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Young Zinger19

We found out about a new publication that helps those starting their career. Written by local author C. R. Williams (aka Carl Williams), this guidebook was released in April 2023. We caught up with the author and asked a few questions. He is also offering a signed book as a competition prize, so read down to the bottom.

What has been the inspiration behind the book?
The catalyst was hearing (for the umpteenth time) the comment; “why don’t they teach that at school?” For anyone who has worked professionally, it’s evident that formal education continues to bypass many of the core learnings we need to successfully navigate through life’s labyrinth. The “one size fits all” education structure and process – from elementary through University – is a modern day anomaly. It’s a remnant of the industrial revolution and something which nobody, thus far, has had the political will to take it on. The question remains: “how can something so glaring be so blatantly ignored for so long?” So, I wrote this book to try and fill some of the gaps. It highlights the things you’ll definitely encounter, either when entering the workforce or after a few years of toiling away, and provides readers with tools, ideas and established best practises to help them cut through the molasses.

Have you been working on this idea forever, or was it something that came to you recently?
The idea first came to me when my eldest son graduated from University in 2014. At that point I went through a classic ideation process, gathering input from various parties vis-à-vis what skills, knowledge and mind-set would be really useful to improve the chances of having a fulfilling professional career. I then compared and contrasted those with the subjects being taught in schools and found an abyss!

What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome?
The book was published in April 2023 so it took circa nine years to hatch. That is some gestation period! There were two obstacles: 1. Allocating the time to do the job properly when working full-time and helping to raise a family and 2. Writer’s block. The latter I ultimately overcame by fully committing to “90 minutes for 90 days” from 7h-8h30. I also used an interesting structure to write chapters.

Young Zinger13

Who is your target market?
My target market (ambitious young professionals aged 18-25) are “just-in-time” learners. This means that when faced with a challenge the de-fault position, is to use Google or YouTube in order to find a text, or video answer to any problem. A.I. is taking this dynamic to a new level of course minimising the need for multi-faceted research and creative problem solving/critical thinking. In addition, my experience of having read 200+ self help business books is that they are too verbose forcing readers to wade through 250-300 pages when in reality the main dish can be consumed in about 20-30 pages. Sometimes even less!

As such, I’m looking to help young people be more “work-ready” and fill the just-in-time learning need with an all-in-one reference source. So, if one is faced with a job interview, a negotiation, a work conflict, a networking event etc. there’s a slew of trusted resources available which can be quickly digested and easily implemented.

Ultimately, all of the content will be available on an App because mobile is where my target market consume.

If you go to https://youngzinger.com/free-resources/ there are already some free resources available for downloading. As the audience aggregates, I will add “pay for” options e.g more depth on specific subjects such as negotiation and bespoke one2one and small group services.

What is your favorite chapter or theme in the book and why?
You’re the first person to ask me that, it’s an interesting question. It’s a bit like being asked – which one of your children is your favourite!

The answer is probably Chapter 5 called “Brand You.” This is based on the premise that we are all brands, as per the Interbrand definition: “a brand is the expectation of an experience.” In this chapter I talk about the importance of how we are perceived by others and what we can do to influence that, not through any form of manipulation but by doing certain things consistently. It’s that repeatability, just like a well known product, which forms your individual brand. I also touch upon “success” and why it’s important to create one’s own definition. We all wrestle with “success” and I think it’s important for young people to avoid getting themselves trapped into comparing and contrasting with others. The media obsesses over the hyper wealthy and this is not helpful for young people starting out.

page 192

What others are saying about Young Zinger

“Young Zinger’ by C.R. Williams is a personal and professional growth book like none I have ever read. Williams not only gave me insights into how to get ahead in life, but he made my inexperience and young age feel like a gift rather than a burden.” Hannah Whittaker

“Young Zinger is a game-changing book that fills the gaps in traditional education, equipping young professionals with essential life skills. With practical techniques and insights from the author's own experiences and renowned experts, this book is a goldmine for those starting out or in the early stages of their careers.” Patrick Hofer

“This book doesn't make false promises or offer magical cures, it describes the adult world of work and careers with great clarity and honesty” – Hester MacDonald

“Absolutely...love it! I love the quick reference element and bite size nuggets. Once I picked it up...I couldn't put it down.” Steven Parker

C. R. Williams

Carl Williams offers talks to groups

You may invite Carl to venues to give a free talk on subjects such as:

  • career accelerators
  • salary negotiation
  • finding a job
  • and more

Enter our competition to win a copy of Young Zinger

button competition150Carl has kindly offered one of our readers a signed copy of his book, Young Zinger (value €12)!

To enter the competition, just fill in this form and answer this multiple choice question: How many years did "Young Zinger" take to finish?

Only one entry per person and per email is allowed. Delivery to a Swiss address only. The competition closes at midnight on Thursday, 28 September 2023. The names of all those submitting correct answers will be placed into the digital hat and the winner's name drawn at random on Friday, 29 September 2023. The winner will be notified by email. No cash equivalent of prizes is permitted.

Young Zinger
by C. R. Williams
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Sold on Amazon for €12 (paperback) and €4 (eBook)
Paperback: 252 pages
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