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knock on wood 3

Do you ever get the need to do something creative, to get your hands dirty and build something imaginative of your own? Or would you just like your kids to get off their digital devices and spend more time using their brain for a more practical use! Or do you have a business idea which you want to develop in the workshop using professional tools and machinery that you can’t afford yourself?

If so, Knock on Wood may be just what you need! Launched two years ago by three entrepreneurs with a passion for woodworking, the organization has now delivered more than 170 workshops to individuals and businesses located in and around Geneva.  Co-founder, Zsuzsanna Varga, told knowitall.ch,

“Originally from Hungary, I have lived and worked in many countries throughout my life, employed mainly in adult education and training, either as a solo entrepreneur or as a co-founder of other businesses. When I arrived in Geneva I started looking for an urban workshop so that I could have access to tools and machinery for my latest project. Although I wasn’t able to find one, I discovered a lot of interest in the idea on social media, so in 2016 I decide to create a new urban workshop, with the support of my two co-founders, Sebastien Vigny and Sanna Takala!”

la cote photography club 2

A new English-speaking photography club has just been launched for those living in Geneva, Vaud, and neighboring France!

Called “In Focus: La Côte Photography Group” the new club has been set up by professional photographer, Catherine Lewis, with the aim of bringing people together with a common interest in photography.  Whether you are a beginner just starting to get to know your own camera, or an experienced amateur who wants to attend local photographic exhibitions with like-minded people, there is something for everyone in the new group.

As a professional in-house and freelance photographer with many years’ experience working in the UK for different magazines as well as a national newspaper and several corporate clients, Catherine knows exactly what is required to take a good shot! Having trained at the London College of Printing for a postgraduate degree in Photography, Photojournalism and Printing, she also has a good understanding of how photography should be taught.

More recently Catherine has been running her own photography business in France and Switzerland, focusing on portrait and botanical photography, the latter of which is a special passion for her and has led to much work with the Royal Horticultural Society.  During this time, she has met many clients and friends who have become frustrated by photography…but why?

ceramuse salle moulage

If one of your new year resolutions was to take up a new hobby or develop a new skill then why not give ceramics a go?

With all the possibilities that this unique craft offers, you don’t have to be a skilled artist to enjoy it.  The potential for making new friends and enjoying a new cultural experience can provide all the incentive you need to take up this sociable pastime!

To help more people “discover” the world of ceramics, professional ceramics artist, Lynn Frydman Kuhn, is offering clients the possibility to sign up for a free 3-hour ceramics class at her workshop in La Rippe, Vaud. Normally priced at Fr. 50.- per session, these classes provide a wonderful opportunity for anyone to try their hand at throwing on the wheel, modelling, sculpture or slip casting with porcelain.  

Lynn told us, “Ceramuse is all about positive, happy, creative energy!  Working at the Ceramuse is about getting the creative juices flowing and simply enjoying the experience of making ceramics. There is always an excellent atmosphere and delicious tea!”

le cafe vivant singing

Come stimulate your senses and have fun learning a new language too!

After 7 years’ experience of providing programmes and workshops oriented around the performing arts, Le Café Vivant has just announced the opening of a new, purpose-built academy center in Gingins for the sustainable development of the human being.

Scheduled to open on 1 July 2017, the academy’s mission is to propose programs for both adolescents and adults that promote the positive evolution of the human being through the practice of:

  • Artistic activities: singing, dancing, theatre, musical comedy, choir
  • Personal and professional development programs: yoga, pilates, …
  • Lifelong learning programs

Open Days / Portes Ouvertes

To inform the public about the center and its activities, Le Café Vivant is running a series of Open Days throughout the summer. You are invited to join them for drinks and nibbles on:

MPP article april2017

Join now and give yourself a chance of winning a one-to-one coaching session with Michelle!

Professional photographer, Michelle Petersen, has just launched a new online photography club, which will support the new series of Photography courses she is running at her studio in Vinzel, Vaud, this spring.

Featured on our site last year, Michelle Petersen offers a range of courses for budding photographers in the La Côte region, both French and English-speaking, at beginner through to immediate level.  You can find more details on her new spring courses at the end of this article.

Asked why she decided to set up this new club for photographers, Michelle told us, “I designed the club after sending a survey to all my former students, to find out what they they were looking for in an intermediate workshop. Most were sad about the lack of practice after my beginner course, so this new club will provide them with all the opportunity they need to practice as much or as little as they want!”

How does it work?
Called Evoke, Michelle’s new Monthly Challenge Photography Club started on 1 April and works on a yearly membership fee of Fr. 115.-. New members can join the club at any time and from anywhere as most of the work is online.