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Daniel Littman and Emilie Carrof

The Montessori Seeds of Knowledge school is going from strength to strength. Having relocated from Vich during the summer of 2021, the bilingual school opened the door’s at new premises in Etoy on 30 August 2021, just in time to commemorate the school’s tenth anniversary. Knowitall.ch published an article about this at the following link.

Since then, the numbers of students have continued to grow and the staff have been working hard to constantly develop their program. The age 3-6 classrooms are thriving, and the spacious age 6-12 classroom boasts an amazing 60 students under the guidance of four adults. The 12-15 age section have welcomed new staff as well as developing a permaculture section which allows the 12-15 age students to start a micro-economy programme, where they sell their home grown produce plus artisanal dried fruits to the families in the school community.

New Nido section for children 18-36 months

2023 brings new opportunities for the school, as they will open a ‘Nido’ section for children aged 18-36 months. The Nido room, (which means ‘nest’) offers the child a nurturing and rich environment, with a specialised focus on the five senses, developing skills towards autonomy plus emotional and social development. The rooms have been thoughtfully planned out to allow the children the opportunity to explore and thrive.

Under the guidance of school director, Marie Littman, and pedagogical director, Olivia Vassarotti, Emillie Caroff has been working hard to prepare the bilingual environment. She and her two assistants will open their doors to the first students on 9 January 2023.

Marie told us ‘the response from parents has been really positive, and we have several families who have registered their children already. The early years of the child are so important, the children are sensory explorers who have a need to becoming functionally independent. They absorb so much at this age, including language and culture. It is such an exciting prospect, to have the possibility to nurture and watch the child grow from 18 months right through to 15 years old. The whole team are feeling excited and supportive of this new move.’

Free conferences offered to parents

To address any questions about the pedagogy, the school invites prospective parents to contact the school administration to arrange to visit the school. The team also offers a series of free conferences throughout the year, (open to school parents and members of the public). Information for these can be found by clicking on the following link. Childcare is available, if requested.

Coming up: Saturday, 3 December 2022 from 9h-11h30: Conférence "The bridge between 3-6 ans 6-12: how our learning environments are similar yet different" with Isabelle Etter and Bryan Solly. The conference will be held in French and English.

More activities

Saturday morning workshops are available at Seeds of Knowledge Montessori school in Etoy, for children aged 3-12. Together the children will participate in a baking activity, and some crafts. Snacks provided. Cost Fr. 65.-/child, discount available for siblings. Registration essential.

  • Saturday, 26 November 2022: advent calendars workshop
  • Saturdays, 3 and 17 December 2022: gingerbread houses workshop

The school also offers school camps during the holidays, and occasional weekend workshops or activities, under the name ‘Etoiles d’Etoy’.

The school will also be hosting a Christmas market on 10 December 2022 where the children will sell their produce.

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Montessori Seeds of Knowledge
En Courta Rama 10
1163 Etoy
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Monday to Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.