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More than 250 animals are presented on the 3 floors of the Mycorama, on the site of Evologia in Cernier (NE) through 5 March 2023. The array of species that many have never seen in real life are set up in this temporary, mobile vivarium located within the the "Jardins Extradinaire" of Evologia Cernier, located between Neuchâtel and La Chaux-de-Fonds. The museum is open daily from 10h-18h.


The 2 headed mascotte: Tom & Jerry
Born in the USA in 2002, "Tom and Jerry" is unique in its genre. This California kingsnake (Lampropeltis g. californiae) with two heads, is one of the rare snakes in the world to have survived so long with this anomaly. In the wild, they would not have lasted long, but since this snake was a baby, Tom and Jerry have been taken care of for the last 18 years. An exceptional longevity knowing that these snakes can live about 12-15 years in captivity. A longevity record of 23 years has been established by the species. During fertilization, while there should have been two monozygotic twins, the fertilized egg divided late and the two fetuses developed while being stuck to each other by certain parts of the body. They are monozygotic twins whose first separation was incomplete. Fortunately for Tom and Jerry, the separation was done on a part of the body that does not interfere with survival, and has no consequences on the internal organs.

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An animation every Saturday and Sunday, twice a day, at 11h and 15h.
Thanks to the explanations of the on-site animal specialist, discover how the animals are fed, what are their specificities, and their way of life in the wild.


Mark your agenda for Friday, 17 February 2023!
The conference "Mortelle Rencontre" with the specialist and photographer Julien Regamey, who will talk about his experience with reptiles. The photographer's eye is that of a hunter: he "sees" what others fail to see! I like to be alone during my expeditions, alone on the lookout, with my equipment, in Switzerland, in France, in the Jura, the Alps or the countryside, but also in Slovenia, in the desert of Morocco, in the mountains of Turkey, and of course in the African bush!
"My hunt for images seeks to capture the strangeness, the supernatural, and the emotion aroused by the unexpected encounter of an animal at the bend of an acacia tree, under the leaves/butterfly of the mopane trees, in the golden dust of African twilight. Very concerned by the safeguard of endangered species, in particular the rhinoceros threatened of extinction by poaching, I wish that my shots testify of the magic of these moments captured by my lens, and contribute to shake the consciences in the world to safeguard this exceptional heritage which is the wildlife."
18h - Tour of the Reptiles exhibition
19h - Conference on reptiles "Mortelle rencontre" with Julien Regamey.
20h30 - "Verre de l’amitié" then opening of the photo exhibition of Julien Regamey and complete visit of the exhibition Reptiles Expo, in Cernier, on the site of Evologia.


Reptiles Expo
Passage des Cèpes 5
2053 Cernier, NE (between Neuchâtel and La Chaux-de-Fonds)
078 974 40 37

Through 5 March 2023
Monday to Sunday and holidays: Open from 10h to 18h
Count 1-2 hours to visit the expo.
It is possible to have a picnic in the exhibition at the places provided for this purpose.

Fr. 18.-/adult
Fr. 16.-/AI, AVS, student
Fr. 9.-/child age 4+
Free for children under age 4
Fr. 49.-/family pack (2A+2C)
Fr. 7.-/additional child


Check out the Parc Evologia if you are in the area
Route de l'Aurore 6
2053 Cernier, NE (between Neuchâtel and La Chaux-de-Fonds)
032 889 36 00