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Sunita is an Executive Coach, Trainer and Consultant. She is of Indian origin and was born in London before moving to Geneva in 1992. She has a Psychology background (specialising in Occupational Psychology) and a Post Graduate in the Development and Training of Adults. She also completed a Masters in Ressources Humaines, Coaching et Gestion des Carrières at the University of Geneva.

During her 25 years experience Sunita's drive has always been to help people to do their best and hence led her to create Walk The Talk.

In her free time Sunita is a Mentor for the Branson Center of Entrepreneurship and a proud member of the School in The Cloud Team.



By Sunita Sehmi, Walk The Talk

John Tomlinson is the founder of Trainer Tools and the main contributor. He has worked in training and change management throughout his career. In 2014 he joined the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) as a Learning and Development Specialist. He is now Head of Learning and Development (Europe/Central Asia) at the FCO and is the global lead on Change Management.

Frustrated at the lack of industry recognition for Learning and Development professionals, and a keen listener of podcasts, John decided to launch Trainer Tools as a collaborative podcast project for trainers to share their tools and tips in the hope of benefiting the entire profession.

What is really unique about his podcasts is the level of caring and sharing amongst the L&D professionals and John has a knack of handpicking talented and kind professionals who are willing to support and give to others. I was lucky enough to interview him, hope you enjoy the interview!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are you, where are you from, etc.…?
I'm a Change Manager and L&D professional who loves podcasts ... I travel a lot, so listen to a lot of audio and read a lot of books. I'm originally from Leeds, and have lived in a few different places, but currently settled in Madrid in Spain.

Pinky lilani

By Sunita Sehmi, Walk The Talk

Pinky Lilani CBE DL was born in Calcutta and came to the UK after her marriage.

She is the founder and chairman of ’The Asian Women of Achievement Awards’, ‘The Women of the Future Award’, ‘The Ambassadors’ Programme’ and ‘The Global Empowerment Award’.

As the Founder and Chairman of the annual Asian Women of Achievement Awards, Pinky’s accolades have celebrated the tremendous contribution of Asian women to British business and public life for the past 18 years!  Pinky is also the creator of the Women of the Future portfolio - Britain’s most exciting programme for successful young women. It is Pinky’s vision that through these initiatives, women can help each other through building relationships and nurturing the talents of the next generation.

Pinky’s other business, Spice Magic, involves cookery lessons as part of corporate team building. She discovered a passion and soon published a cookbook, Spice Magic, which endeavours to decipher the intricacy of Indian food. Furthermore, Pinky holds cookery classes, she has also consulted for brands such as Sharwood’s and contributes to the development of sauces for Tesco and other supermarkets. From her self-taught experience, the creation of her book and her much-loved cookery demos she built her company 'Spice Magic’.

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By Sunita Sehmi, Walk The Talk

Frederik Van Lierde wants to create an easy solution for users to find a perfect gift for the people they love and have more time to spend with them.

He also wants to create an easy solution for businesses to connect with existing and future customers so they can grow their business and have more time to spend with their customers.

He has reached this goal, by using the latest available technology in a smart way and by putting the customer and his/her branding at the core of his/her own business.

More importantly, Frederik and his team are committed to creating the easiest, fastest, and safest experience for offering the right gift, anywhere in the world.

I was fortunate enough to talk to him about his business, Gift Voucher Kiosk - prepare to be amazed!

sunita Aradhna1

By Sunita Sehmi, Walk The Talk

In her late 20s, Ms Aradhna Sethi moved out of her protected maternal home and into her new life as a wife in a country far, far away. Little did she grasp that she had, indeed, stepped into the tumultuous life of an expat spouse. Her whole existence changed and she experienced the flavours of life that she never had imagined. She is the author of "The Entrepreneur's Wife: A Survival Guide". The book will make you laugh, cry and help you manage your fears. She uncovers it all and whether you are the spouse, fiancée or girlfriend of an entrepreneur, a business owner yourself or simply a curious sit back you will thoroughly enjoy this book. I was lucky enough to interview Aradhna I really hope you enjoy her interview as much as I did.
Tell us a little bit about you. Who are you, where are your from, etc.…
I was born in India, I grew up in Chandigarh, Jammu, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Mumbai. My father worked with Indian Oil Corporation - and it was due to his promotions that the family moved every three to four years. Although leaving behind friends was always tough, my mother was my teacher, my psychologist, my guide - and my best friend for life. She was a constant source of encouragement as she bubbled with life and energy, telling my brother and I that it was time for a fresh start, time to leave behind what we didn't like and carry forth memories of the pleasant times. Those days, she ensured we kept in touch with our friends through letters. It was always fun.


By Sunita Sehmi, Walk The Talk

Happy New Year and what better way to start the New Year with an uplifting piece on Happiness!

American and Israeli teacher, and writer in the areas of positive psychology and leadership, Tal Ben-Shahar, was born 1970. As a lecturer at Harvard University, Tal created the most popular course in Harvard's history. Influenced by the pioneering work of Dr Martin Seligman, the world-renowned founder of positive psychology, Tal Ben-Shahar states that his goal in teaching positive psychology "is to create a bridge between the Ivory Tower and Main Street.”

In addition to his work at Harvard, Tal consults and lectures around the world to executives in multi-national corporations, the general public, and at-risk populations, addressing such topics as happiness, self-esteem, resilience, goal setting, mindfulness, and leadership. I was incredibly lucky to have interviewed him: as you will read, he really walks the talk! Enjoy!