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Coffee and Creations was launched in 2005. Once a month on a Thursday in Bellevue (GE), this English-speaking workshop gives you the opportunity to use your creative skills in a fun and friendly environment. During each two-hour session, which you can choose to take either in the morning or the afternoon, you can try your hand at a new surprise "creation", applying a wide range of techniques. You can be sure of a warm welcome with a home-baked treat provided each month with your tea or coffee!


Painted doormats were created in March 2010


A new art club has been launched in the region, that will allow both adults and children to explore and discover their individual creativity.

Set up by former professional artist, Victoria James, the Art Club Puplinge helps students experiment with different materials and techniques that will enable them to express, in the best way possible, what they wish to create.   Describing the process to knowitall.ch, Victorial told us,

“At my art club, work is never “evaluated” in the formal sense, so that whatever is produced remains as authentic and personally expressive to each individual, and is uninfluenced by the opinions of others. Art Club Puplinge is a place where adults and children come together and have a “balancing effect” on each other, creating autonomously, using the space and materials provided, through the various themes suggested (such as different techniques, perspectives, subjects, colours and use of materials). When the weather permits it, we also get out into the neighbouring countryside and get inspired by nature. Sometimes topics may be suggested which may need research and thinking outside of Art Club time (such as history about a topic, artist, piece of writing, music or movement…)”


Are you stuck in a rut and fancy meeting new friends? Do you feel that you need to unwind more, maybe learning a new skill to take your mind off daily worries? If so, then you may like to try out a new concept that we just came across at knowitall.ch: hosting an Ikebana Party.

Organised by Geneva-based Yoshiko Kuwata Luebke, Ikebana parties provide an opportunity for participants to get together and meet new people, learning a new skill called IkebanaFusion. A modern take on the traditional art of Japanese flower arranging (see below for a more formal description), IkebanaFusion has been developed over several years by Yoshiko and combines the skills that she has learned since childhood, living in Japan, with more modern techniques inspired by other cultures such as those from Africa, Asia and Polynesia.

Yoshiko’s Ikebana parties are run along much the same lines as a Tupperware party. The hostess invites her friends and neighbours to attend lunch, dinner or afternoon tea, at which they can learn the new skill of Japanese flower arranging. Since the hostess incurs the costs of hosting the event, she can expect to pay nothing towards the teaching costs, and will in fact receive a welcome gift, a set of 6 wine glass markers, and invitation cards. Guests are expected to pay a small fee of Fr. 40.-, which is subsidised compared to the costs of attending a standard workshop at Yoshiko’s atelier in Geneva.


A local artist in Crassier, Switzerland, is helping families realize their true creative potential by organizing a series of craft-related activities at her workshop in Crassier.

A passionate pottery maker, Nicole Willi, has invited a number of different artists in the region to share her workshop so that they can offer a series of art and craft classes for both adults and children, organize birthday parties for children, and sell their products.

Nicole told knowitall.ch, “When I first opened my workshop at the end of 2011, it was dedicated entirely to my pottery activities.  I had a boutique in the corner of my workshop where I could exhibit my work and that of other local artists.  But I wanted to make the place more alive, so I asked some of these artists if they would like to join me in hosting specific workshops, and together we put together a programme of creative activities for adults and children.”

Details of Nicole’s classes can be found on her website at: www.brindeterre.ch.  A quick glance reveals a diverse range of activities, including the creation of collages, jewelry, paintings, and mosaics as well as braiding and origami!  Prices range from Fr. 25.- for one of the shorter, 2 hour long, children’s classes on plastics recycling, through to Fr. 70.- for a 3 hour adult class on making a lamp. Although the classes are run primarily in French, Nicole also speaks English so is able to help anyone who may be struggling with the language!


Special discount on Summer camps for knowitall.ch clients

If you’re interested in trying out a new activity either for yourself or your children, then the special discount recently offered by Versoix-based Atelier “Les Mains Habiles” to knowitall.ch clients may be just enough to tempt you in their direction!

Set up in 2007 by local artists Monique Robert-Tissot and Patricia Hurni, Atelier "Les Mains Habiles" provides small group lessons in pottery, mosaïcs, painting and crafts.  Ideal for both children and adults, the lessons are very relaxed and are more family-focused than business-oriented.  One client told knowitall.ch, “The atelier is 2 blocks away from Collège du Léman. This is very convenient for those of us who have children at CDL. I go there every Tuesday morning, and I must say I have enjoyed every class immensely.”