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An advertisement placed on the knowitall.ch website is one of the most reliable ways for you to get your message across to the English-speaking community of Geneva, Vaud and neighboring France.


By advertising in both the Know-it-all passport® book and on the knowitall.ch website, you will achieve the maximum exposure for your advertisement.


Since our website is highly targeted, and very well-known throughout the English-speaking community, we have chosen to specify our rates on a monthly rather than “per-click” basis. Rates quoted “per thousand clicks” just simply don’t apply to the visitors on our site.


Our statistics show that when people visit knowitall.ch, they like to linger on the site and visit several pages at a time - and return again later in the month too! Naturally, most of the people visiting our site live in Switzerland or France, so you can be sure that the visitors we get are your potential customers – they live in your area, they may even recognize your company name, but they just need a little extra “prompting” by a carefully placed advertisement to encourage them to make contact with you.


When you place an advertising banner on our site, we like to give you the opportunity to choose those pages that relate most closely to your business. Since we don't wish your message to be weakened by other advertisers on the same page, we also allow you to take the sole position at the top of each page. This position will be available to other advertisers on a rotational basis - up to a maximum of 5 on any given page, rotating every few seconds - but when your banner appears we can guarantee that it will be the only advertisement on the page at that time


For advertising purposes, we have divided the website into sections, each of which comprises a batch of pages - with the exception of our Home Page and Contact Page. The list below shows the rates we have allocated to each section. These rates have been set according to the popularity of the pages within each section, so you can see at a glance which sections are most suited to your target market and budget.  Bookings can be made for a minimum period of 3 months, but attractive discounts are provided for longer term bookings and multiple sections. We also offer reductions to those of you who are already advertising in our Know-it-all passport® book.



  3 months 6 months 12 months
Rate H n/a Fr. 1,000.- Fr. 1,800.-
Rate A Fr. 300.- Fr. 525.- Fr. 1,000.-
Rate B Fr. 250.- Fr. 425.- Fr. 800.-
Rate C Fr. 200.- Fr. 325.- Fr. 600.-










10% reduction for multiple bookings paid in advance 


20% reduction on the total price if you are a current advertiser in Know-it-all passport® 2017/2018.



Home page


RATE A (choose one from each of the following sections):

Know-it-all passport

Education Guide Switzerland

Events Calendar

Activities Calendar - Kids

Activities Calendar - Adults

News - Leisure

News - Education


RATE B (choose one from each of the following sections):

Miscellaneous Calendars
News - Family

Guest Blogs



RATE C (choose one from each of the following sections):

News - General

News - Your home
News - Travel

News - Food

News - Business

News - Shopping

Links & Important Links


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488 x 108 pixels actual size here

There is a standard format for all our horizontal banners: they should measure 488 x 108 pixels and be supplied in png or jpg format. Please send your banner at least 2 working days before your required start date, and the let us know the URL address of the website to which you would like the banner to link. If you are unable to produce your own banner, or need assistance adapting an existing one, we can do this for you at no extra charge (within reason). 



For more information, or to make a booking, please contact Jenny or Lisa through the form at this link.

To place an order for advertising on our site, please send us an email outlining those sections that you require, and indicating when you would like the banners to commence, and how long you would like them to run. Please remember that we restrict the number of banners that rotate, so your first choice may not be immediately available. Bookings run strictly from the first of each month. Once we receive your order by email and have confirmed it with you, you will receive an invoice outlining the details of your booking and the amount to be paid. This invoice must be paid in full before the banners can be uploaded to our site.



Due to unforseen circumstances, we cannot guarantee 100% uptime of the site as the hosting company is independent from knowitall.ch. We reserve the right to reorganize the menus on our site and will do our best to preserve the exposure of banners in menus that have been moved. We also reserve the right to modify our advertising rates at any time. Any bookings that are made before these changes will benefit from the most advantageous rates. In general, we try to include banners in all sub-menus of a particular advertising section. However, for technical reasons this is not always possible.