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By Aurea Fagel, text and photos

Mention The Tulip Festival in Switzerland and everyone imagines Morges, the alluring petite town in the canton of Vaud. This year in late March, The Tulip Festival celebrated its 50th anniversary at the famous venue Parc de l’Independence, albeit with less grandeur. Now the season has passed, one might think there is nothing to see. But I beg to disagree! With Jêune Genevois and Jêune Fédéral this month, this is the perfect season to spend time in this lakeside city.

For one thing, the Parc de l’Independence is a magnificent place for a lazy Sunday or weekend escape. One Sunday while I picnicked I noticed many others doing the same, or reading a book, or taking a nap on the grass, or simply taking a stroll overlooking Lake Geneva with a backdrop of the Mont Blanc. When you stroll past the park towards the port please indulge in the artisanal ice cream stand just beside the port. Their pistachio ice cream is one of the best I have tasted; make it a double and pair it with cassis noir.

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The upcoming annual Marché des Potiers (Pottery Market) is held the weekend of 12-13 September, from 9h-16h. The floral abundance of dahlias this time of year is amazing — rivaling the tulips anyday! I was there last year and was tempted with beautiful ceramic bowls and vases of bluish hues and lots of other items on display. I finally settled upon a unique white ceramic vase with bamboo sticks.

If you want to discover a little history of the region, visit the Château de Morges which houses 4 museums! The Alexis Forel Museum has temporary artwork exhibits of local artists.

After the museums or the park, head to the center for a well-deserved tea/coffee break or just to admire the lovely little shops while you walk on cobbled stones. My friends and I went for a hot chocolate treat at the Balzac Café, which has a cozy cushioned interior and tempting chocolate concoctions as well as a famous brunch. The ladies that run the shop are super friendly. I bought two of their Choco mix and absolutely loved it.

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Another must-go-to is the famous chocolate shop and tea room Confiserie Fornerod, masters in their craft. Make sure you get some chocolates to bring home – whatever tickles your fancy. Note to self: I must return for breakfast for their delicious croissants. 

For tea pot lovers: I got one of my lovely teapots from this small delightful shop, La Boite à Thé. Such attractive tea sets and tea mix! 

Are you keen to indulge in a gourmet lunch in a beautiful lakeside terrace? The Le Jardin du Mont-Blanc will not disappoint you. I sat in one of their relaxing vine-covered gazebos while enjoying the iconic Filets de Perche. You can’t beat the ambiance and cuisine. Come early if you want to make sure to get a table but reservations are recommended.

And for the adventurer and hiker, the Morges Trout Trail takes you on a discovery expedition of this popular fish, with 12 informative pit stops stretching from Morges to St. Prex (a 7km trek). 

I hope you found a new Swiss Spot in Morges, Vaud!


Author bio

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Aurea Fagel - A keen photographer and former expat who loves to travel, discover food, wine and cultures, does a bit of feng shui & home design and plays Scrabble & Gateball. She has been living in Switzerland since 2000 and would like to share her experiences, photos and perspectives on all of the above! Her blog caters to Swiss locals.

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