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Here is a juicy selection of interesting violations for you to consider in Switzerland! This is an excerpt taken from the latest Know-it-all passport®. Do you have your copy yet?

Keep in mind these are the base fines; additional fees may be added by the police.

How many did you already know and which ones are you surprised to learn about?

Traffic Violations from Know it all passportXI

Snow and frost
With all the snow we have been getting this week, remember to remove all snow and frost from your car including the roof before taking to the road. If a chunk of snow dislodges while you are driving and “blinds” the driver behind you, you will be held responsible if it causes an accident.

Also the police might stop you if you have not scraped all the frost from your windows while driving. Apart from the obvious scrapers available anywhere, you can also find plastic sheets that wedge between the front doors and across the windscreen for easy removal in the morning, or buy a car cover that protects overnight.

If you are caught speeding you will receive the fine through the post. The letter asks you if you were the person driving the car at the time of the speeding infraction. You must fill this out, send it back and pay as soon as possible if you are the driver (fine will be increased otherwise). If you live outside Switzerland, you may be forbidden to cross back into Switzerland at the border.

If you are caught going over the speed limit by 30km/h you may have your license revoked or temporarily suspended. You don’t need to retake your license, but you must physically take your license to the Service des Automobiles for the length of your punishment. You are not allowed to drive any sort of motorized vehicle during this time including electric bikes (the ones that require a key to start the motor).

More information
For much more information, please consult this website or pick up a copy of the latest Know-it-all passport® and check out the chapter: Rules and Regulations! Not only will you find over 50 chapters in 750+ pages, but more recommendations for residents in this area. Remember, the listings are included for free in the book as they have been recommended. We can continue to offer this service with your support. Thank you.