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By Marta Koncz, www.agateexperience.com

For many people, going to the mountains is a sole summer activity; and, as autumn arrives, they cease going outdoors till the following summer season.

It is true, that the cable cars and gondolas shut down during fall for few weeks for maintenance, however they reopen with full force by the time the first snow falls. There is a lot to do in the mountains during winter!


The good old classic downhill skiing is probably the first comes to your mind when thinking about winter activities. It is indeed a popular and well-established sport in Switzerland dated back to the 19th century.

As such, there are plenty of options. My favorite resort is Portes du Soleil. Located between France and Switzerland, it is easy to reach both from Geneva and Lausanne; and it is the largest ski area in the Alps with 600 km of slopes, suitable from absolute beginners to very experienced people.

If you are not fan of speed, you can also try cross-country skiing. In this case, I suggest visiting Vue des Alpes. It is on the border of the French speaking part of Switzerland, one hour from Lausanne and 1 hour forty minutes from Geneva; but its worth the effort. It offers 110 kms of cross-country tracks and amazing panorama to the surrounding Alps, Jura, and Vosges!



However, skiing is not the most popular winter activity! Did you know, that almost 60% of the Swiss residents go hiking all year around?!

The easiest way of enjoying nature in wintertime is winter hiking. There are 171, well-maintained and safe paths to chose from. You don`t need any specific equipment on these trails. However, hiking pols are handy at any season, and you may use snow cleats on the slippery parts of your walk.

I recommend discovering the Chemin Col du Mollendruz-Vernant near Valley de Joux.

If you are more adventurous, Snowshoeing is your activity! Personally, this is my favorite, I adore exploring the less touched parts of nature! There are two amazing routes, Parcours du Rotey and Parcours du Revers starting from Allières near Lake Geneva worth discovering.

You can rent snowshoes in every bigger sport shop all around Switzerland.

Other activities

And if you fancy something less conventional, you can try tobogganing, dog-sledging, ice-skating, have a sleigh ride or even spend a night in an igloo! The range of possibilities is endless!

So, dare to discover something new and enjoy winter in the mountains!

Wish you a season full of adventure, Marta


Author bio

Marta KonczAfter a successful corporate career in supply chain management, Marta Koncz, took the leap to follow her passion for travel and start her own business: Agate Experience, to help people discover and explore the hidden gems of her adopted home country, Switzerland.

Marta has always loved to travel, to discover new cultures, dishes, and customs, and experience something new. Even as a schoolgirl she planned trips for her classmates. As an adult, travelling was more than just a passion, it was also a therapy for Marta as she found she learnt a lot about herself through her adventures and seeing life through a different lens. It was also the perfect way to destress and relax from a busy working week.

Through Agate Experience she offers fun travel experiences and opportunities to discover the hidden gems of Switzerland.