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As the Christmas holidays approach, many of you will be traveling abroad, either heading back home to visit family and friends with bags full of presents, or returning from university carrying rucksacks laden with heavy bags. Some of you may just be taking a well-earned break in the sun!

The chances are that some of you will have excess baggage or oversized luggage that will need shipping to your destination. With some flight operators, the cost of placing this luggage in the hold can be so prohibitive that you end up having to leave many of your belongings behind.


As we approach the last few weeks before Christmas, many of you will be out and about, dining with friends, partying in town, or having a drink after work with colleagues.


If you’re planning to have a drink, be sure to plan ahead and make arrangements for your return home — if you’re driving, then you need to remain below the legal limit (click here for Swiss limits and here for French limits) and if you’re not, then you need to make sure you have a sensible means of transport back home.


If you can’t rely on friends to give you a lift home, and if public transport is not an option, think about putting some extra money in your purse for a Swiss taxi or French taxi home. At this time of year, fees can be extremely high, so be prepared.



Jim’s British Market and British Airways have joined together to offer you the best of Great Britain!

From the 6 October, 2014, it is possible to claim a 15% rebate on your next British Airways flight from Geneva to the UK (Economy or Business class), if you are a customer at Jim's.

The offer is valid on flights booked before 31st December 2014 and tickets are valid for one year.  You can book an unlimited number of flights and receive the same discount for onward UK destinations.


As the Spring weather returns, what better time to treat yourself to a weekend break with family or friends? With the lake and mountains on your doorstep, you really don’t need to spend hours in the car traveling to your destination – in fact you don’t even need to drive! The Swiss train network covers most popular resorts along Lake Geneva, and if you choose your hotel carefully, then a pleasant 2 minute stroll is all you need to reach your destination!

For total relaxation, comfort, convenience and stunning views, we recommend you stay at the Eurotel Montreux.  Situated right on the lake front in Montreux, near to the railway station but with its own underground car park, this luxury 4-star hotel offers customers a warm welcome in a stylish setting.  The entrance foyer, restaurant and breakfast rooms, as well as many of the bedrooms have recently been redecorated – indeed, when I went to stay there at Easter with my family there was still a pervading smell of leather from the new furnishings!

country kids Farm 13

The luxury family holiday company, Country Kids, is once again offering a special discount to knowitall.ch clients. This year, our clients can expect to receive a € 300 discount on the standard weekly rate, for all April stays booked, as well as a free bottle of champagne on arrival.

First featured on the knowitall.ch website in 2011, and again in 2013, Country Kids was recently recognised by the UK's Daily Telepgraph as one of the top 4 European resorts for families with young kids, and was voted by Mumsnet as the Top European Family Resort for 2013.  Located on a beautiful country estate amongst the vineyards and olive groves of Southern France, the company has a great program of Easter activities lined up for the rapidly approaching April holidays, including egg hunts, a special Easter parade, Easter bonnet making, eggshell mosaic creations, and a range of games for older kids with real eggs, that may apparently get quite messy!