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The inaugural event hosted by Lionel Gauthier, was held just outside the museum on 23 September 2021, facing the lake, with a sunset over the Mont Blanc as beautiful as can be. "It has taken the Musée du Léman nearly 2 and a half years to be able to host a vernissage. It is with much joy to see the museum full of life again."

He went on to say, "Tonight we are celebrating swans, these white birds, elegant and impressive, and we invite you to discover their history through our exhibit, but also through a book that we have published entitled, Le Lac du Cygne, Glénat Editions."

Alexandre Demetriadès, the cultural representative for the city of Nyon, talked about his early fear of these enormous white birds, beasts of some sort, that he always gave wide berth to during his younger years. Now he has a new respect for swans, and an admiration for their elegant and graceful nature.

Anne-Sophie Deville, scientific collaborator for the museum, spoke about how swans have adapted to living here, how they keep faithful mates, and how they use their long necks to reach to the bottom of the lakeshore to munch on algae.

Juliette Davenne, above, was thanked for all the work she has put into the three museums of Nyon. For this exhibit, she coordinated the content, including trips to Yvoire, Annecy, and even to Provence... she hung 580 origami swans, reconstructed a real swan's nest, made a mock wedding cake, abd even realized a short film.

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We recently wrote an article inviting readers to uncover any swan-related items in their homes and lend them to the vitrine in the exhibit. The museum was overwhelmed with beautiful and various swan paraphernalia and expanded to 2 vitrines... there is talk about opening a third one to house the items.

One woman exclaimed, "I would love to have this display in my home. It makes me so happy to see how this wonderful bird has inspired many artists and designers with its elegant shape."

Another participant at the event was overheard saying, "I never thought there would be so much interest in the swans on our lake. We take them for granted, yet the Lac Léman without them would not be the same."

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Even though this inaugural event was recorded in French, there are hundreds of swan photos and paraphernalia to please your eyes in the video link here!

I feel very privileged to lend a few of my swan collection items to the Musée du Léman for the next year. Remember, you can still contribute your wares during the year... to be picked up when the exhibit is finished.

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23 September 2021 through 22 September 2022
Quai Louis-Bonnard 8
1260 Nyon
Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday and holidays
April to October: 10h-17h
November to March: 14h-17h

Exhibit portraying the importance of our local swans to Lake Geneva. Check out the article link we did back in the Spring to invite locals to lend their swan paraphernalia.

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