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© Jeff Danziger. Global Geneva Magazine: Off the Wall: Donald Trump’s Global Reset

Since the publication of its 76-page pilot issue last December, 2016, the new Global Geneva Magazine has now come out with its April-May, 2017, print and e-edition.

The editorially-independent English-language publication, which comes out six times a year and focuses on quality reporting with insight on ‘international Geneva’ themes, also provides regular articles online. While the majority of its content draws on its world-wide network of over 2,000 journalists, photographers, cartoonists, film-makers, producers and specialists, Global Geneva also serves as an ‘oped’ platform for members of the Global Geneva Support Community to contribute articles that are non-promotional and meet the magazine’s editorial standards.

“The purpose of Global Geneva is to offer critical reporting with good writing that is compelling and not politically correct,” maintains Swiss-American editor, Edward Girardet. “Our aim is to provoke open debate of key issues in the public interest, such as the potential impact of Trump’s policies on international Geneva and the world or the manner with which France is allowing uncontrolled property developers to destroy local cultural heritage and dictate urban division in the Lake Geneva region. These are issues that concern us all, but which need better and more consistent reporting. We’re trying to support a return to quality journalism.”

GGM Cessbuildings2
© Edward Girardet. Global Geneva Magazine: Knocking it all down: French property developers dictate Lake Geneva’s urban vision

While seeking to highlight crucial ‘international Geneva’ themes ranging from humanitarian response and climate change to world trade, private-public partnerships and access to health, Global Geneva’s overall aim is to offer articles that are diverse – a mix of serious and light – and written in an accessible manner. Previous articles in Global Geneva’s pilot, such as FIFA’s corruption or how demagogic Africa leaders manage to stay in power provoked enormous interest. “It’s quite simple,” notes Girardet, who has worked as a foreign correspondent covering wars, humanitarian crises and development issues around the world for over 30 years. “No one is going to read you if what you write is not compelling. People don’t want anything that reeks of PR. They want ‘real’ journalism that is reliable and offers them an information edge.”

Most of Global Geneva’s readers are professionals, both expatriate and Swiss, working with the United Nations, NGOs, companies, law firms, banks, universities and think tanks, whether at home or abroad. The magazine is also making a special effort to reach out to students as a means of making them aware of the perils of fake or manipulated online information and the need to cultivate credible journalism. A grant by the Geneva-based Oak Foundation is enabling the publishers to distribute 3,500 complimentary copies of this current issue to Swiss and International high schools, colleges and universities in the Lake Geneva region.

The editors assume that most readers are already well-informed but wish to have broader insight into the International Geneva community. Plus be better informed about what is happening with regard to international conferences, workshops and other events. The magazine is sold in print (8 CHF/8 EUR) at news stands both in Switzerland and France in the Lake Geneva region, but is also distributed on a sponsored complimentary basis at the United Nations, international conferences, Maison de la Paix, hotels and other key locations. Member supporters receive copies if requested.

© Keith Somerville. Global Geneva Magazine: Is a legal trade the only way to save Africa’s remaining rhinos?

Global Geneva expects to attain a regular print readership of 60,000 and 150,000 online over the next few months. For the moment, online content is free but the publishers are urging readers to subscribe or join as corporate members. Advertising and sponsorship goes toward covering production and distribution costs, while member support goes to the development of the magazine, including the commissioning of investigative content.

Click here to read the April-May edition of Global Geneva Magazine online. Key stories in this issue include:

  • Trump’s impact on international Geneva and the world;
  • France destroying its patrimoine, while French property developers dictate Lake Geneva’s urban vision (One of three-part investigative series on French corruption).
  • Legalizing rhino horn trafficking;
  • Involving Switzerland’s Global Compact companies with the SDGs;
  • Civitas Maxima: A tiny group of Geneva lawyers seek justice for victims of war crimes:
  • Why ‘media’ is not journalism;
  • French corruption from former prime ministers to mayors; Franco-Norwegian MEP Eva Joly and the need for an end to impunity (Parts I and II of investigative series)
  • Encounters: On meeting Bin Laden
  • Plus other articles on international law, travel, private-public partnerships, social entrepreneurship in schools…

For further information, contact the editors: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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