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By Aurea Fagel

As the holiday season is now behind us, we would normally be settling down after a tumultuous time of scrambling for last-minute flights and hotels or returning from a trip somewhere with warmth, snowy peaks, or foreign languages.

Some of you would have been heaving a sigh of relief after family gatherings or friends coming over for dinner and ensuring your home is nicely decorated, wines are aplenty, and the kids presentable.

But probably not this last season. Travel was the last thing on most people’s mind. Or even visiting friends or relatives. You may be planning on where to travel next year when all this Covid-19 madness is over.

But there is one type of journey we can all considering doing. It doesn’t involve money, packing, or preparation. It requires only time, reflection, and maybe action.


Yes, this is a great time to travel within, to our innermost self. To ponder and reflect on how we have been and if we have used every opportunity to improve ourselves. If we have done everything we can to show our loved ones we care. If we have tried to be kind to our neighbors and get involved in our local community in any way we can. If we have been a good father or mother, a good child, a good student, a good boss, a good co-worker, a good neighbor, a good citizen.

Once in a while we need this kind of journey. We need to reaffirm ourselves and appreciate the life we were given. And how we can use it to create the most impact and be a shining example. The above photo of this totem of empty plastic containers is a perfect represenation of generousity and kindness... these seemingly insignificant items represent all the soups and meals that were prepared for a friend who was tested positive for Covid-19. How wonderful to see friends and neighbors volunteer their time and energy to prepare and deliver "food for the soul" as well as the actual nourishment they contain!

Let’s celebrate this New Year by traveling within and finding optimism, renewed strength and hope, kindness and love.

Photos by LCO

Author bio

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Aurea Fagel - A keen photographer and former expat who loves to travel, discover food, wine and cultures, does a bit of feng shui & home design and plays Scrabble & Gateball. She has been living in Switzerland since 2000 and would like to share her experiences, photos and perspectives on all of the above! Her blog caters to Swiss locals.

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