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  • Sunita Sehmi - Walk The Talk
    Founder of Walk The Talk, Sunita has been training, developing and now coaching Business Communication skills in both companies and educational establishments for over twenty years.  She has a passion for helping people to maximise their potential and created Walk The Talk with the sole aim to drive each and every client to perform their best.

  • Claire Doole - Claire Doole Communications

    Claire is a former BBC correspondent and international spokeswoman who is passionate about helping people communicate with confidence. Since 2006, she has successfully trained hundreds of professionals in the art of presenting and public speaking, talking to the media, managing communications in a crisis, and writing for the web. In addition, she has coached C-level executives and public figures to give powerful TEDx and TED style talks in Europe and the Middle East. A Swiss and UK national, Claire trains and coaches in French and English.

  • Robert Harris- Forth Capital
    With over 25 years experience working for some of the major financial institutions in the City of London, Robert is a founding partner of Forth Capital, the leading expat financial advisory company in Switzerland. Regulary quoted in newspaper articles and magazines, he is well placed to advise expats on a variety of financial issues that may arise during their time living in Switzerland.

  • Debbie Croft - Croft Coaching

    As the founder of Croft Coaching, Debbie has a passion for helping people overcome challenges, embrace change and live life to the full; with an ethos of “work hard, play hard”.

  • Samiel Carolina Rodriguez Barros - Dare to Glow

    Samiel’s work is based on a lifetime of studying the feminine. Her personal journey to fully embrace and embody her femininity in an authentic way has taken her from exploring diverse body work techniques to fashion and modelling, to quantum psychology, alternative therapy, energy healing and spiritual South American traditions. She offers women a way to access their unique gifts that enable them to thrive, love openly and to come back to a place of peace, clarity and creativity whenever they need it.

  • Sarah Santacroce - Simplicity
    A certified social media, internet marketing, and virtual event specialist, Sarah enjoys every aspect of small business marketing. Through her own business, Simplicity, it is her mission to help other small businesses and solopreneurs increase their visibility and use social media tools as part of their marketing strategy.
  • MJ Cabanel - MJ Cabanel
    As a personal and executive coach living in Geneva, MJ's passion is helping people unlock their own passions and accompanying them on a personal and professional journey of discovery and self mastery.
  • Diana Ritchie - Spouse Career Centre
    A Director at Swiss Career Connections, Diana will provide you with some useful tips for job hunting.

  • Crissy Mueller - Writing that Works
    An expat entrepreneur based in the La Côte region of Lake Geneva, Crissy Mueller is using her writing skills and experience gained in setting up her own business to provide us with a blog offering practical advice on starting your own commercial enterprise.

  • David Cooper - Fund Advisers
    Director of Fund Advisers Europe, David will provide you with the latest financial news and offer some useful tips for managing the financial “issues” in your life.

FC blog 9May2017

By Audrey Flynn, Forth Capital

Planning for your retirement can often be a very complex process and for many it is very important to seek expert advice. Retirement Planning is crucial, with life expectancy increasing and the birth rate in the west falling, and now is the time to plan for your future.  Most governments can no longer guarantee funding of their citizens’ retirement and, as a consequence, they are regularly increasing retirement age and finding ways to heavily tax pension withdrawals.  As healthcare and lifestyles improve, people are living longer meaning that lucrative final salary pension schemes have become too expensive for most companies to fund.

The process of retirement planning is relatively straightforward in principal. Ideally, you want to make sure that you have enough income and assets to live the lifestyle that you want. What makes retirement planning more difficult is determining how that lifestyle should be and what it will cost you.  Then there is the challenge of dealing with the many variables that go into the process and the pace at which they change, specifically knowing if and when you can retire.

On 9 May Forth Capital are hosting a seminar in Geneva on Low-Cost Investment Strategies for International Investors.

Actively managed UK equity funds on average delivered a return of 11.2 per cent last year, just under 6 percentage points lower than the 17.1 per cent return enjoyed by the UK equity index calculated by S&P. In the same period our Forth Capital Next Generation Morningstar Growth Fund delivered 28.5 return.

If you haven’t made the move to passive strategies – do it now.  Forth Capital have created five strategies exclusively for our clients that are highly suited for Retirement Savers, and we have already created nearly 10 million GBP in profit for our clients in the last 12 months. This seminar is an ideal opportunity for English speakers in Geneva and frontaliers to learn more about this opportunity.

Pinky lilani

By Sunita Sehmi, Walk The Talk

Pinky Lilani CBE DL was born in Calcutta and came to the UK after her marriage.

She is the founder and chairman of ’The Asian Women of Achievement Awards’, ‘The Women of the Future Award’, ‘The Ambassadors’ Programme’ and ‘The Global Empowerment Award’.

As the Founder and Chairman of the annual Asian Women of Achievement Awards, Pinky’s accolades have celebrated the tremendous contribution of Asian women to British business and public life for the past 18 years!  Pinky is also the creator of the Women of the Future portfolio - Britain’s most exciting programme for successful young women. It is Pinky’s vision that through these initiatives, women can help each other through building relationships and nurturing the talents of the next generation.

Pinky’s other business, Spice Magic, involves cookery lessons as part of corporate team building. She discovered a passion and soon published a cookbook, Spice Magic, which endeavours to decipher the intricacy of Indian food. Furthermore, Pinky holds cookery classes, she has also consulted for brands such as Sharwood’s and contributes to the development of sauces for Tesco and other supermarkets. From her self-taught experience, the creation of her book and her much-loved cookery demos she built her company 'Spice Magic’.

Forth Frozen British Pensions

By Alan Turner, Forth Capital

The Government has, once again, avoided calls from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Frozen British Pensions to rule out freezing pensions for EU-resident British expats after Brexit.

When challenged to clarity their position in the Lords, Baroness Mobarik, a Government spokesperson in the Lords, said that she was not able to give the noble Baroness any more guarantee than she has already.

All she had previously said in the debate was that freezing state pensions overseas is a long-standing policy of successive Governments which has been the case for almost 70 years and there are no plans to change the policy.

The policy that she references causes pensioners in Australia, Canada and many other locations to see their state pension value frozen from the time they left the UK and they do not benefit from any increases made since.

samiel monica 500

By Samiel Carolina Rodriguez Barros, www.samielcarolina.com

“We only know our light, by looking into our shadow. One defines AND complements the other.”

Welcome to our first Courageous Conversation on the knowitall.ch blog. This is one of my favourites ways to share love and inspiration, and I’m so excited to have this opportunity and bring it to you here.

In this occasion, I invited Monica Pelayo to discuss why embracing your shadow is so important to live as a whole, happy human.

I met Monica last year in Bali, during the Awakened Woman Conference. I instantly fell in love with her way of speaking about deep, real, raw human “stuff”. Sometimes the sweet candy taste of the “light” and the glamorous goddesses dresses feel unreal here on Earth.

As a good scorpio myself, I’m in love with the constant dance of the shadow and the light, the alchemy and magic of the two. I like it real. I like it as it is. I knew Monica was the person to have this conversation. So I flew all the way to Madrid to meet her, and of course magic happened!

  • Are spiritual practices promising the return of our light, to only create more split, comparison and confusion?
  • Is “the shadow” really bad?
  • And most importantly, how the gifts of the shadow can either hold you back or move you forward.

Monica shares a simple practice to learn from your shadow, and her personal experience on how her own shadow helped her to advance her business !

CDC moderatehottopic3 500

By Claire Doole, Claire Doole Communications

There can’t be many subjects that provoke more heated debate than the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. So when the founder of the Geneva Human Rights Film Festival (http://www.fifdh.org/site/en/home) asked me to moderate a debate on the subject last week, I knew I had my work cut out.

As a former BBC journalist, I follow current affairs but I am not a subject expert. Yet at the Festival I would have a room full of subject experts. There are large Jewish and Arab communities in Geneva and many organisations that work towards ending the conflict.

Preparation was crucial if I was not to make a diplomatic faux pas and do justice to the speakers: Israeli professor and peace activist, Daniel Bar-Tal, founder of Stop Israel Save the Occupation (http://www.siso.org.il) and Palestinian peace activist, Ali Abu Awwad, founder of the Tarir/Change Movement and Roots initiative (http://www.friendsofroots.net/the-people.html).