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Alimentarium 11 Annual theme 2018 Alimentarium Pic Anne Laure Lechat
Annual theme 2018, Alimentarium © Anne-Laure Lechat

From fruit picking to a master chef’s prowess, humans intervene on every level to make, combine and enhance the food we eat. Directly reflecting the growing collective awareness of issues related to food, the Alimentarium’s new annual theme, The faces behind food, showcases expertise in food professions. By choosing to throw the spotlight on the people themselves and the skills they use to give food an extra special touch, the Vevey-based Museum is celebrating their talents and quest for a whole palette of different flavors. Through a variety of exhibits and activities, food becomes the axis of a human and social adventure, from the most basic flavors to a sophisticated art form.

Theme throughout the Museum

With this new theme focusing on professions, the Alimentarium invites visitors to think about the people who work to make our food ‘good’ in every sense. The theme features interactive experiments extending across the Museum’s three sectors – Food, Society and the Body – supplemented by various presentations and events, its digital content and the columns of its online magazine (www.alimentarium.org/en/magazine).

Five professions in the spotlight

The passion for food-related professions is often handed down from one generation to the next. Over the course of the year ahead, the Alimentarium’s new annual theme will present five different lines of work. Each particular craft will be highlighted with in-depth explanations and themed activities. The year gets underway with a discovery of vocations related to dairy products, until May. Confectioners will then take center stage in June and July, before making way for those working in the field of fruit and vegetables, in August and September. This is a particularly demanding profession, as it involves dealing with live and fragile products. Meat-related trades will be featured from October to December. Finally, from the beginning of 2019 through to March, the theme will focus attention on the bakery sector.

Alimentarium 7 The large screen The Society Sector Alimentarium Pic Anne Laure Lechat
The large screen, The Society Sector, Alimentarium © Anne-Laure Lechat

Bonus content

Determined to satisfy the most voracious appetites for all things cultural and scientific, the Alimentarium’s new annual theme is reaching far and wide across the world. In addition to taking part in one-off activities highlighting practical knowledge and expertise, the public will have the opportunity to attend fascinating presentations and events. On 26 April, the Milk Road presentation will boost the focus on the dairy industry. The following month, the Japanese artist Takahiro Mizuki will be sculpting sugar figurines, to add a dash of colour to the Museum Night on 26 May.

The Food Sector

From the beauty of human movement to robotics, this sector looks at the actions and handling of tools and utensils in the 5 lines of work presented. The watchwords here are craftsmanship and industry.

Whether you are in your kitchen at home, or you are a small-scale producer or a major food manufacturer, it takes more than just a pair of hands to work wonders. The Food sector puts objects specific to the bakery, meat, dairy, confectionery, and fruit and vegetable professions on a pedestal. Eagle-eyed visitors will definitely find the answers, without peeking at the explanatory texts provided.

Are you intrigued by the texture and flavour of Japanese Mochi? Is French Mousline instant mashed potato your comfort food? This part of the exhibition is right up your street! Visitors can learn everything about their favourite food. The display terminals screen videos of the custodians of traditional or industrial know-how.

Alimentarium 6 Typical 1950s kitchen The Society Sector Alimentarium Pic Anne Laure Lechat
Typical 1950s kitchen, The Society Sector, Alimentarium © Anne-Laure Lechat

The Society Sector

The highlight of this sector is the reconstruction of a typical 1950s kitchen, with period utensils for visitors to touch or handle. In the Game of Trades, visitors can view videos to identify a whole range of professions from the precise actions and movements they entail. Professionals from Switzerland and abroad talk about their jobs in video testimonies also screened in this area. Another game consists in turning the crank handles of various machines to guess their purpose. There are also peep boards where visitors can have a photo taken of them ‘wearing’ various work clothes. The perfect keepsake of a visit to the Museum to post on Instagram!

The Body Sector

Taking on the role of an artisan producer or a specialist is surely the best way to understand the ins and outs of their work. Hence, the labyrinth of senses invites visitors to try out two cross-disciplinary professions related to the food industry, both relatively unknown to the general public: a flavorist and a sensory analyst. You can take control of one of two aroma pipe organs, a poetic name for an instrument with something of a steampunk look about it. You can open and close the valves of your choice, and work the pump to mix aromas and smell the result. This is an opportunity for visitors to dive into the universe of aromatic composition as they create aromas fit for a confectioner or a chef.

Alimentarium 2 Aroma pipe organ The Body Sector Alimentarium Pic Anne Laure Lechat 2
Aroma pipe organ, The Body Sector, Alimentarium © Anne-Laure Lechat

Workshops for Adults, Children and Families

The Alimentarium has an active programme of weekly workshops and holiday activities for children and adults, too many for us to list here. You can see a small selection below or view the full programme here.

On Saturdays: Local produce, gastronomic delights
In response to popular demand, the workshop devoted to traditional local cuisine is now a weekly event. Every Saturday, the Museum pays homage to local producers. Butchers, greengrocers and cheesemakers share their passion and expertise by presenting their profession and their seasonal produce. After choosing the menu and selecting the ingredients together, everyone heads back to the Alimentarium kitchen, to prepare a delicious dish to then sample together.

Times: Every Saturday, from 15:00 to 18:00
Price: CHF 80.00 per participant
Age: from 16 years old

On Sundays: Seasonal recipe
The seasonal recipe workshop promises to transform your Sunday afternoon into a gourmet experience. Sweet or savoury, the dishes are all made from fresh ingredients, which makes all the difference!

Times: Every Sunday, from 15:00 to 17:00
Price: CHF 60.00 per participant
Age: from 12 years old

On Saturdays: Mini Cooks
Kitted out in their aprons and chef’s hats, the children are ready for a morning of fun culinary discoveries. From the starter to the dessert, nothing is left to chance: Utmost care and attention goes into each dish to be shared at midday with their chosen guest. Guaranteed success!

Times: Two Saturdays a month, from 9:15 to 12:45
Price: CHF 80.00 for both participants (1 child for the workshop and the meal, 1 adult invited to the meal)
Age: 9 to 12 years

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