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Following the huge success of last year’s initiative, April - Education month, Léman Events will once again devote a month of blog articles to education.

Set up with the aim of informing parents and teachers about the various issues affecting children in education today, this year’s Education month will take place from mid April to the end of May and will include a wealth of material on hot educational topics such as NEW information for students preparing for college in North America, and a new take on what A.D.H.D. could mean “this year”, and much more.

Subscribers can expect to receive twice-weekly blogs and regular newsletters, and if you missed out on the 2014 program, don’t worry. All new subscribers will have full access to last year’s blog articles covering topics ranging from preschool education right through to university planning, as well as the importance of students participating in extracurricular activities.  Numerous other topics will be covered including athletic recruitment at university, home schooling, and the impact of a cross-cultural upbringing.

You can expect to receive informed advice from professionals at all levels in the education field: be they consultants offering tutoring services or advice on university choices, through to in-house staff working at local schools and language centers.

Anybody working within education, who is keen to share information with those participating in the program, should contact Jos van Megchelen at Léman Events to discuss ways in which they can get involved. Schools and universities, are also invited to partner Léman Events in this project. Click here for more information - and look out for the Know-it-all passport® "logo" as we are one of the partners supporting this special project!

So, whether you are a professional educator or a parent, EDUCATION month has something for everyone. Sign up here and support this increasingly popular event within the international community.

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