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AQUATISFlorida Redbelly TurtleMichel Roggo
© Michel Roggo

The largest aquarium-vivarium in Europe is set to open its doors in Lausanne on 21 October 2017.

Using close to 2 million litres of freshwater, the new AQUATIS center will support 20 different ecosystems, 46 aquariums/vivariums/terrariums, 100 reptiles and amphibians, 10,000 fish and 300 plant species from 5 different continents!

Part of a much bigger complex including 2 restaurants, a superior 3-star hotel, a wellness center, conference center and shop, AQUATIS belongs to a new generation of cultural and tourist destinations, and is the first of its kind in Switzerland to be dedicated entirely to ecosystems and sustainable development.

AQUATIS Hotel Conference Centre and Aquarium VivariumFernando Guerrera
© Fernando Guerrera

La Saga des Geants

As the end of September approaches, don't be surprised it you hear murmurings in the street about the arrival of two enormous giants in Geneva!

Incredible as it sounds, from 29 September to 1 October 2017, Geneva will host two over-sized female giants, traveling with the Royal de Luxe extra large street theater company! Keen to find out more, knowitall.ch went in search of the facts...

Grandma Giant and Little Giant

Of the two giants, Grandma Giant is the tallest, measuring around 7.3m high and weighing 1,787kg.  She is thought to be about 85 years old and her strong, clever and malicious personality, combined with a certain gentleness, is believed to come from her part-Breton, part-Irish ancestry. She is said to speak a strange language, a mixture of Romanian, Anglo-Saxon, Arabic and Asian!

On the other hand, the Little Giant is an experienced traveler and has visited all the main cities in the world, spending time on her hobbies : gymnastics or tasting sweets. Measuring 5.5m tall and weighing 800kg, the Little Giant likes to hold children on her forearms, swinging and dancing them around in the air. She is said to be very stylish and likes to change clothes often during her travels!

bodyworlds cyclist

BODY WORLDS - The Cycle of Life, Palexpo, 21 September 2017 - 7 January 2018

A major exhibition has opened in Geneva this week revealing the secrets of our anatomy.

Called BODY WORLDS – The Cycle of Life, the new exhibition is one in a series of exhibitions, first launched in 1995 with aim of informing the public about anatomy, physiology, and health, through the use of real human bodies. Created using an advanced  procedure for preserving the human body, each of the exhibits on display has been carefully selected to reveal the inner workings of the human body and its organs, and to help us understand their evolution through time.

Over 200 human specimens, entire bodies, isolated organs and transparent sections are now on show at Palexpo until 7 January 2018. Displays include anatomical studies of the human body, in different stages from birth to death, which have been preserved using a technique called Plastination. Originally invented by the anatomist, Dr. Gunther von Hagens, in 1977, this process prevents the decay of biological tissues by replacing bodily fluids with silicone.

Healthy living

Whilst the preservation of real human bodies for use at a public exhibition certainly raises a number of ethical questions, there can be no doubt about the huge impact of the exhibition on its visitors.  Whilst some are fascinated by the minute detail of the anatomical structures on display, others are struck more by the overriding message that is conveyed throughout the exhibition...the importance of looking after your body and living a healthy lifestyle; by viewing healthy and diseased organs side by side, visitors learn not only about the aesthetic functioning of their own bodies, but also the effects of known diseases or addictions such as tobacco or alcohol.

Chantal et Max main picture

A new business has just been launched in the Lake Geneva region offering "back-to-the-roots" adventures and "alternative" experiences for both holidaymakers and local residents, which extend way beyond the traditional routes taken by red tour buses!

Called Chantal & Max, the new “experience agency” offers tailored activities around Lake Geneva, which are hosted by hand-picked, qualified locals, and have been created for special occasions, weekend outings or team-building events that allow you to escape the ordinary.

Describing their new business to knowitall.ch, the founders, Chantal Wäger and Max Desroche, told knowitall.ch, "We take the time that our clients don’t have to find activities that are off the beaten path and that share our three values: social interaction, local interest and experience. In short, our motto is: Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to share, not stuff to show!"

What kind of activities?

From the most basic to the most original, from gourmet to active, from being on the ground to flying up in the air, all of the experiences offered by Chantal & Max have been tested to ensure that clients have a guaranteed souvenir to take home: pictures, stories and unforgettable memories. The cherry on top? You’ll be accompanied by passionate and engaging locals who are looking forward to welcoming you.

mjf 20160702 ambiance emilienitim 24
Montreux Jazz Festival © 2016 FFJM - Emiliem Itim

From 30 June to 15 July, sensational youths and breakthrough bands of the moment will punctuate the free stages of the Montreux Jazz Festival. More than 250 concerts, DJ sets, and workshops await festivalgoers at 8 venues, from noon to 5am.

Click here to download the full programme of free events!

Look out this year for: Cigarettes After Sex, Daniel Avery, Flavia Coelho, Cosmo Pyke, Nicola Cruz, Hunee, Jessy Lanza, Gaby Moreno, Pandour, The Pirouettes, Polo & Pan, Roméo Elvis, Schlømo, Andy Stott, Junior Tshaka, Warhaus, Whitney, Yellow Teeth...

The free programming also showcases local artists including more than 80 from Switzerland this year. For the 51st edition of the Festival, Lisztomania takes over from the Rock Cave with an eclectic program steeped in discoveries and indie music.

The Festival's free programming also includes lakeside promenades, with colorful neon lights, bars, and food stands. A new 150-meter-long terrace, overhanging the lake, will make it easier to circulate on the lakefront. The total surface area built over the water has grown from 1500 to 2400m2.