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Since we first published details about the newly launched Geneva Photo Club on our site back in April 2015, the association has gone from strength to strength! The demand for good quality photography courses, targeted at different levels of skill and experience on a range of topics in both English and French, has grown so much that they have just announced the launch of a whole new range of courses in Lausanne.

In January the organization will offer 4 different courses in Lausanne, with more already scheduled for February and beyond.  So “beginners” living near Lausanne can now choose from half-day, full-day, weekday or weekend courses to help them learn more about photography and the software tools that professionals use to create amazing photos!

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Following the recent opening of her brand new studio in Vinzel, Vaud, Michelle Petersen is launching a new series of photography courses, the first of which begins this Thursday, 28 April 2016.

Targeted at amateur photographers and parents keen to learn how to take better photos of their children, the new 8-week “Framing Kids” course will not only help you to understand the settings that are on your camera, but it will also help you to capture all the everyday joys and adventures of your family.

Each class will be split between lesson time and feedback on assignments that you will be set each week to do at your own pace at home. “Home-work” is optional, but highly encouraged, as this is how you will learn the most. There will also be a field-trip once the technical and compositional foundations have been laid, so that you can get hands-on coaching from Michelle.

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An additional 20% discount for each new friend you bring along (see conditions below)!

A new photographic club has just been set up for the English-speaking community of Geneva.

Launched officially in March 2015, the new Geneva Photo Club provides a range of training courses for amateur photography enthusiasts, including beginner classes for owners of DSLR or equivalent cameras, training sessions on how to take better photos with a smartphone, and street photography workshops. The club also plans to introduce shortly more advanced courses for portrait/studio photography, night/landscape photography, and software training for Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop. Click here for more detailed course descriptions.

Running the Geneva Photo Club are 3 Geneva-based photographers: Oguzhan (Osan) Altun, a freelancer specializing in landscape, beauty, and portrait photography; Eugene Theodore, an experienced international reportage and fashion photographer; and Jeremy Spierer, an awarded freelancer specializing in street photography. You can find more information on each of the photographers on the club website here.

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An opportunity to meet new people, be creative and learn a new skill has just arrived in Geneva, at the Galerie Branca in Eaux Vives.

Founded by local entrepreneur, Olivia Johnson Hilton, Meet & Make chic craft classes and workshops include short courses teaching a new skill such as sewing, knitting or fabric printing, as well as individual workshops focusing on customizing readymade objects.   Open to those with all levels of craft experience, the workshops are designed around completing a specific project so that participants can meet new people, discover new skills, and take home something beautiful at the end.

Asked where she got the idea for her new creative classes, Olivia told knowitall.ch, "I first developed the concept for chic craft classes in London with my popular bachelorette party sessions, Pimp Your Pants,  where participants would customise lingerie using rosettes and ribbons.  Adapting the concept to Geneva, I have now decided to focus on a more family-oriented market with projects for 'your home, your little ones and yourself'. The aim of the workshops is also more evenly split between making, creating and meeting, with the transitional nature of Geneva expat life in mind."


Sign up for one of Lisa's vintage plate jewelry workshops - or buy one of her hand-made bracelets here

Whilst everyone was moaning about the weather this summer, Lisa was laying the foundations for her latest creative venture - transforming broken plates into stunning, beautifully hand-crafted jewelry.  With a few sample bracelets under her belt, she is now ready to launch her new vintage jewelry business, and invites you to share her love of jewelry-making by signing-up for one of her vintage plate jewelry workshops.

"Not only do antique plates look great with a beautiful slice of cake adorning them, but they look even better once broken and chipped", Lisa chirps as she speaks of her passion. "I started doing stained glass in 2007 and fell in love with it. The color and light that glass releases is so cheerful and fun. You can really let your imagination go wild." Many of her stained glass projects have other everyday objects incorporated to add another dimension, such as aluminum objects, watches, wood and shells, and of course antique plates. However, once the plates have been used, the remainder is usually trashed. Lisa is not one to throw out anything that could potentially serve a purpose, and one day decided to incorporate plate remnants into her jewelry.


Trial and error was overcome. She worked out how to cut the plates and sand them down to a smooth finish, how to adhere the plate pieces to metal, and how to make them all into a beautiful, meaningful object. The initial project was for herself - Lisa's first bracelet and matching necklace were born in February 2013 (photo above).