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From now through 16 September 2019, board the Petit Train and discover the town of Morges and the surrounding vineyards from a different viewpoint!

Ferme aux Cretegny
On Wednesdays from 10 July to 14 August, all ages will enjoy the ride to the "Ferme aux Cretegny" in Bussy-Chardonney. Besides being able to observe many animals, you will also bake a sugar bun that you can munch on after partaking in a buffet lunch highlighting local products. https://www.ferme-aux-cretegny.ch/evenements

The Wine Train
The Petit Train will also take passengers to the wine-growing areas of the region. On Thursdays from 11 July to 29 August, travel through vineyard routes to regional wineries. Explanations about the vine, visit of cellars, and wine-tastings will be on the program!

Rent or hire the train
It is also possible to rent the Petit Train for private outings. Whether for a wedding, business outings, or school outings, the train drivers will be happy to take their passengers wherever they wish. Itinerary routes may be obtained at the tourist office, or custom-made to suit your needs.

In 2018, 3,230 people boarded the Petit Train for a city tour or vineyard. The Train des Vignes was equally a success with nearly 210 passengers taken to the cellars of the region.

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More than 100 world and European premieres are to be presented during the press days. And the “Car of the Year” trophy will be awarded once again at the Motor Show. The speakers at the “Shift AUTOMOTIVE” conference on 6 March have been named. The Organising Committee welcomes the chance to accompany Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis on a tour of the Show at its inauguration on 7 March 2019. Last but not least, visitors’ travel to the Show will be facilitated. Full information about the organisation, exhibitors and useful tips for a visit can be found on the official website.

Tradition meets with modernity

70 exhibitors will be presenting their latest models to some 10,000 media representatives on the official press days scheduled for 5 and 6 March. They have announced more than 100 world and European premieres; the final number is certain to be higher. To what can we already look forward? Firstly, Bentley Motors will be celebrating its 100th anniversary with a highlight, while the Motorworld Group will showcase classic automobiles in general. As is the case every year at the Geneva International Motor Show, hypercar makers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Aston Martin, Pagani or Koenigsegg will be putting exciting new vehicles on display. Roland Gumpert has announced a fascinating methanol-powered hybrid superspeed car. We also expect to see the brilliant advanced version of the Flying Car by Pal-V. Last but not least, exciting electric cars will be on show; to name just two examples, they include vehicles by E.Go and an absolute newcomer “Mark Zero” from Piëch.

Will visitors discover the “Car of the Year” 2019 at the Geneva International Motor Show? This award is to be presented, already for the eighth time, at 15.00 on Monday, 4 March at the Geneva International Motor Show. Seven cars are finalists. They are the Alpine A110, Citroën C5 Aircross, Ford Focus, Jaguar I-Pace, Kia Ceed, Mercedes-Benz A-Class and Peugeot 508. Car of the Year President, Frank Janssen of Stern magazine, will present the trophy to the winner. The “Car of the Year” will be selected by a jury of 60 prominent motor journalists. Their aim is to pay tribute to the most outstanding new car which has been launched on the market in the last twelve months before the prize award.


As we approach the holiday season, many of you will be out and about, dining with friends, partying in town, or having a drink after work with colleagues.

If you’re planning to have a drink, be sure to plan ahead and make arrangements for your return home — if you’re driving, then you need to remain below the legal limit (Swiss limits and French limits) and if you’re not, then you need to make sure you have a sensible means of transport back home.




If you can’t rely on friends to give you a lift home, and if public transport is not an option, think about putting some extra money in your purse for a Swiss taxi or French taxi home. At this time of year, fees can be extremely high, so be prepared.

When your plans change, and you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, having set out in your car but having drunk more than the legal limit, DO NOT be tempted to get into your car and drive home. Instead, call up Nez Rouge, a volunteer organization set up in 1990, which will arrange for a driver to come out and meet you, and drive your car home!

When you call up their free number, 0800 802 208, Nez Rouge will send two volunteers to drive your car home (one driving and one assisting at the back of the car), both of whom will be followed by another driver in a Nez Rouge car who will return all volunteers back to base.


Just our usual reminder at this time of the year, that the autoroute vignette, which is necessary for those who travel on any portion of the Swiss autoroute (highway/motorway), can now be purchased. These stickers are available at gas/petrol stations, shops, tabac/kiosks, border crossings, post offices, and other locations. The price is once again Fr. 40.- for the calendar year, and you have until 31 January 2019 to display it on your windscreen.

Note: If you buy Fr. 100.- worth of goods from Denner, you can purchase the vignette for only Fr. 35.-. This is NOT valid on purchases of hard alcohol, tobacco products, taxed garbage bags, vignettes, etc. However, wine counts! So stock up on a couple cases of wine for the holidays and take advantage of this deal (while stock of the vignettes last)! Here is the ad from Denner:


Here is some more information supplied by the Swiss Customs Website.


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Bois de la Batie
Ch. de la Bâtie and
Rte des Péniches
1213 Petit-Lancy
Bring your picnic basket and blanket and sprawl out on the lawn. There is a playground in part sun/part shade and a wading pool equipped with toilets and changing rooms. Visit the mini-zoo while you are there. Restaurants are nearby if you need an ice-cream!

Bois de Jussy
Great walking area with nice picnic spots in the Bois de Jussy on the rive gauche.

Bois de Versoix
Pleasant wood, nice paths, river, picnic sites (not marked), but possible anywhere.

Carouge-Parcours vita Park at the Ecole de Pinchat
Walk down to the bottom of this big hill. Ponies, picnic tables, and barbecue spot.