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By Oguzhan (Osan) Altun, Swiss Photo Club 

Happy new year to all our followers, from me and our team: Joan, Quim & Jean-Baptiste (JB)! We wish you a great 2023 with lots of beautiful memories and their beautiful photos captured by you.

With this blog article, I wanted to share with you some big changes that we did in 2022 and our plans for 2023.

It’s the first time we do this. Let me know if you find it interesting (or not!) and of course if you have any recommendations / ideas. 

New Website
We are finally on swissphotoclub.com: a single website for all the regions and countries where we exist. I will spare you a description of the administrative changes, but here are the advantages for you:

  • See all classes in all cities at one place, especially a great advantage for members or if you are looking for a specific course in any city.
  • Practice workshops listing with photos: Easier to find your workshop.
  • Early bird discounts for courses: You will see that future classes are slightly cheaper.
  • Much faster load times
  • Immediate delivery of gift voucher orders (we used to prepare each manually).
  • Photo Awards: Upload your photos directly instead of having to send us later by email.
  • See your registrations and orders in your account.

There are still some bugs here and there, plus a few server issues that we are working on. Please keep on reporting if you see anything, we will keep on fixing them and adding new features in 2023.

New Online Shop
We have launched our online store at https://shop.swissphotoclub.com/store.

We don’t have a lot of stuff here, we only have the products that we personally use and recommend. We simply contacted the brands and asked for a discounted price for our followers. Some examples:

  • Camera straps that make it easy to carry your camera.
  • Photography gloves that let you use your camera and still keep your hands warm.
  • Light and easy to use tripods that you will not hate.
  • Filters that you can use with all your lenses.

Of course all products are delivered by Swiss Distributors with a Swiss guarantee.

(Many) more practice workshops
You love attending them, our instructors love coming up with new ideas to get you to practice photography! So we removed the “3 per month per city” rule: At the moment, we have 46(!) practice workshops in the coming 2-3 months across Switzerland.

(Many) more Photography Trip Destinations
Another very popular demand: we asked our instructors to come up with new destinations and they delivered way above our expectations. Join us in 2023 in the most photogenic locations such as Brazil (Feb), Nepal (Mar), Morocco, Thailand in addition to our usual destinations such as Zermatt, Grimentz, Turkey, New York, Iceland.

Our 2023 resolutions
Here are a few major projects we are working on. Do you have a favorite? Or do you think we should be working on something else? Let us know!

  • Photo Awards: More jury recognitions. A new artist’s corner – ability to have a dedicated wall for selected artists. We are also looking for new galleries in Bern, Lausanne & Basel – let us know if you have any contacts or suggestions.
  • SPC Academy: Distance learning as an additional option to current in person offers.
  • More online content: Free quick tip videos on our YouTube channels (German, French or English) plus full format courses available to purchase online.
  • Find a photographer marketplace: Choose a photographer for your projects and select a package.
  • More celebrity photographer workshops (Peter Coulson already confirmed for May for both Zurich & Geneva).
  • Update existing courses (Drone, Lightroom, Photoshop, etc).

Thank you for reading all the way until here! We appreciate your support and hope to see you around in 2023.


Author's bio


Oguzhan (Osan) Altun is a freelance photographer based in Geneva, and one of the founder members of the Swiss Photo Club. He specializes in landscapes, portraits and event photography.

He specializes in landscapes, portraits and event photography.

His passion for life shows in his photos with vibrant colors and an edgy style. He continuously strives to show something special about his subject and push the boundaries every time.

His teaching style combines 10 years of training experience in corporate life with contagious passion for photography and the best training materials available online on the net. He is crisp, to the point, and focused on getting the participant practice what she/he learned.

His portfolio is available at his website Altun Photography and his latest work in instagram (@altuno) and on his Facebook page.