level of involvement, two packages are offered, providing access to a range of different activities, information and discounts: click here to see the full range of benefits on offer.

A sustainability consultant specializing in tourism, Yvette told knowitall.ch that the idea for setting up Fraiche Air came to her when she moved to Switzerland from the Netherlands in 2009, and realized that there was very little information about local hiking in English. After setting up her own monthly hiking group to try out new routes in the region, she decided to make the group official this September: with over 150 members, it was time to create Fraiche Air and offer an expanded range of products and services to meet the growing demands of her customers!