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These seasonal ice-skating rinks are open during the winter months. Skates can be rented for a nominal charge and skating is usually free. Here are some (not all) but we can add to the list if you see one you would like to let us know about.

G E N E V A   C A N T O N

** Centre sportif de la Vigne Blanche Bellevue
Ch. des Tuileries
1293 Bellevue (GE)
Skate rink: 26 November 2022 through 29 January 2023. There is a restaurant and snack bar, toilets, and skate rentals. Free entry.

** Patinoire de Carouge
Place Sardaign
1227 Carouge
3 December 2022 through 5 February 2023. The website lets you know when the ice rink is open and how busy it is. Closed Mondays.

** Patinoire du centre sportif de Meyrin
7-9, av. Louis-Rendu
1217 Meyrin (GE)
022 782 13 00

Open 7 November 2022 through 26 February 2023. Large open-air skating rink, skate rental and lessons available. Price: Fr. 6.50/adult, Fr. 2.50/child. Snack bar.

** Planete Charmilles
Patinoire de l’Europe
Behind Planète Charmilles
Promenade de l'Europe 11
1203 Genève
022 418 40 00
Open 22 October 2022 to 25 February 2023
Price skate rental: Fr.2.-. Entry free.

** Patinoire de Plan-les-Ouates
Ecole du Pré-du-Camp
9, rte des Chevaliers-de-Malte
1228 Plan-les-Ouates (GE)
26 November 2022 to 19 February 2023
840m2. Not only is the skating rink have free entry but they also rent the skates for free (with ID card). Snack bar.

** Patinoire de Versoix
Terrain du Verger (Lachenal)
1260 Versoix
022 775 66 00
19 November 2022 to 26 February 2023. Not only is the skating rink have free entry but they also rent the skates for free (with ID card). Snack bar serving fondue. They offer a "petanque sur glace" that resembles curling. Covered rink and nearby parking.



** Patinoire de Nyon
Place des Fêtes de Rive
1260 Nyon, VD
5 November 2022 to 26 February 2023
450m2 of free skating fun! Covered and has a snack bar that serves fondue. Parking and toilets. Birthday parties are organized here too. Skate rentals: Fr. 5.-/pair adult, Fr. 3.-/child.

** Patinoire de Montreux à Clarens
Collège de Vinet
Place Multisport
Av. Alexandre Vinet 10
1815 Clarens
7 January to 5 March 2023
The ice rink offers a surface of 450m2. It is practicable in all weather conditions but may be shut if conditions are really bad. The type of surface is ideal for learning to skate. On request, the rink can be reserved for groups. Free admission and skate rental. Open daily 13h-18h30.

** Patinoire naturelle de Caux
On a frozen lake (open if safely frozen!)
1824 Caux, VD
Check website for information on opening times as this is a frozen lake. Restaurant serving fondue or raclette upon prior reservation. Snack bar. Skate rental: Fr. 3.-, entrance Fr. 4.-/adult and Fr. 3.-/child.

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